Y1 – Freshman

I knew that when I received my acceptance letter for Briarwick University, my parents would ship me off across to Newcrest right away. It’s not because they’re excited for me to carry on their legacy, it’s actually the opposite of that. It’s been seventeen years of my parents treating me like the unwanted child I am, and now I’m finally free.

Like what my favourite high school teacher, Mrs. Baker told me. ‘Doing what you like is Freedom. But also, liking what you do is happiness.’ Because of that, I came to Briarwick to study Health and Physical Fitness because I’d love to live a life of well being and also try and find a nice way to live a healthy life, because I want to enjoy as much of my freedom as I can. It’s also my dream to compete in the Simlympics and win a ton of gold medals! It seems I haven’t even gone through the front door yet though…

07-07-15_10-58 PM

I was probably in a daze for at least twenty minutes. Psh, a man even had the decency to approach me and wave a flier in my face! It was rude, but his face spoke of urgency. He also looked at me up and down, which I didn’t know if he was checking me out or inspecting me. I felt very weird at this point, but I still took the flier from him anyways.

I wonder what they meant by “Cathy Tea’s Hard-Drive” and I haven’t even seen a Summer Camp around here on my way in! I hope I haven’t moved to a town full of crazy people, that would not be awesome. The man slowly gestured his hands towards me, which I shied away from. I get cautious when it comes to strangers.

“There’s no need to be afraid!” The man smiled, as he brushed his hands on his trousers. “I’m Elder, Elder Wolff.”

Elder Wolf? So, he’s pretending to be an animal now? Well, his hair doesn’t help at all. Great, I am in a town full of crazy people.

“H-hi! I’m… Peter Barnsley.” That’s a lie. My real name is Noah Chung, but who gives their actual name to a stranger?

“Nice to meet you Noah!” Elder replied. That was completely weird.

07-07-15_10-59 PM

“Nice to meet you too.” I smiled awkwardly. I didn’t want to be an awkward turtle, but he was the one that made it awkward first! Looking back at the flier, I thought about if I had saw the people that were on this poster but, I only remember seeing some birds on the way here who extremely loved pooping all over my car. $75 for a car wash here, what a joke!

“Have you seen them at all?” Elder asked desperately, but all I could do is shake my head. Elder started to point to his hand while he began to speak.

07-07-15_11-00 PM

“Ok! They do travel a lot, so if you do see them, be sure to shout their names and I’ll come a-running!” Elder laughed. I’m not sure what was funny about that, but it did seem to poke his funny bone quite a lot.

“WAIT!” A female voice called from the distance, Elder Wolf the Animal Man looked over at the running woman and shrieked.

07-07-15_11-01 PM

“Got to go! It’s been fun!” Elder smiled before he ran off again.

The woman ran closer and closer to me as she finally arrived outside of the Dormitory. She caught her breath before assuming her posture and looking directly into my eyes.

“You’re Noah Chung, correct?” Her voice was very light and fluffy. It gave a warm and friendly impression around her. I nodded my head slowly, before she began to talk once more.

07-07-15_11-11 PM

“GREAT! I’M YOUR DEAN, EMILIA CAVANAUGH!” Her first name reminds me of that missing girl, I hope they find her soon. “WELCOME TO GREENWOOD DORMITORY.”

“Why is it called Greenwood?” I asked sarcastically, although I have a feeling she didn’t pick up on my wavelength when she folded her arms and looked at me like I was below her.

“Because it’s made out of Green Wood.” She smiled before she continued on her little induction to the dorm.

07-07-15_11-11 PM-2

“You’re going to be living here with four other girls and one other guy. Don’t worry, the guy will be living next to your dorm room.” She began. That’s okay, I didn’t plan on really conversing with anyone unless I stumbled upon them or I needed to make conversation to prevent myself from turning insane.

