1.24 – Young Imagination

Even though she had once been a child herself, Marisa wasn’t able to tap into her inner child and write from a child’s perspective. Plus, she did have a more abnormal childhood than the normal person. However, she knew that she had three darling children that could help her on the missing piece of the huge puzzle she was putting together.

“Callum! Come sit down with mommy.” Marisa smiled as Callum walked over with orange juice in his hand before throwing the carton in the bin.

“Score!” Callum cheered, and then sat down on the seat next to his mother. “What’s up?”

"Well... what's it like being a child now?"

“Well… what’s it like being a child now?”

“Why do you ask? Can’t you imagine what it’s like?” Callum answered and Marisa shook her head.

“Life on JR-501 was way different than this. If I had stayed there, I would’ve been married and pregnant with my seventh child by now.” Marisa smiled and Callum’s mouth dropped.

“So… how many siblings do you have?” Callum asked.

“Now’s not the time to worry about that. Let’s focus on the question. Tell me what it’s like to be a child!” Marisa eagerly awaited her answer from Callum, who didn’t even know where to begin. To Callum, this question was more or so like why is he living. Or, why does he do the things that he does everyday and it scared him a little. He was forced to think about things greater and things that he couldn’t comprehend. He came up with an answer.

"Living like a child is magical and fantastical."

“Living like a child is magical and fantastical.”

“Go on…” Marisa muttered as Callum smiled.

“How do I start this…? Children have huge imaginations you know? We can think and make more than you adults can and that’s amazing, right? We come up with multiple ideas per day which is super awesome and we’re often distracted. However, to us, we unlock a world that’s only accessible to us and those we allow to access our world because our imaginations run free. We are thrown into new experiences where we learn a variety of different things that we didn’t know was possible.” Callum continued on.

"All over the world, we develop and grow into the people we imagine ourselves as."

“All over the world, we develop and try to grow into the people we imagine ourselves as.”

“We continue to live, and we continue to be cute but we also continue to be magical unicorns. We take things and make them into brand new experiences, and things. Take me for an example, I’m actually not clever and I’m really not really good at some subjects but I can for sure talk my way into any place where I go to! Maven can throw rainbow sparkles and create something brilliant and June’s the heir, who will lead our family to greatness.”

"But, we do need the love from our parents or a parental figure."

“But, we do need the love from our parents or a parental figure.”

“We can’t just become magical out of thin air. We need like, love and nurturing from our parents to be able to grow into these fun loving, caring people that you expect us to be. And, I think I am growing into one of those people, you know?”

"Just... think about how you felt as a kid. All the great worlds that you explored, even literally!"

“Just… think about how you felt as a kid. All the great worlds that you explored, even literally!”

“We’re all magical mommy, from the tiniest ant to the biggest mountain. We all have wonders and mysteries that when found out, unlock the true magic inside of us.” Callum smiled and Marisa was taken aback. Her own son was able to unlock the magic that she once felt eons ago back on her home planet.

“Y-you’re really good at talking.” Marisa smiled as Callum flung his arms out to the side.

“You only just noticed?” He laughed as Marisa began to clap for him.

Bravo! Bravo!

Bravo! Bravo!

“You know, I think I know exactly what I want to write now. I think I can write from this child’s perspective and drive out enough emotion to make people suffer! MWAHAHAH!” Marisa laughed manically before Callum held her wrist softly.

“Not too much mommy, these people need love.” Callum advised and Marisa nodded.

"I guess you're right..."

“I guess you’re right…”

“Thank you, my darling boy. I’m glad I’ve raised you so well. Sh… don’t tell the other two but you’re my favourite so… come here!” Marisa smiled as she pulled Callum into her embrace with a huge hug. Marisa truly felt like an accomplished mother today.

06-18-15_6-04 PM

“Really?! Thanks Mom! You’re my favourite parent too. No offence to Dad.” Callum replied.

And after their little exchange of hugs, Marisa soon returned to the computer to write about her wonderful ideas of how this child perspective should come about. Needless to say, it was going to kick ass.




13 thoughts on “1.24 – Young Imagination

  1. cathytea says:

    Aw, gee. I feel like I got a little glimpse into your personal philosophy, SummerFalls! I’m so glad that CT and Joel are camp counselors together! You see right into what it is to be a kid, and I think that you and me (and raerei and Rory, too) have kept that magic alive inside of us!

    I really loved this chapter. It’s inspiring to me!

    Liked by 2 people

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