Y1 – Into The Night

After my exercise, I took a cool and refreshing shower because to be honest, I stank. Although, the water felt so invigorating and I felt like I was being brought back to life from tiredness. This is probably the unpopular opinion but, I prefer cold showers. They instantly wake me up and make me ready for exercise and work!

After changing into my clothes once again, I found a note on my desk. I looked over at it as I quickly scanned its contents.

07-07-15_11-39 PM

Come next door, I’ll be there soon.

OH! Has the guy from next door made contact with me? How cool. I picked up the note from the table and left my dorm room. The spacing between both our dorms were literally two steps away from each other and it took under five seconds to walk into his room.

His room had neutral and earthy tones, and it was just as detailed as mine. Although, he was no where to be seen. I guess it might have taken him some time to get here though, so I patiently waited.

07-07-15_11-40 PM

It took a good ten minutes before I heard the door open and footsteps walking into the room. I kept my head fixated and I didn’t look behind me.

07-07-15_11-41 PM

“Oh good, you’re here.” A low husky voice said as he walked over to the sofas and sat down.

“Hello, I’m–“

“Noah Chung, yes I know. Everyone knows who you are since there’s only six of us excluding the dean, of course.” He finished off, news does travel fast in this Dormitory.

“Yeah, what’s your name?” I asked, as I looked up at his face.

“Ramsey, Neil Ramsey. I’m an Environmental Engineer. You’re Health and Physical Fitness right?” He certainly has all the answers. I nodded my head slowly.

“I heard Environmental Engineering was the least popular major for this year.” I said as I remembered looking at the statistics on the way here.

07-07-15_11-41 PM-2

“True, but it’s also the most misunderstood major. It’s not that we make things to make the environment a better place, it’s that we harness the raw elements of nature and transform them into either useful remedies for today’s society, or we turn them into wonderful pieces of art. We also cultivate and preserve specimens that could be useful in the future and we experiment with different species of plants and see what can be made from what.” Neil explained and I became more and more engrossed in the Environmental Engineering major. It seemed so fascinating, but I definitely preferred my major more.

“Wow, that’s excellent.” I smiled at Neil as we both discussed some guy things. Naturally, we’d be the only two sharing a bathroom so we discussed where our things would go and such.

“Oh, we can share things right?” Neil asked, and I didn’t see any problem with it. Unless of course, it got too out of hand and he started to borrow my bed. Long story.

“Sure! As long as you tell the other person first, I don’t see any problem with it.” I said we we both stood up and started discussing things further. I noticed the grill between two bonsais in his room and I instantly looked at him.

07-07-15_11-43 PM

“You’re doing Herbalism too?!” I shrieked in excitement and he nodded his head. I was so excited to be able to share this skill with somebody.

“Yeah, they’re running a trip on the weekend for Students who need to go and collect herbs and such. You’re going right?” Neil asked. I wasn’t even told about said trip but I guess I should go.

“Totally, I can’t miss any opportunities to gain experience with this amazing skill.” I smiled again.

07-07-15_11-43 PM-2

As we discussed further, I found Neil to be a very down to earth guy. He’s completely honest and he says what’s on his mind and I really admire that. He mentioned that he wants to achieve the highest diploma possible so we both agreed to help each other when it’s necessary.

“So what’s your first subject for General Studies this year?” I asked him, and he looked to the side.

“Fitness…” And my eyes lit up.

“Mine too! I can help you since it both helps my major and general studies grades!” I smiled once more and he became joyful at that fact.

07-07-15_11-44 PM

My stomach decided to rumble at that moment. It wasn’t subtle or quiet but it was loud and it hurt a little. I realised that I hadn’t eaten for over a day since I didn’t want to stop at any service stations because I was too excited to get here.

“Kitchen’s downstairs, go knock yourself out. I recommend Frank and Beans.” Neil suggested as I walked out to find the kitchen.

“Thanks Bro!” I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, where I was taken aback by how detailed the kitchen looked. Unfortunately, this dormitory had no Culinary Students this year, but who’s to say that I won’t use this place a lot?

07-07-15_11-46 PM

I spotted where I needed to go straight away, so I moved right over.

07-07-15_11-46 PM-2

Now, usually people like to sing during their cooking time. For me, I like to dance and move around while cooking with music because it’s entertaining plus I’m getting a good workout into it!

As I cooked the Frank and Beans, I moved on to doing the Sul Sul Slide and more, and soon enough my food was ready! It smelled so good, and after adding a bit of pepper and salt, it was ready to be devoured by me.