“What about my dorm room? Has it been prepared?” I asked. One of the requests Briarwick put on their application forms is to describe our dream dorm room. They want to promote personalized experiences for each student, and I guess this is their way of doing that.

07-07-15_11-12 PM

“EVERYTHING IS READY FOR YOU. YOU CAN GO INSIDE AND SPEND FOUR YEARS IN THERE. OR YOU KNOW, YOU CAN SPEND FOREVER IN THERE.” Emilia laughed maniacally. Note to self: avoid her as much as possible. Even for a dean, she’s probably not going to be of much use to me in the long run and so I took a step back.

“Okay…” I said before she went on inside. I took a deep breath and looked up at the Dormitory. This is going to be the place I’m going to live at for the next four years. Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Party and Converse in this place, it will become my home and my shoulder. I’m so ready for this!

I went straight in!

07-07-15_11-15 PM

I was overwhelmed. Everything had been so intricately decorated and placed that it made me afraid to touch anything incase I might break it. I caught glimpses of my dorm mates as I walked past what seemed to be the living area of the dormitory, and then on the other side was the kitchen. By the look of both rooms, I can’t wait to spend some time in there!

I wanted to see my dorm room first though! When I walked up the stairs, I was joined by a girl with really short denim shorts and Emilia was making her way downstairs. To avoid making conversation with Emilia, I tried to make some conversation with the girl next to me.

“So! What’s your name?” I asked her quickly.

“Gabrielle Boston. Yours?” She replied, as we walked up.

“Noah Chung. Nice to meet you.” I smiled.

07-07-15_11-22 PM

“Nice to meet you too.” Gabrielle smiled back as we passed Emilia on the stairs. Seconds later, I ran straight up the stairs. Now, the difficult part began because I didn’t know where in this dorm was my room. I tried to find the guy that’s supposed to be living next to me, but he was nowhere to be found.

I used the only weapon I had on my holster, and that was luck. I walked up to a random door and placed my hand on the handle. It was either going to be my room or someone else’s room and it’ll turn really awkward for the both of us probably. Taking another deep breath, I opened the door and stepped inside the room.

07-07-15_11-22 PM-2

Wrong room. It was the wrong room. When I walked in, I was instantly greeted by a girl with fiery hair painting on an easel. I’m not sure what she’s painting but it looked pretty awesome so far, from the pencil sketches that I could make out upon the canvas.

I picked up the fact immediately that she could be a Fine Arts Major, because she had all the materials necessary for the Major. But, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her painting. There’s something about it that makes me feel happy and joyous on the inside and I can’t hide the fact that I want that painting in my dorm room.

07-07-15_11-23 PM

“Why has a boy entered a girl’s dorm room?” The girl spoke as she stroked her brush across the canvas. I wasn’t really sure of the answer myself, but I had to come up with some kind of answer soon.

“I was interested in your painting, it’s… intriguing.” I replied as she continued to paint. She didn’t say anything after that, as she continued her painting. I’m not sure why she didn’t reply after that, it could be due to a number of reasons, but I wasn’t going to find them out yet.

I sat down at the sofa that was at the foot of her bed and started to inspect her room, I wanted to know roughly what she was all about. You can know a lot about a person from their living space.

07-07-15_11-24 PM

She obviously likes painting, she keeps spare frames on the foot of both of her desks. Also, she seems to like to photograph or buy photographs as there are photos in frames of various landmarks around the world. Also, she has a set of watercolours, mixing pallets and a sketchbook, with a pot of spare brushes. She really has made her own space for her to paint in.

07-07-15_11-24 PM-2

On the other desk are another set of spare frames, but also she has a lot of polaroid pictures and two sets of cameras. But, I’m guessing the bigger one is a extremely expensive and I shouldn’t touch it under any circumstances. I also looked at her pink typewriter and smiled as she also likes collecting vintage items. It’s her own style, and I respect that. I kind of like collecting vintage stuff too, and I wonder if they brought it into my dorm room.

