1.12 – Glitter Wizard

Taking their days off of work due to Family Leave (Nathan started working in the Culinary Career), both Nathan and Marisa decided that they should work on their aspirations while providing their children with happiness. They both agreed that they want to nurture and care for all their children, and they want to provide them with everything they need for a long lasting life.

Nathan is now almost at the end of his Gardening Aspiration, with him tending his plants, he’s trying to evolve them up to an excellent standard. He’s not sure what he wants to tackle next, but he thought that he does want to collect every type of plant that exists in the world which also means that he’d have to build a rocketship.

"My pretties are doing well! You'll be having a cowplant joining you soon!"

“My pretties are doing well! You’ll be having a cowplant joining you soon!”

“I hope that I can soon put all these in a Greenhouse, because having them just out here is bothering me.” Nathan remarked as he watered the plants. He wanted his own small space for the plants to grow and photosynthesize, and become happy in the spaces that they live.

Inside the house, the boys were getting used to being children in the big world that is a legacy.

It looks like Maven has tried food for the first time!

It looks like Maven has tried food for the first time!

Maven stared at the Frank & Beans, thinking of the wonderful flavours that were encased in this meal. He loved eating food, but he thought that making it was too hard.

“This food tastes… wonderful! I’m going to have to create a blazing piece on it! I CAN USE MACARONI!” Maven shouted as he placed the food down and ran into his newly built bedroom.

Meanwhile, Callum was having a lot of fun playing with the toys that Marisa bought him recently.

Can he... see me?

Llama-corn! Brought to you by Llama.Inc, endorsed by Callum Devine!

“Hey Llama-Corn! Shall I teach you the Llama song?” Callum asked the Llama, who looked at Callum with it’s big eyes, “You said yes! Okay.”

Callum placed down the Llama on the ground before he started to sing the Llama song and do all the actions to go along with it too!

“Happy Llama, sad Llama, totally rad Llama! Super Llama, drama Llama, big fat mama Llama!” Callum sang at the top of his voice, before Marisa turned around.

“I am not a fat Llama!” Marisa said before she turned around, and walked into the bedroom where Maven was.

"Oh well."

“Oh well.”

Callum continued to play with Llama-Corn for a couple of hours, developing his social skill while talking to Llama-Corn.

“Talking is a wonderful thing! Isn’t it, Llama-Corn?” Callum smiled, as he valued the amazing meaning of communication.

Meanwhile, Maven was in his bedroom at the activity table, trying to paint an amazing picture of the food that he ate just a couple of minutes ago. He searched for the perfect materials to make his painting perfect when he stumbled on something that brightened his mood up for the entire day.

"The gift of happiness and magic, rainbow glitter! I AM A GLITTER WIZARD!"

“The gift of happiness and magic, rainbow glitter! I AM A GLITTER WIZARD!”

Marisa was quietly watching her son play with all of the glitter as he made a rainbow picture instead of the food picture that he said he was going to make. She thought about how an idea evolves once something else comes into the picture, and how her son was influenced by the rainbow glitter to make something amazing.

“Maven dear, what do you want to do when you’re older?” Marisa asked him, and he looked up at her.

“I’m not sure, mommy! What do you want me to do?” Maven replied enthusiastically, and Marisa giggled.

"You have to decide what you want to do!"

“You have to decide what you want to do!”

“Mommy! Don’t talk with your mouth full! It’s rude. Hehe.” Maven laughed as Marisa swallowed her Frank & Beans. Marisa wiped her mouth as she continued to look at Maven intently.

“But still, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything in mind now. Just keep doing what you love!” Marisa realised that asking a child about their future was foolish, even though she was repeatedly asked that when she was on JR-501. She had to know what she wanted to do by the age of 14.

"Hey Mom, can I just be me when I'm older?"

“Hey Mom, can I just be me when I’m older? A Glitter Wizard of Awesomeness?”

"You can be anything you want to be. Except anything I don't approve of!"

“You can be anything you want to be. Except anything I don’t approve of!”

Maven got up from the Activity Table and moved to his bed, where he and Mom talked for a while. They were sharing jokes, telling each other stories and talking about the legacy.

“You’re going to have to take care of your younger siblings, Maven! Even though you’re a spare, you are the oldest. Set a great example.” Marisa advised as Maven looked up at her. His eyes looked like they were burning with pride.

"Mom, even though I'm a spare. I'm going to contribute everything I can!"

“Mom, even though I’m a spare. I’m going to contribute everything I can!”

“That’s my boy! Now it’s getting late, so let me tuck you into bed.” Marisa said as Maven changed into his sleepwear and crawled into bed. Marisa tucked him in as she kissed him on the forehead.

“Goodnight, my child.” She whispered as he turned towards the wall and began to sleep. Marisa also made her way over to Callum and tucked him in, kissed him on the forehead and said goodnight.

“Goodnight, my llama child.” She laughed as she walked out of the bedroom.

They sleep so peacefully!

They sleep so peacefully!

Now that the kids were asleep, Nathan finally had time to make himself dinner and eat it! He decided to make himself some Garlic Noodles as he started to pursue the Gourmet Cooking skill, and Nathan has never ever tasted something so amazing before! His gardening ingredients really came in handy for this!

Gorgeous Garlic Noodles! Brought to you by Nathan Devine.

Gorgeous Garlic Noodles! Brought to you by Nathan Devine.

The next morning, Nathan stood outside as he looked down and tended to his plants. A few were climbing really close to becoming excellent quality plants, where he’d then take their produce and plant them into the greenhouse that he wants to build. Nathan also managed to graft plants together so that he can get cowplant berries!

"Plant! Grow so I can have a cowplant!"

“Plant! Grow so I can have a cowplant!”

And then, later on in the day, the boys left to go to school. When Marisa and Nathan left for work however, the boys came home from school! They were home alone, and they stood outside of the house.

"Tomorrow at school, I'm going to make some friends!" Callum decreed.

“Tomorrow at school, I’m going to make some friends!” Callum decreed.

The Devine Family Legacy has only just begun.


13 thoughts on “1.12 – Glitter Wizard

      • raerei says:

        That’s the problem with legacies. They grow up and have babies who grow up and have babies who grow up and then you’re at generation 8 with only a few more generations to go and running scared. 🙂

        It’s good that you’re just starting so I can enjoy knowing it’s all ahead of us.

        Liked by 3 people

  1. Shannon SimsFan says:

    I think you can get a cowplant seed through fishing. Dennis in my game has never gone in a rocket and he had one in his inventory so I think he got it fishing.

    I love the decree– tomorrow I shall make friends! And the glitter wizard.

    Liked by 1 person

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