1.20 – There’s Always One

Following what June had discovered, she patiently waited for everyone to come home for her to call a family meeting. It took a while for Nathan to come home since he works until late, but Marisa allowed the children to stay up only this once due to noticing the excited look on June’s face.

Once Nathan had returned, June blurted out what she wanted to say.



 Nathan and Marisa exchanged looks at each other, it looked as if they were having a mental conversation about what they should do about this.

“There’s no way that you’re an alien!” Callum laughed at June, who retorted back at him.

“There is!”

“OKAY EVERYONE, SIT AT THE TABLE!” Nathan shouted out from frustration, and everyone soon gathered there.

Well it didn't look like he was serious.

Well it didn’t look like he was serious.

Callum and June poked their tongues out at each other before they were spotted by Marisa who quickly stared them down. Nathan took a deep breath, he never knew that this would be the moment he’d tell his children and he didn’t know what to tell them.

“Well… the thing is… what you see is…” Nathan tried to before Marisa clapped her hands together.

“Children, listen up! Mommy is an Alien!” Marisa giggled and the three children stared at Marisa.



“Hush now, Mommy has to explain everything.” And that’s what Marisa did. She told them about coming from JR-501, and everything about alien babies, culture and life. She even had enough time to answer all their questions!

“But Mommy, why don’t we look like Aliens? Why don’t YOU look like an alien?” Maven asked eagerly and Marisa giggled.

“Well, the reason for me not looking like an Alien is because I have a disguise on. I’d rather not take it off now, but maybe one day. The reason you don’t look like an alien is because of a skin filter I put on you. Plus, you’re only half aliens so you only adopted the skin. When you three were born, Aliens were not allowed on this planet so I had to hide you three. Luckily, you haven’t been spotted. Although, I won’t judge you if you want your old skins back.” Marisa answered and everyone stared, as if to say everything has now been explained for them.

But then of course, there’s always one.

“So Dad, Mom told me that when you want a baby, the mother gets abducted and then she gets delivered a living baby inside her stomach! She helped me with my homework! Remember Mommy?” June began before Marisa held her head down in shame.

"W-What? She told you that?!"

“W-What? She told you that?!”

“But, now I know the real way babies are made thanks to one kid in my class!” June began to tell everyone in detail about how babies are made. Of course, there was no way to stop her because when she spoke it, it was already too late.

"And then, they walk into the bedroom!"

“And then, they walk into the bedroom!”



"Right... I'm going to get up now and subtly leave..."

“Right… I’m going to get up now and subtly leave…”

What do we do in this situation… Nathan thought to himself before coming up with an idea.

“HEY KIDS! Why don’t you and Mommy go and walk like spacemen and aliens while I make you some dinner?” Nathan said before the three of them cheered and started to space walk with Marisa.



"Driving a Spaceship! Broom Broom!"

“Driving a Spaceship! Broom Broom!”

“They took the news pretty well!” Nathan smiled at Marisa, before returning to make the dinner.


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