07-07-15_11-25 PM

I looked behind me to find many books about writing, painting and travel photography. I guess she’s extremely literate and it would be fun to get to know her more in the coming years. I think we could really have an amazing friendship. I turned back to the girl who was still painting.

“What’s your name? I’m Noah!” I smiled and she glanced at me.

“I’m Noah? I mean, you’re Noah. I’m A-A-Adelade!” She returned back to her painting straight away.

07-07-15_11-27 PM

“Nice to meet you Adelaide! Can you help me? I need to find my dorm room and–” 

“Across the hall, on the right. Please leave now, I need to focus on my painting.” She said before she continued on her painting. I understood what she was trying to say, it’s not that she’s trying to be rude but she just wants to be alone because she prefers it that way. Hopefully, it won’t be that way forever.

I also broke my silent agreement of not talking to anyone, but they have been to avoid awkwardness and unwanted conversations so I guess it’s completely fine.

07-07-15_11-27 PM-2

“Bye Adelaide!” I smiled before I rose up from the sofa and left the room. I walked across the hall and entered the room on the right, where I encountered my dorm room. Even with one second of being inside of the room, I knew it was exactly how I imagined it.

It’s not that it’s my dream bedroom, or it’s something that I’ve always craved, it’s just a room that I can actually now call my own. Something of my own creation and something that shows who I truly am. And, I’m proud to be who I am and I can’t wait to earn everything I can because of who I am!

07-07-15_11-29 PM

Since I’ll be training a variety of skills, I thought it would be necessary for me to have a woodworking bench and an indoor grill plus some shelving units to display my personal achievements. Plus, they actually brought the vintage suitcases that I requested too! Around the room as well are some sports posters for inspiration when I run on the treadmill.

07-07-15_11-29 PM-2

“There’s no place like home.” is what the picture on the wall says. And, not that I’ve decided yet, but what place is better than this so far? I can’t think of anywhere! I have a sofa at the end of my bed just like Adelaide’s room. My bed is set out in such an intricate design and do you notice the uneven windows? Yep, I asked for that as well and they obliged and it happened. I seriously loved the way my dorm room to turn out but to top it all off, they gave me something which would probably save me simoleons on a gym membership.

07-07-15_11-30 PM

They gave me my own treadmill! How plumming awesome!! Plus, it’s one of the latest models as well, the TX-300-Z, so I’ll be running like the pros that are on the pictures. I literally can’t wait to use this baby, and see what surprises it has in store for me.

Of course, the University supplied me with books to work through my General Studies courses, but they lucky thing is my Major and General Studies for the first year cross over so I’m cutting my work in half! I walked over to my desk and sat down, it had been a tiring day and I needed some kind of rest.

07-07-15_11-30 PM-2

“Breathe Noah.” I told myself as I examined my desk. Everything was… perfect. Well, not actually perfect but it’s just what I always needed. It’s what I always desired and now I have it.

My door opened and a person walked in like a blur, shutting the door behind them.

07-07-15_11-32 PM

When I turned around, I found another girl sat on my couch with a plate of pasta in her hand. She was looking at her fingertips before raising her head towards me, and cocking it to the side. I took it as an invite to join her, on my own sofa. So, I switched seats as I went and sat down next to her.

“Hi.” I said quietly to her, as she looked around my room quickly.

07-07-15_11-33 PM

“Yeah, hi. You’re the latest one here yet you haven’t had the decency to introduce yourself to me?” She began, and I immediately felt like I was under attack. “You know, I’m not going to put up with you if you’re too quiet.” 

“Sorry! I’m sorry that I didn’t introduce myself, I’ve just been moving in today quietly.” I said and she nodded her head as she took a spoonful of her pasta.

“Name’s Piper. When you need a tune, I can give you something that will blow you away.” Piper smiled and winked, but I wondered what she meant. Could she possibly have meant…?

