1.13 – Bunny Farm

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Study hard kids!

The boys immediately started their homework when they walked into the house. While Callum found the homework easy, Maven was having a difficult time grasping the idea around Question 4.

“Hey Cal, what’s the answer to four?” Maven asked, and Callum giggled.

“It’s so easy! You basically have to do it like this.” And Callum showed Maven how to do Question 4, and after ten minutes of being taught, Maven was able to answer the question!

“Thanks bro!” Maven smiled, and the both of them finished their homework together. Marisa marched through the door soon afterwards with her head held high.

"More money, more successes! Promotion woo!"

“More money, more successes! Promotion woo!”

Marisa had been promoted to a Freelance Article Writer, and she now earns $256 per day! She was feeling pretty confident as well due to her promotion and she was hoping for another promotion a couple of days after she gives birth to her little child.

She immediately went over to grab some food when Maven rose up from the sofa and walked over into his bedroom. He was inspired to create a new drawing for his wall. Maven grabbed a piece of paper and started to throw all his efforts into it, including glitter.

"It's so beautiful!!"

“It’s so beautiful!!”

Maven managed to create a beautiful vehicle drawing based on the tractor he saw on the way to school. It was bright orange with black rubber wheels, which Maven reproduced but he also added a rainbow road for the tractor to drive on, since it needed a road to somewhere.

Marisa was working on her latest novel, it was about a Knight on a quest to redeem his family name by killing the Demon which resides in Blackash Mountain. However, the Demon is only ten years old!

"I hope people enjoy this new novel!"

“I hope people enjoy this new novel!”

Marisa enjoys her new life with Nathan and her two sons, and their soon to be child. Even with all the kicking the baby is doing inside of her stomach, Marisa still tries to be the best wife she can be. But also, she wants to be recognised as Marisa and not Nathan’s Wife or Primary Spouse.

Callum turned on the TV after Maven left and he put it onto the Kids Channel where Bunny Farm was on!

"Come down to Bunny Farm! So so Fun! Jump!"

“Come down to Bunny Farm! So so Fun! Jump!”

Callum watched all the characters dance on the TV show and noticed how they looked different. Callum just thought it was the lighting of the camera, however. He managed to join in the dancing by sitting on the sofa and moving to the beat, he liked dancing while sitting because he didn’t cause a lot of noise, which would’ve made his mom angry.

“Come down to Bunny Farm! So so Fun! Jump!” Callum sang along with the song as he jumped up and then fell down back onto the sofa.

Aw, Callum looks so sweet but also lonely.

Aw, Callum looks so sweet but also lonely.

Marisa soon decided that it was time for her to make dinner but since she’s low in the Cooking Skill, she could only make Mac & Cheese. After she prepared it, she grabbed a plate and called the boys over, who immediately ran into their room with it.

“It seems that they’ve become good friends!” Marisa noticed, before starting to eat her own dinner.

07-06-18-15_12-26 AM

“Mom can cook, but Dad’s food is better!” Callum said as he ate more and more of the Mac & Cheese.

“True, but Mom’s stories are the best thing in the world.” Maven replied as he also ate some Mac & Cheese.

Although, what they didn’t know was that Marisa slowly overheard the two boys talking, and she felt confident that her latest book would do really well out there in the world. So, she grabbed the finished manuscript, travelled over to the mailbox, opened it and sent the manuscript off to a publisher.

She's feeling confident!

She’s feeling confident!

Marisa soon marched back inside and went to sleep, she needed to get a lot of rest for the little one that’s inside her stomach. Maven decided that he’s going to try and get into Bunny Farm so that he can talk about it with Callum. He turned on the TV and watched around about five minutes of it.

"Bunny Farm -- All Freezer Bunnies are welcome!"

“Bunny Farm — All Freezer Bunnies are welcome!”

“Hahaha! This is superb-tastic! I can’t wait to watch more episodes!” Maven cheered as he watched his first ever episode of Bunny Farm, he found it both enjoyable and easy to follow.

Nathan came home from work with a Promotion to Head Dishwasher and he now earns $144 a day!

"The Maker shines on me with his wisdom."

“The Maker shines on me with his wisdom.”

Nathan walked into the house, waved hello to Maven, ate his Mac & Cheese and immediately went out to the garden to tend to his plants. With his working hours, Nathan has been finding it hard to wake up early in the morning to send the kids off to school because of the time he finishes work. So, he tends the plants all night, sends the kids off and then sleeps until it’s two hours until he has to leave to go to work.

"Disgusting bugs. Get off of my beauties!"

“Disgusting bugs. Get off of my beauties!”

Nathan continued with this the entire night with weeding, watering and spraying of the bugs. When morning came around, he saw the mailwoman place some mail inside of the box, where Marisa immediately went and tended to it.

Is it me... or is she bigger?

Is it me… or is she bigger?

It was bills, and this time they were larger than the previous bill which was expected. Fortunately, they had enough to pay for it so Marisa just signed the bills and sent them off.

When Marisa went inside, she sat down at her desk and breathed out heavily, she was disgusted by the mess around her.

“I wish someone would tidy this up for me.” She wished.

"Your wish is my command."

“Your wish is my command.”

After Callum washed up the plate, he went outside to talk to his Dad about something that he wanted. Callum saw that Bunny Farm was doing a tour in Willow Creek and Callum was desperate to go! So, he walked up to his dad.

“Hey Dad!” Callum smiled up to his Dad.

“Hey Son!” Nathan replied.

14-06-18-15_12-48 AM

“Can I ask you for something?” Callum asked and Nathan thought about what he would ask for.

“Okay, but nothing too extravagant!” Nathan answered and Callum jumped up and down. He’s excited for what his Dad might say to his request.

“So, there’s this Bunny Farm Convention that’s arriving in town soon and it’s only $250 per ticket! Come on Dad, please!” Callum pleaded.



“What is it, Dad?”

“Well,  money is a bit tight at the moment because of the bills, but maybe later.” Callum looked downwards.

“Oh. Okay.” Callum sulked, but Nathan lifted up his head.

“Hey! How about I buy you a character from Bunny Farm?” Nathan suggested.

"REALLY?! You're the best!"

“REALLY?! You’re the best!”

“I know I am! Now, go get ready for school since it’s starting soon!” Nathan instructed and Callum went in cheering loudly about his new toy that he’s going to receive. Nathan then started to do his harvest that he does every three days.

Marisa was busy washing the sink, since she saw it was dirty from afar and it bugged her a lot. So, she cleaned it thoroughly.

Scrubbing hard enough?

Scrubbing hard enough?

However, cheers and screams could soon be heard from Nathan after he fully harvested all the Dragonfruit that he could for the day. When he sold them, they earnt him $1007 which meant that soon enough, they would have enough to renovate the house once more.

"You dragonfruits are my new favourite plant."

“You dragonfruits are my new favourite plant.”


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  1. cathytea says:

    I love the Bunny Farm! And the Bunny Farm song! I read this on my nook, and it’s harder to comment there, so I’m swinging back on my laptop to let you know how much I enjoyed this! (I’m gonna be singing “Come on down to the Bunny Farm!” all night!)

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