Y1 – Gym Pals

Neil and I went to the gym the next morning to get our bodies into shape since I agreed to help Neil become more able at fitness. We entered the gym, changed into our gym clothes and hit the punching bags.

Punch. Punch. Punch. Over and over again. I felt the force travel through my body and hit the punching bag hard.

07-11-15_9-37 PM

I’m determined to ace this first year, and make sure that Neil at least achieves a passing grade in fitness. Punch. Punch.

It’s relaxing, punching over and over again, it helps me get my inner anxieties and worries out in the open and I can punch them into the back and get rid of them.

07-11-15_9-38 PM

Punch. It looks like Neil is getting into the groove as well. He seems much more focused about his exercise now than he’s ever been.

07-11-15_9-38 PM-2

His punch is pretty powerful too.

07-11-15_9-39 PM

The showers also felt like heaven with their relaxation jets as well.

07-11-15_9-46 PM


Thank you, powers beyond. For letting me being able to live these small moments with my friends. It means so much to me.

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