1.31 – Steamy in the Sauna

Through the mail, Nathan received a coupon for a two for one session at the Mt. Fuji Spa & Wellness, and he felt amazingly overjoyed. It had been too long since him and Marisa went out on a date, and their last date ended with the kids joining them! Excited that this voucher is only eligible for two people, and that the kids were currently in school, he marched inside of the house to talk to Marisa straight away.

"Honey, let's go have a Spa Day!"

“Honey, let’s go have a Spa Day!”

“Really? We can afford it? For the both of us?” Marisa asked excitingly and Nathan nodded his head.

“Yeah! I got a vo-“ Nathan decided not to tell Marisa about the voucher, just to make her more proud of him. “I got a bonus from work for all my hard work!”

“That’s great honey! Then we definitely have to go to the spa then to make you feel extra special!” Marisa smiled at Nathan and the pair of them then left to go to the Spa! It took twenty minutes to walk there because Marisa had the bright idea to run all the way there. She must be watching Nathan’s weight because he has gained a few pound lately.

"I won, honey!"

“I won, honey!”

“Of course you did! I let you win!” Nathan laughed at his lie, he’s been out of shape for a while and he wants this spa day to release him of all his worries. He’s excited to get inside and release his inner worries.

After talking to the receptionist, they both get changed into the spa gear that they bought from the spa and it’s trademarked Mt. Fujiwear. It took them a while to try and find something to do, and the Yoga class didn’t start until 6pm, so they had to wait.

Once the Yoga class did start, the lady stood on the mat and smiled at Nathan and Marisa, the only two participants.

“Follow my poses!” The lady smiled, as she assumed the first position. Nathan followed with seamlessness but Marisa just wanted to do her own thing. She doesn’t follow instructions well.

07-25-15_12-09 AM

“Now sit on the floor and be a log. Breath in and out as you lay down and imagine you are one with the universe. Let go of your inner insecurities and feel at peace.” The instructor said and Nathan followed. He laid down on the yoga mat and breathed out, and in and felt more at peace than ever.

Marisa however, was doing another pose as part of her Yoga rebellion.

Marisa doesn't follow the crowd.

Marisa doesn’t follow the crowd.

Although, she should’ve followed the Yoga lesson because when she came to do the next pose in her routine, it ended up failing and she fell onto the ground. Her face was hilarious.

"Ow! My butt!"

“Ow! My butt! No, I don’t want any help up! I’m fine!”

Marisa got up and took the opportunity to go use the Sauna. She was in deep need of heat, relaxation and energy release so the Sauna was perfect for her. Marisa quickly got changed and covered her body with a towel, and then went into the Sauna and sat down.

“Oh wow, it’s hot in here!” Marisa commented as she sat down on the Sauna bench, which was hot itself.

"I'm sweating like a galactic pig! Although, they sweat frosting... I could go for some frosting right now."

“I’m sweating like a galactic pig! Although, they sweat frosting… I could go for some frosting right now.”


"No no. Let's just sit and relax for now."

“No no. Let’s just sit and relax for now.”

Meanwhile, Nathan decided that he was going to get a Deep Tissue Massage since his muscles have been cramping and hurting him lately. He thought that it was possibly from the Gardening, but he came to the realisation that he’s aging back to an Adult. Nevertheless, he was prepared to live the rest of his life now.

"Hi. I'm Julie and I'll be your masseur for this session."

“Hi. I’m Julie and I’ll be your masseur for this session.”

“Hi Julie! Feel free to start whenever you like.” Nathan said through the face hole on the massage table. Julie prepared herself and then got to work on Nathan’s back and neck. Nathan had never felt such pain and relaxation at the same time before. The massage felt really nice and invigorating and Nathan was ready to go woo his wife like the old days.

“I’m finished.” Julie said as she released her hands away from Nathan.

"Already? Thanks Julie!"

“Already? Thanks Julie!”

Nathan walked straight from the massage room to the Sauna where he saw his wife. In a flirty mood, he sat right next to her and got up close.

“Hey, honey.” Nathan said flirtatiously and Marisa awkwardly waved back. Although, after giving Marisa the look, she got into a flirtatious mood.

“Oh. Hello.” Marisa giggled back and Nathan got even closer to Marisa at this point.

"Let's put some extra wood in the fire shall we? Make it extra steamy?"

“Let’s put some extra wood in the fire shall we? Make it extra steamy?”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Marisa laughed as she threw some logs into the Sauna fire and the Sauna became VERY steamy. It was as if Nathan and Marisa did it so it would be impossible to see something, something very private. 😉

07-25-15_12-17 AM

After the steam returned to its normal level, Nathan and Marisa had finished what they were doing and they sat back on the bench together. Looking deep into each other’s eyes, they both smiled.

“I love you.” Nathan said with extreme passion.

“I love you too.” Marisa replied with the same exact passion. The couple continued to stare into each other’s eyes, knowing that their love would be forever and eternal. Through life and in death and even in the afterlife.

07-25-15_12-18 AM


12 thoughts on “1.31 – Steamy in the Sauna

  1. Meggs says:

    Awww! I’m so happy they enjoyed their spa date!
    Mt. Fujiwear made me laugh – that’s perfect!
    I wonder if the spa has a policy on woohooing on the premises? 😛
    Thanks for downloading – it’s so fun to see everyone’s sims enjoying it! 😀

    Liked by 4 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      Hehe, thanks for making the spa, it’s simply perfect! It’s not the last you’ve seen of it since we’ll definitely come back here!
      I hope there’s no policy about woohooing xD

      Liked by 3 people

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