1.15 – June

Nathan wanted to make this day awesome, since him and Marisa knew that it was due. He took a breath of fresh air as he rose up from his bed and changed into his everyday wear, he needed to be prepared at all costs.

Marisa was soundly asleep, and Nathan enjoyed listening to the sound of her whispers as she slept.

“June…” Marisa whispered and Nathan grinned.

"Yep, today is the day."

“Yep, today is the day.”

Nathan stood right up from the bed and walked into the main living area. He scanned it for any pieces of trash or anything that needs fixing. Luckily, he found that the living room was spotless but the kitchen had a broken sink… again.

Nathan grabbed a wrench from under the sink and slammed it into a tap and started to twist it very hard.

“YOU ARE GOING TO BE FIXED IN THE NAME OF DEVINE!” Nathan shouted as he continued to fix the sink with water spewing everywhere.

02-06-18-15_1-35 AM

Nathan soon managed to finally fix the sink and gain a little bit of experience in the Handiness Skill. However, it soon became time for Nathan to leave for work since he forgot to take family leave.

“Plumnuggets.” Nathan muttered to himself before taking the carpool to work.

Marisa woke up a few hours after Nathan left, being home by herself since the boys had also left to go to school. She walked to the sink afterwards and noticed how it was cleaner than before.

“That’s my—“ Marisa tried as hard as she could to finish her sentence but she couldn’t. Her waters had broke.

You can do this, Marisa!

You can do this, Marisa!

“Oh dear Maker, not this again! Okay Marisa, you can do this since you’ve done it before. Just– AHHHHH!” Marisa screamed as she slowly walked into the bedroom as fast as she could.

"I'm not uncomfortable at all!"

“I’m not uncomfortable at all!”

Marisa positioned herself by the bassinet that she reminded to get before the baby had to arrive. Marisa stook over it and began to do the quick breathing exercises that she saw in a pregnancy book.

“Quick. Quick. Quick. Quick.” Marisa kept chanting as she breathed in and out really fast with occasional screams intercepting.

"I... think I'm fine!"

“I… think I’m fine!”



Marisa breathed in deeply and then exhaled pushing as hard as she could. With her final attempt at getting the baby out, it popped out and fell into the bassinet like a Princess. You heard me right, she’s a girl!

To celebrate the heir finally being born, please enjoy this song from The Lion King.

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba!!

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba!!

Marisa held her baby girl close as she patted her on her back.

“Your name is June, my darling baby.” Marisa smiled. And the baby laughed really loudly.

(Since I’ve been forgetting to do this, June’s name is inspired by the character June from Legend by Marie Lu.)

June was pulled into Marisa’s embrace.

"Come here my child."

“Come here my child.”

Marsa placed June back into her bassinet where June then fell asleep. Marisa kissed her on the forehead before walking out to find Nathan returning home from work to her surprise. She hugged Nathan right away who immediately noticed the change of Marisa’s physique.

“You’re thinner!” Nathan said, and Marisa stared at him. “That means… where’s our baby June?” 

“She’s perfectly asleep in her bassinet in our bedroom.” Marisa smiled gleefully.

09-06-18-15_1-48 AM

“Great! I’ll go and see her soon!” Nathan said excitedly while Marisa walked over to the computer and sat down. She began writing a pregnancy book!

10-06-18-15_1-50 AM

“And you’re writing that because…?” Nathan asked before Marisa looked at him with a fiery passion in her eyes.

“I’ve had three kids and I think I want more, I need this to help me for next time.” Marisa smiled at Nathan who’s eyes filled with worry.

“M-m-more kids?!” Clearly, this is something that Nathan hadn’t thought about.

“Of course! On JR-501, it was normal to have about four or five kids!” Marisa replied before Nathan walked into their bedroom in utter disbelief.

"That crazy fool always was so gullible."

“That crazy fool always was so gullible.”

Nathan walked to the bassinet after he walked into the bedroom and saw the look on June’s face as she woke up from her slumber.

"Cute little Junie!"

“Cute little Junie!”

Nathan picked up the little June and cradled her in his arms, before she began to cry, very loudly.

"Aww, it's okay!"

“Aww, it’s okay!”

Nathan then resumed to take care of June by telling her a story about a gigantic bear invading a city. He thought that it would work but it seemed that it actually only made her cry more.

June's face is like, "REALLY?!"

June’s face is like, “REALLY?!”

Nathan’s mind finally clicked and he picked up a bottle from the side of the bassinet and fed it to June. June’s face returned to it’s peaceful self as she drank from the bottle of milk.

15-06-18-15_1-55 AM

Afterwards, the boys returned home from school and Callum ran straight into the bedroom to tell Unicow everything that happened to him today.

“And then, the teacher loved my homework but I still can’t get my grade raised from a C to a B! I think she doesn’t like me!” Callum told Unicow, but he started giggling afterwards.

"I don't care Unicow!"

“I don’t care Unicow!”

“I’m now an older brother to my little sister, and I have to protect her from the dangers of this world! We can do it together Unicow, since we need to protect the heir of this legacy!”


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