“You’re dealing bad stuff?!” I tried to say quietly but she shook her head furiously.

07-07-15_11-33 PM-2

“No. I meant music. I’m a Performing Arts Major.” Oh, bad move Noah. First day and you’ve already made two good impressions and one bad impression. Keep this up and you’ll be on your way to Tombstone Lane!

“I’m a Health and Physical Fitness Major.” I smiled and Piper looked at the grill.

“It looks like you’ll be the one cooking the bad stuff though.” She pointed towards the grill, but I shook it off immediately. I don’t believe in that stuff.

“Only herbal remedies allowed. I guess it’s too bad, there’s this guy who approached me whose name was Elder Wolf!” I began before I told her the entire story about how he approached me and gave me the flier.

07-07-15_11-33 PM-3

“Seriously?! That’s so weird, but it’s actually also pretty cool. I mean, who else gets to say they’ve been approached by a weird man asking about three people who are located somewhere in this world?” Piper took another bite of her pasta before I looked at her again. She had pink hair! We could be the crazy hair colour group along with Adelaide! Wouldn’t that be fun?

“You don’t seem so mean at all.” I accidentally said out loud and Piper looked at me.

“Did someone say I was mean?” She asked and I shook my head.

“It was my first impression of you.” I admitted the truth.

“Thanks, that means a lot.” Piper said afterwards and I wasn’t so sure if it was actually a good thing or a bad thing.

07-07-15_11-34 PM

“You should probably leave now. Not that I don’t want to keep talking to you, but I want to exercise and I have to change…” Piper got the message as she soon got up from her seat and walked out of the bedroom.

I changed into my athletic wear afterwards and stood on the treadmill. I set it at my speed at 5 mph and started running from there. I soon worked up a sweat as I continuously ran on the treadmill for an hour, achieving the 5 mile mark.

07-07-15_11-36 PM

You know, I think I’m going to love living here a lot. The people are nice, I’m excited to start my lectures tomorrow and I’m excited to see what exciting adventures are in store for me– Oh god, muscle cramp!

07-07-15_11-36 PM-2

I’m fine! I’m fine. I’m excited.


21 thoughts on “Y1 – Freshman

    • SummerFalls says:

      Haha, thanks! I hope they bring a University EP, but the thing I’m looking forward to the most is locked doors tomorrow! No longer will everyone go into each other’s dorm rooms and sleep in their beds!

      Liked by 4 people

  1. cathytea says:

    Great introduction to the University Challenge, SummerFalls! It’s so funny how they’ve all got colored hair! Elder was great! Yay! I love how he knew Noah’s name!

    Also, really nice job decorating the dorm rooms. It definitely looks collegian!

    Liked by 5 people

  2. BBQPenguinWings Trish says:

    I. Love. This. So. Much!!! Great job decorating! And I love how you incorporated Elder. Adelaide is totes adorbs! And I died at Piper barging in. I like that her meanness is more directness and blunt. And i giggled at Noah thinking she was a bad stuff dealer! You did a fantastic job setting this up! And I adore Emelias haircolor. So rich. And i have that art set cc! Cant wait to see more!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      YES! I’m so happy now and it is a University Challenge! You can find it’s link on the Greenwood Dormitory homepage 🙂


    • SummerFalls says:

      Elder in my game kept going into Piper’s room and sleeping and then he painted on the three canvases outdoors! I think I’ll take a screenshot when I next get in game 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Sunny Shay says:

    I agree with Plastiekzakske, this only makes me want University badly.

    With that said, you’re off to a great start. I like the setting and your character treatments so far. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Shannon SimsFan says:

    He has a grill and a treadmill, and windows they placed just how he asked, how cool is that? This is a great set of characters and it is going to be fun. Piper is funny, Adelaide seems so smart and interesting, and your character is quite funny with his promise to only interact to keep things smooth socially, but being pulled in by every body already. I think college is really going to bring him out a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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