TDFL – Achievements and Whims #1

Hey everyone! It’s SummerFalls and I made this post to sort of talk about what I’ve done in the legacy that isn’t surrounded by story and such. I’ve tried to make my legacy story an actual story without much influence from the challenge at all, so these posts should keep you updated on how everything is going!

So far, I’m on… 2 points! *a round of applause please!*

Yeah, that point is from getting Nathan to marry Marisa. Although, I’m really close to earning more points as Nathan has almost finished his gardening aspiration which will earn me another point, Marisa has almost maxed her writing skill and the boys are working hard to complete their aspirations as well!

I’ve also earnt 2 gold medals from Nathan and Marisa’s dates, and I also want to organize some sort of dating system for them. Maybe once every two or three days they’ll go on a date or something just so that I can get those dating points up!

The family tree has also been updated, so you can go look at the amazing faces once more!

It also occurred to me that the Gen 2 children are actually The Wonder Child in reverse, the twin boys are born before the girl! This is so weird, and I never meant for it to happen! I guess that reminds me of Orion and Athena and… oh no. Nathan don’t die!

Anyways, below are the list of things I want to get done in my next play session as well as editing their clothes due to the Luxury Party & Perfect Patio Stuff coming out after my first play session was over and done with!


  • Complete the Gardening Aspiration.
  • Max out Gardening Skill.
  • Work through the Culinary Career and take the Culinary Branch.
  • Start work on completing the Gardening Collection.
  • Start the Rocket Science Skill.
  • Interact more with the boys.
  • Any help on picking his next aspiration?


  • Complete the Bestselling Author Aspiration.
  • Max out the Writing Skill.
  • Start work on the Music Lover Aspiration.
  • Work through the Writing Career and take the Author Branch.
  • Start the Guitar Skill.
  • Start making friends so that we have people to party with.


Maven & Callum

  • Work through their Aspirations.
  • Hopefully max out the creativity (Maven) & social (Callum) skills.
  • Make some friends at school.


When the baby is born, I think I’ll play through the three days of them being a baby just so there is a clear age gap between Maven, Callum and the child.

Let’s hope for a girl!


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