Y1 – Inner Song

My first day of lectures was awesome since my professor was literally amazing. It also was cool because I received a lot of praise for all my extra research I’ve been doing over the last couple of days, and I couldn’t wait to complete the assignment my professor gave me. Wow, I thought I’d never say that I’m excited to do homework before, that’s a first.

Unfortunately, not many people shared the same experience as I did. Some of the others, like Bobbi, Neil and Piper came back feeling a little bit negative. Adelaide was so happy that she rushed inside to begin on her latest art piece. But, I think that she actually wasn’t keen to talk to us at all about her first day. Moving on, the rest of us walked back into our dorm.

07-11-15_8-40 PM

When I got inside, I waited for Neil to come in before catching up with him about how his first day had been. After he walked inside, I took him by the llama paintings before speaking to him.

“How was your day? You seem…” I tried to think of a word, but nothing was happening.

“Sad? Embarrassed?” Neil said a few words, but those were the ones I understood.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I asked him before he bit his lip and then spoke.

“I tried. I tried to fit in and learn in that Herbalism lecture we were in but, I can’t understand how a plant has so many properties! How do you understand it, and give more?” Neil asked and I smiled at him.

“You can do some extra research with me later on if you want.” I offered and his face lit up with a huge smile.

07-11-15_8-42 PM

“Thanks!” Neil cheered before walking upstairs to what I’m presuming is his bedroom or our bathroom.

Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to go into the living room and watch some sports. I flicked it over to the news channel where it was broadcasting about a figure skater, but I knew her face and I knew that physique anywhere.

07-11-15_8-44 PM

It’s Lana, my sister. Older sister, and she seems to be doing pretty well for herself considering the fact that she’s now a national champion. I changed the channel to SimSports-Newcrest before I got even more angry at my family. Luckily, the Llamas vs Gnomes game of Basketball was on and I was busy cheering for the Llamas.

07-11-15_8-44 PM-2

The Llamas took their shot in sudden death, but they missed! I couldn’t believe that they could miss such an important shot like that, it completely missed all of the important stuff! The gnomes had now had to take their shot, and I prayed that they would miss so the Llamas would have the opportunity to shoot again.

“They missed! Yes!” I celebrated while I watched.

The Llamas now had the opportunity to shoot again, and I knew that they were going to make this count. I saw their chosen player run up to the basketball net and jump up as high as they could. It looked like they were flying through the air and the next thing I saw was the ball go through the net as she hung onto the net.

07-11-15_8-44 PM-3

I felt so excited that the Llamas won that I decided to make a sculpture of a horse to help commemorate them. We haven’t learnt how to sculpt llamas yet, so this is the closest that I can get. I walked upstairs and through the door into my room where I positioned my block of wood on the woodworking bench before I had a crack at shaping it up into a horse.

07-11-15_8-54 PM

07-11-15_8-54 PM-2

I never knew that carpenting wood be such hard work but it does relieve some stress. Although, I couldn’t imagine myself doing this for the next four years. I think I am going to switch Handiness for Wellness because I believe it’ll give me what I need for inner peace rather than this.

That’s when I heard the music coming from outside the room. It felt soothing yet energizing at the same time. I had to find whatever or whoever was playing this music. I felt it was calling me over, calling me to listen to it’s playful song. I followed it, and I damn looked happy about it.

07-11-15_9-00 PM

I walked across the corridor, following the melody of the piano. I managed to pass Bobbi on the way to the room and I quickly stopped her before she turned to go downstairs.

“Hey! Watch where you’re stopping! SOME PEOPLE need to go downstairs and continue with their studies.” Bobbi complained and I didn’t listen… partly.

“Who’s that playing the music?” I asked and Bobbi turned, before turning back sighing.

“That’s Piper. Good, right? I’m better. You can hear me play later on, so stop by my room when you can.” Bobbi smiled before I continued my way into Piper’s room, which apparently was the gateway into Hell.

07-11-15_9-01 PM

“I’ll see you soon, Bobbi!” I said as I walked past her.

“You sure will.” She laughed before walking down the stairs.

I took a deep breath before entering Piper’s room. I hoped that the music wouldn’t stop from my rude entrance so I sort of, a little bit, not even at all, creeped in. It wasn’t that bad! Her room was really black but also really cool. It gave me a look into her soul, not that she’s evil because it’s black or that– I’ll stop blabbering.

I couldn’t help but stand there and listen.

07-11-15_9-04 PM

07-11-15_9-05 PM

I literally felt my soul being touched and taken by someone to dance. I can’t really explain it but, it felt really good to hear this music play and to feel it sooth and relax me. I looked over at Piper as she played the music on the piano, it sounded like a piano in the first place. Nevertheless, I saw her hands move gently to every key, something I never knew someone with such a tough personality could do.

