1.16 – Mortal Enemies

Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis was the name of the girl that had just walked through the door. Callum and Olivia had met in school only the previous day, and they were on their way to becoming fast friends.

“Mom, she looks weird.” Maven giggled and Marisa turned to Maven quietly.

01-06-18-15_2-09 AM

“Shhh, you don’t want her to hear you!” Marisa whispered back but Olivia politely tapped Marisa on the shoulder and leant into her ear.

“I can hear you.” Olivia said with a cold tone in her voice. Marisa shivered and returned to her posture of politeness while looking to Maven. She thought about something she could say or a story she could tell, and that’s when it clicked into her head.

“OH! Did I ever tell you the story of how me and your father first met? It’s such a delightful tale. We were at the library at the time…” Marisa began, and she managed to keep the conversation going for quite some time.

“What happened next, Mrs. Devine?” Olivia eagerly asked.



“Me and Nathan got married and had three delightful children, Maven, Callum and June. And, we’re getting richer by the day thanks to my books and Nathan’s plants!” Marisa concluded and Olivia giggled and clapped.

“Wow! I hope June grows up to be an amazing child, unlike a certain boy in red that I know.” Olivia shot an evil glare at Maven, who delightfully returned the favour.

I think Maven won this one.

I think Maven won this one.

“Oh really?” Maven replied to Olivia.

“Yeah!” Olivia triumphantly said and at this point, Maven’s face was bright red with anger. Forget the goofball as it’s just been thrown out the window. Maven was extremely angry.

“Now now Maven…” Marisa began and Maven thought that Marisa was going to tell him off. “You can’t get angry at a person whose mother is a llama!”

Olivia’s face was in utter disbelief.

"You can't get angry at a person who's mother is a llama!"

“Yes mommy! Tell that Spencer-Kim-Lewis to get out of our fine establishment!”

“I shall do no such thing, Olivia wants to leave on her own accord.” Marisa then immediately turned around to Olivia, “Don’t you?”

Olivia hadn’t felt more scared in her life, she wasn’t sure what it was but it felt like something about Marisa made her fear for her life. Olivia took a deep swallow and gulped.

“Y-Y-Yes Mrs. Devine.” Olivia answered before Marisa looked upon her son with a huge smile on her face. Maven had the feeling that the Devines had just become mortal enemies with the Spencer-Kim-Lewises

"Family protect each other."

“Family protect each other.”

Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis left soon afterwards and Marisa went off to tend to June. Maven wanted to draw an awesome picture to celebrate this victory so he went into the bedroom. Meanwhile, Callum had come to the computer to look up some funny videos on Sim.TV.

"I have to comment on this one! It's too funny!"

“I have to comment on this one! It’s too funny!”

Callum couldn’t stop laughing at the video that was on the screen. A freezer bunny was walking down the street just before a plumbob is thrown at it’s head and it swallows it! It then makes the freezer bunny’s head plumbob shaped!

“LOL, too funny!” Callum wrote on the comments section of the video.

After Marisa had left for work, Maven wanted to go talk to June.

"Hi there June! Oh wow, you stink!"

“Hi there June! Oh wow, you stink!”

“I’m your older brother, Maven. Now, I need to give you a cool nickname like I give Callum his. Well, I haven’t given Callum one yet, but I will! I guess I can call you… Junebug. Yeah, that fits in perfectly!” Maven told June and her face lit up and smiled at Maven.



“Since you’re the heir and I’m not, your older brother is going to protect you. Got it? Good! Now, I’m going to go watch some Sim.Tv before Callum gets back on the computer okay? Bye Junebug!” Maven walked out of the bedroom after that and went on the computer because Callum had not returned, he was busy talking to Unicow about the video that he watched.

"It was so funny Unicow!"

“It was so funny Unicow!”

Callum walked out of the bedroom afterwards to find Maven sitting at the computer. He was shocked because everyone knew it was his turn to sit at the computer as well, so trying to settle this maturely, Callum walked over to Maven.

"Hey! How come you're on the computer?"

“Hey! How come you’re on the computer?”

“I needed some funny videos to fill up the time that I have spare. What about it?” Maven said and Callum realised that there was no way for him to get back on the computer any time soon.

“Oh really? I know a funny one! Search up: “Slender Plumbob”. It’s super funny!” Callum recommended and Maven entered it into the search bar, clicked on the right one and watched it.

11-06-18-15_2-22 AM-2

“I told you it was funny! Well, not the video but your reaction!”

“When it’s my computer time, no one else goes on the computer.” Callum said to Maven and he nodded his head. He learnt a lesson today: Don’t mess with younger siblings or they will come back to bite you.

Nathan returned home soon afterwards and found the house to be completely in peace. So, he sat down on the sofa with a bowl of cereal and watched the new season of Game of Groans.

Total Peace.

Total Peace.

Meanwhile, later on in the night after Marisa changed into her sleepwear, the boys sat on their parents’ bed and started to do their homework.

13-06-18-15_2-31 AM

Just another normal day in the Devine Household.


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