1.29 – Morning Blues

"You woke me up because...?"

“You woke me up because…?”

“It’s a school day of course!” Maven told June as he finished dragging her into his bedroom. Callum had just woken up himself and had left to go to the bathroom to take a shower. Meanwhile, June and Maven were discussing school stuff, because Maven had forgotten to do his homework about an admirable figure.

"HA! You're gonna get into trouble!"

“HA! You’re gonna get into trouble!”

“No I’m not! I can just copy yours.” Maven smirked and June shook her head.

“I emailed my teacher my report, so you can’t! Hahaha!” June laughed and Maven turned away slowly, it was his own fault that he didn’t do the homework because he was too busy being excited about drawing up plans for the memorialization room.

“That’s it.” Maven smiled as he thought of the thing he could write about. “Family. It’s not a person or a thing, but a strongly held together community of people who love and support each other.”

"Fine. That's awesome!"

“Fine. That’s awesome!”

“Great! I’ll write it on the bus.” Maven laughed and the both of them sat on the bed. Callum walked in a couple of minutes later and June and Maven looked at him.

“How was the shower?” June asked and Callum stepped through the door.

“It was great! I feel so refreshed and focused to get through today.” Callum was overjoyed, he was excited to read out his report about Unicow out to everyone.

07-22-15_9-30 PM

“You know, when I am the head of this family, I’m going to make sure everyone does what they’re supposed to! Even keeping the house clean because ew, mess.” June began explaining how she was going to run things.

“But, do you know what it means to be the heir?” Maven asked June, and she thought about it.

"I'm the next head of this family and I get to lead the legacy."

“I’m the next head of this family and I get to lead the legacy.”

“Funny! You’re kind of right, but you don’t know the actual meaning. I think only Dad knows that and he’ll only tell you when you’re ready.” Maven smiled while patting June on her shoulder.

“Aren’t I ready now?” June doubted herself for the first time in her life, she never knew how big of a responsibility being the heir would be and it scared her that she might not perform well.

“Don’t worry June, at least we have school in half an hour!” Callum tried to cheer June up, but it didn’t work.

07-22-15_9-30 PM-3

“GREAT way to make me feel better.”

“No problem Junebug!” Callum smiled with eagerness and June rolled her eyes at Callum. He couldn’t detect her sarcasm.

“You know, I accidentally sent an email to June’s teacher this morning. It was something about Bunny Farm. It was my fan fiction about Mr Hot Dog!” June was too surprised to say anything at this point.

07-22-15_9-30 PM-4

“Was it bad? Like, did it include anything really bad?!” June quickly said, she hoped that her teacher wouldn’t accidentally see it and then think she’s some crazy girl.

“Oh, nothing much. It’s a delightful story about Unicow farting rainbows in Mr Hotdog’s face and then making him explode because of it. When he explodes, all the orphan children in Candy Village them come out and eat all the hotdog bits on the floor!” Callum explained the story as he went to sit on the activity table chair.

"Oh Brother."

“Oh Brother.”

“What?” Callum laughed with delight.


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