07-11-15_9-05 PM-2

I’m not sure how, but I saw the music. I saw the sound travel from the piano and fly through the air. I didn’t know why it was happening or if there was even an explanation for it, but I was so fascinated by the fact that I could actually see music. Maybe the fact that this touched my soul unlocked this weird thing?

Nevertheless, the music continued and the notes kept appearing from the piano.

07-11-15_9-05 PM-3

Although, the music soon drove itself to a close as Piper placed her hands at her side and silently stared at the piano.

“Why are you in my room?” Piper muttered as she continued to stare. I was startled at the fact that she knew I was in the room, so it took me a couple of moments to answer.

07-11-15_9-11 PM

“I-I heard the music, so I came in. You’re reall-“

“Come over here, Noah.” Piper stopped me and called me over before I could even finish my sentence. I walked over to her though.

07-11-15_9-12 PM

I thought she was smiling because she was glad that I had revealed myself. However, that smile soon turned into a bitter frown as she scowled at me with what looked like distrust.

“How dare you come into my room! It’s not a place where you can just walk in whenever you want and listen to my music.” Piper exclaimed.

“I could hear it from my bedroom! It was really loud!” I replied back and Piper looked at the walls.

“I guess I’m going to have to get these soundproofed, just for your comfort.” Piper said as she looked back at me.

07-11-15_9-13 PM

“Does the piano make notes and sounds appear by the way?” I asked and Piper laughed.

“Duh, that’s why sound was coming out!” She continued to laugh but I shook my head.

“No! I mean appear as being able to see the sound…” Piper looked at me with interest as she stared closer at me.

“No. Why? Did you see the sounds?” I nodded my head and Piper looked at me with great mystery, I’m assuming.

“I know it’s weird but, your song reached out to me and gave me inner peace. So, thank you.” I smiled, but it didn’t work.

“IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO GIVE YOU INNER PEACE. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GIVE ME INNER PEACE.” Piper screamed before she wiped away the small tears that came to her eyes.

07-11-15_9-13 PM-2

“Did it?” I asked.

“No. Not at all.” She replied bitterly. “I wanted to create my own inner song, something that resembles my past, present and future and give me peace that it’ll be okay and, it’s just not working.” 

Piper smacked her hand on a couple of the keys on the piano which caused an uproar of random sounds. It hurt my ears, but I didn’t show it.

“I guess, you just need to believe for yourself that it’ll be okay.” I smiled at her and she looked up, as she looked like she had finally realised the missing ingredient to her song.

“I hope you’ll be there to help,  I could use help from a friend like you.” She smiled but I didn’t. I think I was just friendzoned, oh well. Me and Piper can be really great friends. She laughs at my expressions too!

07-11-15_9-13 PM-3


12 thoughts on “Y1 – Inner Song

  1. BBQPenguinWings Trish says:

    Oh my god I laughed so much at the gateway to hell remark!
    I like the little bit of rivalry between Bobbi and Piper well its more so on bobbis side at the moment.
    I really really love her room! you did a really good job I was so happy when I saw the little cacti! And that awesome guitar and the bed! I love the jazz paintings and the jukebox. I love it all!

    my poor Piper she has lot of demons
    I giggled at frienzoned. Poor Noah keeps getting yelled at by the ladies lol

    Liked by 3 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      Bahaha, I’m glad you liked everything! I feel like there has to be a little rivalry in here somewhere so where else than between two students of the same major?
      I’m so so happy that you like her room as well! I tried my best to follow what Piper wanted and I’m glad she feels that it’s great!
      Noah, he might figure out a way to stop being yelled at. But for now, who runs this save? Girls. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  2. cathytea says:

    So much in this chapter! That’s just what a day at college is like! Everybody’s got their own pasts and futures–classes go well, or they don’t. Students are excited about what they’re learning, or they’re not! You’re doing an amazing job of capturing the college experience for freshman students living in dorm!

    Liked by 5 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      Thanks CT! I’m trying to go from all the TV shows I’ve watched that takes place in Colleges or Universities because I have no clue what it’s like xD

      Liked by 2 people

      • cathytea says:

        It’s so accurate! I was a lot like Noah as a student–super enthusiastic and so excited to learn! And I had dorm-mates like Piper and Bobbi and Neil. Each person has his or her own challenges and goals and dreams and pasts–and you’re doing an amazing job of capturing that!

        Liked by 3 people

  3. rorygilmore34 says:

    Summerfalls! It amazes me that you don’t know what college is like because you have captured it so perfectly here! People coming and going and doing their own thing then coming together. It reminds me of my college days. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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