07-07-15_11-48 PM

After I ate that amazing meal, I thought I should quickly study some texts since we’re going into the University for an induction today. I guess they’re showing us around and telling us all the dos and don’ts of the University. How fun.

I opened a book on the Human Body and began to read it, and highlighting key points along the way. Meanwhile, Neil came in the kitchen to make himself some juice on the Mixology bar! He made me swear to secrecy as long as he makes me one later on.

07-07-15_11-49 PM

I continued to read about the human body, even though I was technically delving into biology at the moment. I moved onto respiration and digestion where it talked about all the different processes and things that can control these things happening in your body. I clearly marked everything.

07-07-15_11-49 PM-2

My phone buzzed soon afterwards and I pulled out my phone.

“I wonder who this is from…” I said quietly as I looked at it, and it was from Piper. I was puzzled about how she got my phone number, so I opened it up.

07-07-15_11-49 PM-3


Oh wow, okay. That was rude, but I let it slide since I had to now leave for my induction. I couldn’t wait!

I HATED IT. They didn’t explain anything and just showed us around and make us feel scared about going for our first lectures tomorrow! How are we supposed to make ourselves at home when we don’t even know our home fully? Even though it’s to be expected on our first day, we should be sort of comfortable with our University. But, we weren’t.

Everyone was saddened.

07-08-15_12-04 AM

I say all of us, but Gabrielle was too busy thinking about evil things she could do to pay back the University for that horrible experience.

07-08-15_12-04 AM-2

I walked up the stairs and sat on one of the sofas that led to the top floor. I didn’t even want to think about today’s events so I tried to clear my mind by humming. Apparently, it’s a great way of detaching yourself from the world and calming yourself down.

“Is there room for one more?” A new voice called out to me and I looked over through the stairs.

“Uhh…sure!” I smiled.

07-08-15_12-11 AM

She made her way over and sat down next to me and I turned my head to face her. She sat upright and looked at me as well, it seemed as if we were both analysing each other.

“I’m Bobbi. I’m sure you’ve heard of me by now.” She introduced herself, I hadn’t heard of her at all.

“Yeah, Adelaide was talking about you on the tour earlier.” I smiled but she shook her head.

“That was a lie.” Bobbi is intelligent, no one ever knows when I’m lying because I have a good poker face. (Ma Ma Ma Ma)

07-08-15_12-13 AM

“I’m a Performing Arts Major as I believe the arts are a way of expressing one’s soul and allowing their imagination to run free.” Bobbi began and I picked up on her major and interrupted.

“You’re the same major as Piper then.” I giggled.

“Why does that matter? Is Piper someone special to you?” She eyed me with curiosity but I shook my head.

07-08-15_12-13 AM-2

“No, she’s just a friend. I guess anyways. She snuck on my phone and put her number in!” I told Bobbi as I waved my phone in her face.

“Oh really?” She replied as she snatched my phone and before I could even get it back her number was already in it as Bobbi♥. I’m deleting the heart later, I promised myself. “Now you have my number.”

“Moving on, I’m doing Health and Physical Fitness for my major and–” 

“You’ll be my Fitness Coach? Perfect!”

“I didn’t sign up for that.” Uh oh, things are about to get awkward.

07-08-15_12-13 AM-3

“Well, if you want to tell me. I’ll be busy exploring the Sciences of Love and how music can interpret this science into beautiful pieces of music.” Bobbi smiled before she rose up from the sofa and walked upstairs. I heard a door close, which I assumed was her bedroom door.

It occurred to me that it was getting late and that it was time for me to go to bed. I thoroughly enjoyed my first day at Greenwood so far, and this is only the beginning. The beginning of me living my future, and me forgetting my past.

07-08-15_12-17 AM

Sorry, I snore.


29 thoughts on “Y1 – Into The Night

    • SummerFalls says:

      Thank you so much! It makes me really happy that you’re liking the way I’ve taken the character’s personalities. It is a bummer, but everyone overuses the kitchen so it’s not like it’s going to waste!

      Liked by 2 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      LOL, he needs to make friends! I’m loving all of these students, they all have such diverse personalities and it’s exciting to see them converse!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. rorygilmore34 says:

    I can always throw a Sim at you if you end up needing a culinary student. 🙂 I really enjoyed how you incorporated that text message into this chapter! Cool! I love seeing these students and watching their personalities emerge. I’m so excited to read more! 🙂 It’s a wonderful start! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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