1.18 – Pranksters

The next day, the boys came home from school feeling empowered. Their recent prank became successful to an amazing degree with both Maven and Callum not being caught switching the Coffee in the teacher’s lounge with washing up liquid in water!

“You should’ve seen their faces!” Callum laughed to Maven, who was busy celebrating their recent prank success to himself.

“Yeah, it sounded pretty bad, which is so good!” Maven replied and Callum thought of something amazing. You could tell because his eyes would suddenly burst with light and inspiration.

“Hey Maven…” He started and Maven looked right into his eyes.

"We could do another awesome prank!"

“We could do another awesome prank!”

“Really? Like what?” Maven wondered and Callum let him in on his little plan.

The pair of them would cover the science lab floor with water-filled plastic cups and watch how all the teachers would walk into the classroom and make all the water spill everywhere. They cackled evilly like a pair of evil tyrants.

“This will be awesome.” They both smiled as they began to prepare.

"I should draw a plan of how many cups we might need!"

“I should draw a plan of how many cups we might need!”

"You can't tell anyone Unicow, okay?"

“You can’t tell anyone Unicow, okay?”

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