1.30 – Meeting Someone New



When Nathan woke up the next morning, he was saddened to find a dead Cowplant in his backyard. He forgot to feed the Cowplant and because of that, Nathan cursed himself for it. Luckily, Nathan was able to throw the skeleton out to forget that horrendous incident and plus, it didn’t even have a name, so it’s fine!

“Out with the old and in with the new!” Nathan laughed at he took one of his spare cowplant berries out of the fridge and planted it into the ground.

Aw! The horns once again! Let's hope this one does well.

Aw! The horns once again! Let’s hope this one does well.

Nathan then doused this cowplant seedling in water and then went off exploring. He noticed that he hadn’t been trying to collecting rocks and gems lately so he thought it would be great if he went on an expedition around the surrounding areas, looking for stuff like he used to!

He found some rocks and dug at each of them one at a time. He found some gems, fossils, treasure maps and mySims trophies! After travelling round some more, Nathan found a glistening rock, and he then knelt down and started to dig at it.

"Diggy Diggy Hole. Diggy Diggy Hole."

“Diggy Diggy Hole. Diggy Diggy Hole.”

What Nathan found was extremely creepy. He had dug up a Voodoo Doll and it’s eyes stared right into Nathan’s soul. Nathan shivered for a second, and then placed the Voodoo Doll in his pocket.

“You never know when someone’s going to need one of these.” Nathan said to himself before he heard the footsteps of a man behind him. Nathan turned around and saw the man walking along, and walking past him.

Nathan shot up straight away and ran over to the man, and he hoped that he could get to the man before he left.



Nathan ran over to the man who stood there, waiting for him. After finally catching up with him, Nathan took a few deep breaths before looking up at the man.

“Hello! I’m-I’m Nathan!” Nathan breathed out and the man slowly nodded his head.

“Stuart. It’s a pleasure.” Stuart smiled as Nathan finally regained his breath. The pair of them exchanged phone numbers and then continued to talk about random things.


“So, where do you live?”

“Oh, I live right over there!” Nathan pointed over to the small red house in the distance, and Stuart’s eyes widened.

“Oh really? You’re the legacy guy everyone’s talking about?” Stuart asked and Nathan was surprised. People were actually talking about him!

“What have people said about me?” Nathan replied eagerly and Stuart laughed.

“Well, for one. They say that you’re poor since you live in a small house on a big plot of land and also, they say that you are foolish for desiring a legacy dream. But, I disagree with them.” Stuart told Nathan, and Nathan laughed.

"I'm not poor!"

“I’m not poor!”

“I have at least $70,000 in my bank account and I’m going to use that to renovate my house after my boys turn into teenagers!” Nathan smiled at Stuart.

“Good for you, Nathan! Although, isn’t it hard making money by yourself?” Stuart asked and Nathan shook his head.

“No, I have my wife Marisa to help me!” Nathan smiled and Stuart’s eyes widened.

“M-Marisa?” Stuart said with a hint of familiarity and Nathan wondered if Stuart knew her.

“Do you know Marisa?” If he did, it would make him an Alien too! However, Stuart shook his head and smiled which banished any theories Nathan had in his mind about him knowing Marisa back on JR-501.

"Nope! The name just sounded really pretty."

“Nope! The name just sounded really pretty.”

“I know right! I’m glad I married her, she’s been such a huge help to me.” Nathan told Stuart and Nathan couldn’t help but show a massive smile towards Stuart.

“Jumping Geodes! Is that really the time?” Stuart asked while he looked at his watch. He quickly looked up to Nathan. “I have to be somewhere in ten minutes, so I guess this is where our conversation ends.”

“Why don’t you come over for dinner tomorrow?” Nathan invited Stuart over and he accepted.

"See you soon Stuart!"

“See you soon Stuart!”

And with that, Stuart went away feeling happy and elated. Meanwhile, Nathan spent the rest of the day tending to his plants and finding collectibles on the way. However, Nathan suddenly started marching into the house with the oddest expression on his face.

That's scary.

That’s scary.

Marisa was looking slightly worried and depressed, which was surprising.

I hope you're okay!

I hope you’re okay!

And, Nathan was not alone with the weird death glare because like father, like son, Maven was pulling the exact same face!

This is even scarier.

This is even scarier.

Maven ran into June’s room, where it was discovered that she accidentally set the chemistry set on fire and she almost lost her life! And like that, the Devine Family had almost lost their heir.

“June, be more careful will you!” Nathan shouted and June before he left to tend to his plants once more.

“Junebug, if you caught fire, I had the perfect song to sing! This Girl is on Firee!” Maven began.

“MAVEN! Do not make fun of your sister’s near death experience!” Marisa scolded Maven and then watched June as she stared at her burnt chemistry set.

07-24-15_11-00 PM

Meanwhile, to sort out his inner stress, Nathan decided to brew a potion of youth. When he had the money, Nathan wanted to build a storage room for his potions of youth where he wanted to store at least 80 potions. All goals have their first step and Nathan brewing the first potion of youth for this storage room was it.

07-24-15_11-06 PM

After Nathan and Marisa managed to replace the Chemistry Set, June spent the rest of the night making potions and experimenting with various chemical compounds and mixtures.

"Oh, this is going to stink!"

“Oh, this is going to stink!”


"WOAH! Cells are so tiny!"

“WOAH! Cells are so tiny!”

Soon after though, June grew bored of playing with the Chemistry Set and decided that she’d now play Arithmetic Attack. June walked over to her computer and sat down, booted up the game and then began to play!

"This is so easy!"

“This is so easy!”


"I wonder if a pet monkey could do this..."

“I wonder if a pet monkey could do this…”

A couple of hours later, June felt like her brain was on fire and that she was ready to face all the difficult problems at school in the morning. She was fully skilled, mentally.




9 thoughts on “1.30 – Meeting Someone New

  1. theplumbob says:

    Lol the facial expressions! Hmm the Stuart guy is suspicious, I wonder if there’s more to that story! As for the dead cow plant… Mine always die too. Originally I was scared they would be lethal to my sims, but usually it’s the other way around 😀

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