1.17 – Movin’ On Up

Nathan felt that with June growing up into a child soon, it would be a nice idea to get a house revamp. After a split second, the house was freshly revamped and it looked impressive for a Generation One Legacy House!

06-18-15_1-23 AM

Everyone was so excited because of the recently revamped house because of the larger bedrooms and the fact that more things had been placed within the house. All of the family members hoped that soon enough, they’ll be able to have a large house full of paintings and decor.

Maven immediately ran up into his bedroom where he noticed the various posters and pictures in his room. He also managed to notice the toy box that was also placed within his room.

“Yay! Let’s make some awesome things with these toys!” Maven said as he placed a Llamacorn toy on the table.

Brownie Points if you can guess where the characters in the posters are from! ;)

Brownie Points if you can guess where the characters in the posters are from! 😉

Maven picked up the toy and walked over to the toy box where he then began to play with Llamacorn and the super-heroine, Llamawoman!

"Oh Llamawoman, I'll pick you up first!"

“Oh Llamawoman, I’ll pick you up first!”

“I am the protector of the Universe and all of Llama-kind!” Maven announced in a girly voice, “I will fight ANYONE who threatens to hurt the peace!”

"Llamawoman can fly!"

“Llamawoman can fly!”

Although, Maven shouldn’t have kept his eyes closed because he would have been able to see Llamawoman flying right into his face.

"OUCH! Llamawoman why?! I'm not a bad guy."

“OUCH! Llamawoman why?! I’m not a bad guy.”

While this was going on, Callum and Marisa were downstairs looking after baby June. It was about time where June was supposed to pop out of her bassinet and age up into a child. Callum and Marisa watched the clock as the time counted down to the time where the magic would happen.

Callum was excited for June to age up because of two things. One, he’d be able to have another sibling to play with and also two, he’d have a younger sibling to be best friends with. Callum hoped that sooner or later, he’d be able to win over June with everything he got.

"Come on out!"

“Come on out!”

When the time turned 3pm exactly, Marisa walked over to the bassinet to witness the changing of the life stages.

“So exciting!” Callum commented as he watched the bassinet shake.

06-18-15_1-56 PM

He also watched June disappear!

Where has she gone?!

Where has she gone?!

Fear not! She was rescued due to the power of the Maker. Meanwhile, Marisa did apply that skin disguise, although there has been news lately that Aliens and Humans are working on some kind of peace treaty, so maybe the disguises might not be necessary soon enough.

Weirdly however, June managed to pick up a trait that Marisa showed during her pregnancy. June was born with the following;

06-18-15_2-21 PM

She is also the first Devine child to inherit Nathan’s blue eyes!

After walking down the stairs after coming back from her disappearance, June ran up to her mother and looked up at her.

“Mom?” June questioned, but she soon realised it was her. “Mom!”

“Hi Juney!” Marisa smiled as she knelt down to hug June.



“You’ve grown into a nice young lady!” Marisa complimented as June curtseyed before Marisa.

“Why thank you, Mother Dearest.” June replied as she walked over to the chess table. Marisa sat down on the sofas, which was a bad move because June was beckoning Marisa to come over and play chess with her.

“Hey Mom! Come over and play some chess, it’ll be fun!”

06-18-15_2-32 PM

“Hm… ok. Just one game! But, you don’t know what awesome skills I have!” Marisa laughed as she sat down with June and began the game.

It was heated, but comfortable. June and Marisa comfortably talked about school and life, and June learnt everything she needed to know about living. Marisa decided not to talk to June about the legacy however, since she felt that it would be Nathan’s job to do so.

Speaking of Nathan, he has recently been so pre-occupied with things that he hasn’t been able to do much family stuff! But soon, he will be able to!

The chess game finished with Marisa winning, and a second one began.

"Are you sure you want to play against me again, June?"

“Are you sure you want to play against me again, June?”

“Of course, Mom! I’ve studied your gameplay well enough now to know how you work. Now I can play, for real.” June smirked with a sinister tone. Marisa shivered as she thought about what June meant by ‘for real’.

However, Marisa soon learnt that meaning when pieces after pieces of Marisa’s chess pieces were being taken away by June and it ultimately ended with…



“Hey! That was pretty awesome, Juney!” Marisa praised and June giggled to herself, she knew that this was something she loved to do. She was excited to see where else her mind could take her.

“Oh, Mom. You need to clean the house again, I can spot dirt everywhere. It’s making this house look ghastly. Please please please clean it soon!” June begged before returning to the sofa.

Meanwhile, the boys were upstairs in the bedroom talking about school. Recently, they’ve both been pulling pranks in school against one another and on other students in the class and this time, Callum had a proposal for Maven.

"A huge prank. School Cafeteria. Be my Partner in Crime."

“A huge prank. School Cafeteria. Be my Partner in Crime.”

"How could I refuse?"

“How could I refuse?”

The deal was done.

The deal was done.

Also, June had her own questions to ask Marisa in the living room.

“Mom, where do babies come from?” June looked up at her mother with eager eyes. Marisa couldn’t say the truth, since it would probably gross out June. So, she told a teeny tiny white lie.

“Well, when a man and a woman want a baby, they go online and shop for one! The Aliens in the sky then manufacture a living baby and then deliver it into the woman’s stomach via abduction! The woman then returns to Earth and lives for three days of pregnancy before giving birth.”

06-18-15_2-40 PM

“Ah! Thanks Mom! I can write this in my homework now!” June giggled and Marisa looked at her in horror.

“That was your h-homework?!” Marisa was startled, she never knew that they taught kids about woo-hoo this early in all the years she spent on Earth.

“Yeah!” June grinned up at Marisa.

"Maybe I should go talk to the school..."

“Maybe I should go talk to the school…”


19 thoughts on “1.17 – Movin’ On Up

  1. Jes2G says:

    a.) Woo hoo! Another clean freak diva lol
    b.) Those blue eyes are gonna make the boys go crazy! Hope Nathan has that cow plant ready to go lol
    c.) That baby explanation was priceless

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Shannon SimsFan says:

    June’s blue eyes are very pretty, and I love her hair– I’m looking forward to using that mesh sometime in my game! Maven was so cute playing with Llamawoman, and his hurt that she would fly into his face. So cute!

    Liked by 2 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      Thanks! I love her hair as well and I had difficulty choosing between that hair and some CC hair that I downloaded but I eventually went with that hair.
      Maven is so creative as well, but he can be clumsy (hidden trait?), LOL.


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