1.19 – Little Genius

When she was asked what she wanted for her bedroom, June only commented that she wanted a chemistry set. She was obsessed with looking at how things worked and how she could make other things work. She was curious to know if there was something about her blood that made her different from her brothers because she was the heir and of course, she never told her mother or father about this as it involved drawing blood out.

And of course, her results were something she hadn’t expected.

"Why is it green? This is abnormal!"

“Why is it green? This is abnormal!”

June searched through her indicator book to look at all the different colours that should come out and she found no colour like hers. Until she picked up a book about Alien Physical Forms and found that colour in the picture of a blood indicator test. The description read below.

“Be wary of anyone who has this colour from their test. They are either an alien or a half-alien.”

“I’m an alien?!” June screamed from the bedroom. Fortunately, no one was home. She knew that she peace treaty had been signed between the Aliens and Humans, but she didn’t ever think that she would be an Alien herself.

06-18-15_2-47 PM

“I should talk to Mom and Dad.” June told herself, as she went downstairs to talk to the pair of them.

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