1.34 – One Birthday, Two Teenagers

Maven and Callum woke up the next morning feeling excited, for today was their birthday! They jumped out of bed and ran downstairs as fast as they could because they were looking forward to blowing out the candles and entering their teenage years. They ran and sat down on the sofa together, where they started to talk about what party they want.

"I want it to be us, and Stuart and maybe a bartender for Mom."

“I want it to be us, and Stuart and maybe a bartender for Mom.”

“Really? Mom doesn’t seem that into juice.” Callum replied and Maven laughed.

“Mom LOVES the stuff, trust me.” Maven said and Callum nodded his head.

“Okay then, but I want a lot of people to be here! I want to talk to everyone!” Callum giggled with glee, although Maven shook his head.

“You don’t have that many friends and most of them have gone on holiday!” Maven replied and Callum thought about who he could invite and thought of no one.

"I guess you're right!"

“I guess you’re right!”

“Now, any special decorations?” Callum continued and Maven shook his head.

“Let’s wait until our young adult birthday, since we’ll probably have enough money to make a party room by then!” Maven suggested and Callum seemed to agree after much convincing.

"Let's have a great party then!"

“Let’s have a great party then!”

Soon after everyone got dressed into their party clothes, Nathan called everyone over and hired a mixologist for the party. Nathan decided that he was going to be the caterer for the party, so he wore a dashing chef outfit and started to prepare the cake for the boys.

07-25-15_4-04 PM

Meanwhile, everyone thought the reward of the best dressed went to Marisa because she wore a stunning black dress with sparkly sequins down the front.

“Where did you even find a pretty dress?” June asked her mother as she looked at her amazing beauty.

“I made it myself! Well, I added the sparkles.” Marisa winked at June. Marisa did feel beautiful on the inside, and that’s exactly what she wanted.

So beautiful <3 _ <3

So beautiful ❤ _ ❤

The mixologist that Nathan hired arrived as well! She slowly walked over to the mixology bar that Nathan moved inside and started making drinks. Although, while Nathan baked, he started a conversation with her.

“Hi! I’m Nathan, what’s your name?” Nathan asked while he stirred the bowl of ingredients.

“I’m Carla, Carla Clemons.” Carla smiled at Nathan before continuing to make drinks.

Can you guess where she's from?

Can you guess where she’s from?

Soon enough, the party went into full swing as Marisa started to play music and the boys were busy socializing with each other and June. Meanwhile, June was sitting on the table when Stuart came in and sat on the seat next to her.

Nathan finished the cake a couple of seconds later and placed it down on the table where they were sitting.

Stuart made it!

Stuart made it!

Marisa then coughed, and the music stopped. When everyone looked, she had resumed playing, but they didn’t notice the various red spots on her body that were forming. Marisa never knew that she was susceptible to human sickness, but nevertheless, she continued playing.

Strong Marisa! She's sick but she still plays on for her sons.

Strong Marisa! She’s sick but she still plays on for her sons.

When Nathan went over to his sons to wish them a happy birthday, Maven dragged his dad over by the stairs and pulled out his phone.

“Dad, let’s take a selfie!” Maven suggested and Nathan agreed.

07-25-15_4-09 PM

Soon, it was time to age up and Callum went first! After he spun around and aged up to a teenager, Maven took the time to wish for a successful aging up before spinning around in his sparkly fashion!




I think it's time for a makeover...

I think it’s time for a makeover…


"That's better!"

That’s better!

“Dad, can I have some cake now? I’m STARVING!” June pleaded and Nathan finally gave in. Everyone ran up to the cake and took slice by slice when there was only a little bit left. June and Callum sat at the table together as they ate their cake slices.

“Why did you dye your hair purple?” June asked Callum and he shrugged his shoulders.

“I look awesome in it don’t I? It’s going to be awesome with all the parties I’m gonna have! Don’t tell Mom or Dad though, they’re embarrassing.” Callum whispered before he took a bite of his cake.

"This is tasty, nom nom nom."

“This is tasty, nom nom nom.”

The party soon came to an end and Stuart and Carla had to leave.

“In terms of Party Awesomeness, this only earned a silver but my parties will earn gold!” Callum laughed and everyone waved goodbye to Carla and Stuart as they left the Devine house.

"Thanks for coming!"

“Thanks for coming!”

“I’m worn out, ugh.” Nathan admitted and Marisa sat down on the dining table as well.

“You have work in half an hour, so you better get ready.” Marisa coughed and Nathan sent some hearts of healing over to Marisa.

“DAD! Can you not be flirty at the dining table PLEASE?” Maven complained and the two other kids agreed as well.

"I can't help that your mother is beautiful."

“I can’t help that your mother is beautiful.”

07-25-15_5-16 PM

“Aww, thanks honey!”

Soon enough, Nathan left for work while Marisa went upstairs to go lay down for a bit and combat her sickness. June went to go play some Arithmetic Attack while Callum started to work on studying for school. He thought that if he was great at studying, then making friends would be really simple.

Maven, after he changed back into his usual clothing, decided that he was going to buy himself an easel to start his painting skill. He couldn’t bear seeing those bad childhood photos on his wall.

“Maven.” Callum said as Maven went up the stairs.

“What is it, bro?” Maven stopped.

"Happy Birthday."

“Happy Birthday.”

“You too, Callum. You too.” Maven then walked up the stairs, and the twins then returned to their usual lives.

07-26-15_6-47 PM-2

07-26-15_6-47 PM-3


14 thoughts on “1.34 – One Birthday, Two Teenagers

  1. cathytea says:

    Yay! Love the purple hair! (And I had no idea he had purple hair when I suggested you dye your hair purple yesterday!) Also, glutton is one of my dark-horse favorite traits. All the gluttons I’ve known have had this amazing zest for life. I’ve got a theory that it makes them skill faster, too!

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