1.32 – High School Friends

"I got an A! Dad'll be so proud!"

“I got an A! Dad’ll be so proud!”

June came home from school feeling proud of herself because on her admirable person project, she got an A! Because of this, June has now been named a Nerd Brain within the family and has completed everything she wanted to do in School.

June walked into her house to find a mysterious man talking to her father and they seemed to be talking about things that June couldn’t understand.

"You know, you should try putting some lavender in with that, it'll flavourize it by a lot!"

“You know, you should try putting some lavender in with that, it’ll flavourize it by a lot!”

“Really? What about adding some snapdragon along with it, to give it that extra… snap? Haha!” Nathan replied to Stuart as he stirred the pot of food.

“That’s a great idea!” Stuart replied as they continued to talk. Nathan soon finished up the pot of food and then called everyone down to the dining table.

“Dad! I got an A today! Aren’t you proud?” June smiled brightly and Nathan laughed.

“I’m so proud of you June! Let’s see if you can keep it up, ey?” Nathan laughed as he sat down on a chair.

"So, you see Nathan, it's just amazing how everything comes together!"

“So, you see Nathan, it’s just amazing how everything comes together!”

“You’re right, this does taste quite divine! Okay, I have to stop being punny.” Nathan laughed and Stuart and June laughed too as everyone else came downstairs and looked awkwardly at them.

“You’re kind of in my seat.” Maven said to Stuart and even though Nathan shot Maven a glare, Stuart happily obliged.

"It's fine! I don't mind moving!"

“It’s fine! I don’t mind moving!”

As Stuart got up, June stared over at Maven and pressed forward into the table.

“Why did you do that for? He’s our guest, so you should move!” June whispered angrily.

"YOUR fault!"

“YOUR fault!”

“Stuart! You can have my seat since you probably want to sit next to Dad. I’ll just sit next to you or somewhere else on the table if someone leaves.” June smiled at Stuart as she got up and walked over to the counter to get a bowl of food.

“Why thank you, June! You are a bundle of joy.” Stuart replied as he sat down on June’s seat and turned to face Nathan.

"I have a great recipe for doughnuts and brownies, I'll have to give it to you!"

“I have a great recipe for doughnuts and brownies, I’ll have to give it to you!”

“That would be amazing! Thank you. But, is that really the time! I’ll be back in five minutes.” Nathan ran upstairs quickly and came back down wearing his work uniform. He actually forgot that he had to go to work today!

“Oh yeah! I’ll take care of the kids, have a nice day honey!” Marisa told Nathan as he left for work.

“Bye everyone, love you!” Nathan waved goodbye as he left for work.

07-25-15_3-05 PM

“I’ll go clean up the plates.” Marisa smiled as she collected each of the plates one by one. Then she walked over to the sink, but she couldn’t stand the dirtiness of the plates that she had just collected.

07-25-15_3-06 PM

“Mommy! Mommy! Stuart’s glowing blue!” June told her mother and Marisa placed the plates into the sink quickly and looked back at Stuart, who was awkwardly sitting in the room smiling.

“Oh my. Uh… how do I?” Marisa tried to say something but Stuart smiled.

“It’s okay Marisa. I’m an Alien, and I know you’re one too!” Stuart said and Marisa wondered how, “We went to High School together!”

"Stuart! OH MY PLUM!"

“Stuart! OH MY PLUM!”

Marisa felt over the moon, she had finally met an alien who felt the same way as her about living as humans. She knew that Stuart was like her ever since their time in High School together!

“Is it okay if I?” Marisa asked and Stuart nodded. Marisa then took off her disguise using her usual method and everyone turned around and looked over at Marisa.

The kids are seeing for the first time!

The kids are seeing for the first time!

“Mommy, woah! You look awesome!” Maven told her and Marisa smiled at her son.

“Thanks, but Stuart! We should catch up sometime, I need to know a lot of things.” Marisa smiled at Stuart and he nodded.

“I have to leave now though, work as a blogger awaits me!” Stuart smiled before he got up and walked towards the door.



As Stuart left, the kids piled Marisa with a ton of questions, all of which she answered slowly over the course of the next hour. After that, Maven wanted to talk to his mother personally, and of course, Marisa had no reason to refuse.

"Do you ever miss your home!"

“Do you ever miss your home!”


"Not really..."

“Not really…”


"...they make me just so plumming angry!"

“…they make me just so plumming angry!”

“Really? How come?” Maven asked and Marisa was going to tell him, but she decided not to. She felt like she didn’t want to fill her son with something that’s already been resolved and have him live with what he was going to know. Marisa knew already that she was going to give her children the best lives with all the freedom they wanted.

As long as it wasn’t illegal.

“Come here.” Marisa smiled affectionately as she pulled her son into a hug.

I need this made into CC so I can hang it on a wall xD

I need this made into CC so I can hang it on a wall xD

“Mom, you always give the best hugs but… your metal suit is really cold and sharp.” Maven smiled up at his mother, and she moved away from him straight away.

“Oh! Sorry!” Marisa apologized.

"It's fine mom!"

“It’s fine mom!”

“I’ve got to go do my homework now, I’ll be back!” Maven smiled as he ran upstairs.

As he left, Marisa thought about the choices she made up until now. She thought about if it was right to leave home and if it was right to marry Nathan. Then she called herself stupid because without all her choices, she wouldn’t have her three miracles today and she wouldn’t have her freedom.

Marisa changed back into her human form, and whispered herself these words.

"I am Marisa Devine and I am free."

“I am Marisa Devine and I am free.”

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