Y1 – Nature, Buildings, People

07-11-15_7-41 PM

Sorry, I don’t wake up well. I had such an amazing sleep last night, I dreamt of fluffy bunnies running across the field. But, they started chucking statues of grades and homework at me. It hurt but, it didn’t at the same time. I guess that should mean that I don’t have anything to worry about for today… right?

I thought it would be okay to walk downstairs in my pjs, since it was really early in the morning and of course no one would see me. Wrong. Everyone was up and already dressed for school. Ugh, I’m embarrassed but at least I did wear pajama bottoms to bed on top of my boxers last night, or it would’ve been completely worse.

07-11-15_7-42 PM

“I heard that Professor Morrison is teaching us General Studies this term. I hope she doesn’t speak in a weird way, it’ll freak me out.” Piper told Adelaide as she ate her breakfast. Adelaide kept quiet as she resumed eating her breakfast too. I guess she doesn’t like talking to people as much as Piper does.

I ran upstairs quickly to get changed and have a shower before coming downstairs to find the most disgusting pile of dirty dishes ever. No one even bothered to wash or tidy them up. Not even the nice people! So, me being me, I took the initiative and decided to clean the plates up. That’s not me saying that it was the best smell in the world, though.

07-11-15_7-44 PM

“You know, I was about to do that!” Bobbi mentioned to me while I was taking it out.

“Don’t worry, I got it!” I smiled back to her as I took the rubbish out to the bin. After I put all of the dirty scraps in, I placed the dishes in the sink and washed them. It took a good twenty minutes before I actually got to make my cereal.

Well, I say I got to, but I couldn’t because someone ate the last of the Lucky Charms! Note to self: Buy your own cereal. So, I made some fried egg and toast.

07-11-15_8-00 PM

The breakfast was okay, but Lucky Charms would’ve been better. I think I’ll now have a personal grudge against the person who ate the last of them… when I eventually find out who it was.

Afterwards, I decided to crack on with some research for my latest major today. I have Professor Raspberry today, and hopefully he is kind! I don’t take a liking to teachers who are mean and think they’re above the students by ten levels because they got a degree in what knows who. It’s just… ugh.

07-11-15_8-22 PM

07-11-15_8-25 PM

The research was pretty fine! I learned a lot about how blood travels around the body and also what happens during exercise. Hopefully, I’ll be able to utilize these in my lectures today!

 I also learned of a Spa that’s being constructed soon in the Newcrest area and the University is adding a Wellness subject to the Health and Physical Fitness major and is allowing current students of the major to choose the subject and drop one if they choose. Plus, it won’t influence the major change that we get in our second year, should we choose to accept it!

I decided that I should go out for a jog before school today to clear my mind and set me in a focused mood ready for the clear day and just as I ran out on my job, Piper came out of the house and stared right at me. She almost seem to wave… before making her way down the steps.

07-11-15_8-27 PM

A little bit weird, but it’s okay.  My jog completely made me feel one with my surroundings. The flowers, the nature, the buildings, the people. Everything. We’re in a constant cycle, our own system, our own way of life and we live by this way of life everyday for our lives without realising it.

You know, that’s partly the reason why I thought herbalism was a great subject to take. We use the elements of nature to create things that will help people in the long run, without any major side effects and without any problems to the environment at all. As long as we take care of nature, nature will continue to take care of us.

07-11-15_8-27 PM-2

I wonder how the others think as well about this. If they feel that they’ve been inspired by outer elements to pursue their majors and why did these elements influence them to do so. I could probably start that after my lectures today, how exciting!

Now, I think I’m extremely prepared to start this semester of lessons. Bring it on because I’m prepared. I will achieve the top of my class and I will take care of our planet for a brighter future.

07-11-15_8-28 PM


11 thoughts on “Y1 – Nature, Buildings, People

  1. Shannon SimsFan says:

    The kitchen, with the Lucky Charms, looks so much like a college eating area! It’s fun that they can drop a subject and take up wellness if they want; the new yoga interactions are awesome! His face carrying that pile of dishes was so disgusted, but trying not to look it!

    Liked by 3 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      The dishes screenshot is actually my favourite one in this chapter! It’s so funny! I can’t wait to see Noah decide if he wants to take Wellness or not, it’s going to be an exciting choice for him!

      Liked by 1 person

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