TDFL – Achievements and Whims #2

Welcome to another edition of Achievements and Whims where I make things sound like I’m in a tv show! I’m not really doing well so far am I in terms of getting down to business? Anyways, here’s the lowdown on everything that’s happened so far!

The current score for the Legacy can be found here with details but to tell you here also, we’re on 7 points! This is a big difference from our first playthrough and I’m so excited to earn even more points!

The family tree has also been updated with June’s face now so you can go check that out here¬†and there won’t be any changes to the Gen 2 faces until they turn young adults!

I’ve also been making plans for what I want the memorialization room to look like, although I haven’t really come up with anything great so far, I do have this one idea which has stuck with me for some time now. It’s a big room with curtains which lead to each of my generation’s colours. Blue for Gen 1, Red for Gen 2, Purple for Gen 3 and so on and so forth.

Before we get to the whim portion of this post, I’d like to thank all of my readers who have been reading this legacy so far! This is my first ever legacy that I’ve written and I’m not really sure how you’re finding it so far. If there’s anything constructive you’d like to say, please tell me!

Also, I’ll try and get the overall household worth at the end of the next session! I promise! And, it only just occurred to me that Nathan and Marisa are still YA and that’s scary.


  • Make some progress in his aspiration.
  • Make some progress in his job and take the mixology branch.
  • Max out the Cooking Skill.
  • Make some progress in the Mixology Skill.
  • Build the Greenhouse of his dreams!


  • Complete her Music Lover Aspiration.
  • Max out the Piano Skill.
  • Make some progress in her Writing Career.
  • Choose a new aspiration but focus more on the task below,


  • As a teenager, pick up the painting skill.
  • Make some progress in his randomized aspiration.
  • Try and complete some emotional paintings.
  • Try and reach level 10 painting for Memorializations.
  • Try and make some money to open up a business.


  • Complete Social Butterfly Aspiration!
  • As a teenager, pick up the photography skill.
  • Make some progress in his randomized aspiration.
  • Take photos of the family in various places.
  • Try and reach level 5 photography for memorializations.


  • Complete Whiz Kid¬†Aspiration!
  • Talk with Nathan about inheriting the Legacy.
  • As a teenager, pick up the wellness skill.
  • Make some progress in randomized aspiration.

If you have any other suggestions on what the Devines should do, comment down below!


5 thoughts on “TDFL – Achievements and Whims #2

    • SummerFalls says:

      I don’t even know how I do half the stuff! I’d say I’m more focused on earning points half the time but then the rest of the time I’m telling myself to take it a little easy because I still have 8 other gens that I can earn points for!

      Liked by 1 person

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