1.26 – The House Guest

“Excellent plants all around!” Nathan exclaimed as he looked his wonderful garden. Many of his plants had now reached an excellent quality and he felt that he was one step closer to becoming a Freelance Botanist.

Nathan breathed in the fresh air of nature and thought about how wonderful most of these plants would look in his greenhouse. While he would be pursuing the cooking aspirations, he thought it would be necessary to build this greenhouse so it would be easy for him to collect his ingredients.

Nevertheless, the idea of being surrounded by nature pleased him to a high extent.

"My wonderful plants!"

“My wonderful plants!”

While Nathan walked inside, he saw Marisa who was staring blankly at the computer.

“Marisa darling, are you okay?” Nathan smiled and Marisa nodded her head.

“I received the award of Bestselling Author. Nathan honey, I did it! I FINALLY DID IT!” Marisa cheered as she looked at her award email. Marisa had completed her Bestselling Author aspiration and was over the moon at the accomplishment.

“I’m so proud of you!” Nathan complimented as Marisa continued to stare at the computer.

"Is this real...?"

“Is this real…?”

While staring at the computer, Marisa started to contemplate what she would want to do next. But, her traits had decided for her. She wanted to pursue the musical aspiration and she wanted to do it in that instant. So, Marisa quickly got changed into her everyday clothes and said bye to her children.

“Where are you going Mom?” June asked as Marisa headed out the door.

“I’m going to buy a GRAND Piano!” Marisa laughed.

Grand you say?"

Grand you say?

When Marisa returned an hour later, the assembled the Piano using her alien telekinetic powers. When she looked at it after it was fully put together, her eyes were in awe.

“Mommy, do we have powers like that?” Maven asked her and Marisa shook her head.

“Look at how GRAND this Piano is!” Marisa stared at the Piano. With all the staring she’s doing, she clearly needs some sleep.

This IS a GRAND Piano!

This IS a GRAND Piano!

Meanwhile, Maven walked outside of the door and around to the mixology bar where he found his father mixing some drinks using his brand new skills he got from leveling up.

“Hey Dad, can you mix me a drink?” Maven asked and Nathan laughed.

“Plum no! You’re too young… but I guess one sip won’t hurt.” Nathan said as he poured a tiny bit of the alcohol into Maven’s cereal and stirred it around. “Ok, it’s not going to get you drunk, but there you go!”

Maven giggled as he looked up at his father. “Thanks Dad!”

"Don't tell your mother!"

“Don’t tell your mother!”

“Okay!” Maven agreed as he took a bite of his cereal and laughed. It didn’t taste different, but Maven knew it was different than before and thus to him it tasted different.

Meanwhile, one of Callum’s friends has come over to his house to watch the finale of Bunny Farm. But this friend was a little bit… older than Callum. Plus, June was keen on getting to know him a bit more.

"Do you think he does Yoga?"

“Do you think he does Yoga?”

June moved over to the sofas as her father came back inside and joined her. June tugged his sleeve before looking up at him.

“Dad, do you know if that guy does Yoga? I need to learn it if I want to become one with the Universe!” June asked her father and he nodded.

“He’s one of the Yoga masters down at that brand new spa. I forget the name… what was it?” Nathan was lost in thought trying to think of the name but June had other plans.

"Oh, he's going to become MY Yoga Master."

“Oh, he’s going to become MY Yoga Master.”

“Leave him alone.” Callum warned June and she shrugged him off.

“I can do what I want!” June replied as she walked up to the teenage boy, she tapped him lightly and he turned around.

“Hello there.” He smiled and June and she looked up at him.

“Will you be my Yoga Master?” She earnestly requested and he laughed and laughed.

“I don’t teach kids.” He replied and June walked over to the chess chair, cursing a curse she learnt from of her father’s fantasy books.

"Bahkarr Oldiafia!" I believe this means, "Grow up!"

“Bahkarr Oldiafia!” I believe this means, “Grow up!”

Although, June was surprised to find sparkles erupting from the teenage boy as he started to shake.

“What’s H-Happening?!” He was startled at the fact that he started to spin as well. But, as he finished spinning, he suddenly realised what happened.

"I, Taylor, am now a young adult! I grew up!"

“I, Taylor, am now a young adult! I grew up!”

Did the Universe give me that?, June wondered as she remained startled at the fact her spell worked.

“Welcome to Adulthood, Taylor! There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being an adult, but don’t worry! Your parents will help you through it!” Nathan smiled at Taylor, who could only look bitter at the wall.

"By parents, I only have my auntie."

“By parents, I only have my auntie.”

“That’s fine!” June looked over at Taylor, who walked over to June at this point. “Whoever takes care of you is your parent or guardian, and they love you unconditionally. At least, that’s what I was taught by my parents.”

“I guess you’re right.” Taylor said.

"Guess? No no. You KNOW."

“Guess? No no. You KNOW.”

“Now, now June. Let’s play a game of chess.” Nathan said as he walked to the chess table and sat down. After rearranging the pieces back to the beginning positions, the game began.

“I’m going to win, Father.” June said with a hint of coldness in her tone and Nathan laughed.

“Sure, sure you are.” He replied and Taylor laughed too.

“The both of you are so alike.” He commented and the both of them looked at him.



The pair of them retorted in unison before looking at each other and then laughing.

“Taylor, let’s watch Bunny Farm!” Callum called Taylor over, who then went and sat down on the sofa with Callum and they both watched Bunny Farm together.

"Unicow is about to go see Piglet!"

“Unicow is about to go see Piglet!”

After the episode ended, Callum and Taylor talked for at least twenty minutes before they started to listen to the music around them. It was the Bunny Farm theme song!

"Come down to Bunny Farm!"

“Come down to Bunny Farm!”


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