Y1 – A Pyrokinetic Ghost Story

07-30-15_10-27 PM

I saw Gabrielle Boston sitting by herself, looking out onto the horizon as the sun began to set. Usually if anyone did this, I’d leave them alone but my goal this year is to at least have one full conversation with everyone, hence I walked over to Gabrielle and sat down next to her.

“Hey Gab! Can I call you Gab? I hope I can.” I smiled at her and she looked at me too.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” Gabrielle was too focused looking onto the horizon.

07-30-15_10-28 PM

“That’s a pretty sunset.” I said as I looked where Gabrielle was staring and she nodded her head.

“It reminds me of a scene in Lookout! Willow Creek Edition.” Gabrielle replied and I instantly brightened up into a huge smile.

“YOU WATCH IT?!” I screamed, and Gabrielle turned back with a huge grin on her face. I was so happy that I finally found someone who watches Lookout!, me and Gabrielle then spent the next half an hour talking about our favourite lines from Lookout!

07-30-15_10-31 PM

“Oh oh! When Brad was like, ‘You’re not taking my medal!'” Gabrielle impersonated and we both fell into a fit of laughter.

“Or when the only thing Angela could say that one day was Jumping and Galloping Llamas!” We continued to laugh, it was great because I was getting to know a whole new side to Gabrielle I never knew.

07-30-15_10-31 PM-2

“Are you going to watch the Oasis Springs season they’re doing soon? It premieres next week!” I told Gabrielle and she gasped.

“They’re doing another season? I’ll definitely watch it! I never knew you loved watching people suffer in a bad environment.” Gabrielle laughed and I nodded my head.

“Well, it’s entertaining. Plus, you learn something new everyday.” I told her.

07-30-15_10-31 PM-3

“Cupcake Delivery! It’s from the new student that’s joining us next year!!” Dean Emilia shouted from the kitchen. New student? I never knew we were getting a new student! I wonder what they’ll be like! Male or Female? It’s exciting!

“Let’s go get a cupcake, I’m hungry!” Gabrielle suggested and I agreed. In the kitchen, we met up with Adelaide who seemed to converse pretty well with Gabrielle minus the pauses and nudges I had to give her so she’d speak. Bobbi then took the last seat on the sofa next to Adelaide and I was left standing up.

07-30-15_10-39 PM

“Already ate your cupcake, Noah? Woah.” Bobbi smiled and I nodded my head.

“Didn’t you get a cupcake?” I asked her and she shook her head and laughed.

“The only cupcake I need is me!” I laughed along with her, I’m not sure why and I’m not sure how I found it funny. Nevertheless, I decided to sit on the two-seated sofa at the back since my legs were aching soon after. Bobbi also took the opportunity to sit next to me as well.

07-30-15_10-40 PM

“You gave the seat up for me? How kind and sweet of you!” I smiled as I made my way back to the other seat directionally across. I sat beside Adelaide and smiled. Bobbi then moved up on the sofa to my previous spot.

“So, who’s up for some hot tubbing tonight?” Bobbi suggested and I nodded my head.

“I am! Ooh, I could tell a really great scary story!” I laughed, and I knew exactly what I could tell everyone. It’s something that’s been on our minds for a while now.

07-30-15_10-42 PM

“I’m looking forward to it.” Bobbi smiled as we all went inside to get changed. Afterwards, everyone seemed to want to go hot tubbing too, so this became our second Greenwood Gathering. Fortunately, the Dean didn’t want to go hot tubbing and she told us not to stay up too late.

“Neil come on! Get in!” I said to Neil as he lowered himself down into the hot tub.

“I’m getting in Noah!” Neil replied.

07-30-15_10-51 PM

I nudged Adelaide gently as she knew, as the Student Head, she must introduce everyone to the Greenwood Gathering and then introduce me, who’s telling the story.

“W-Welcome everyone to a S-spooky Greenwood G-Gathering! N-Noah will now tell a S-scary story. Go ahead Noah.” Adelaide kept quiet straight afterwards and I couldn’t be more prouder. She’s improving, I can say that at least!

“This story is about a certain ghost which has been haunting the Dorm for the past couple of days. Mwhaha. I call it, the Ghost of Pyrokinesis.” I spoke with a deep voice to add extra emphasis.

“What’s Pyrokinesis?” Piper asked and I smiled.

“Ability to control and move fire, Piper.” I replied and she nodded her head, and then I got to work.

07-30-15_10-52 PM

Somewhere in Greenwood Dormitory is a door, which leads to a room hidden deep underground. In this underground place, there are clones, clones of us and they keep them under there in case of any… unfortunate accidents.

One of us was killed in a fire and we don’t know it, and the clone which is you right now, is walking around living life. But the real you, the one who’s dead, is walking around extracting revenge on everyone in this dorm because of what they did to them.

07-30-15_10-52 PM-2

Oh, but don’t worry. They won’t kill you yet, they’ll wait until you’re last to give you the most gruesome death. Even if they’re you and you’re them, you decided to live their life without having them be mourned. So, they creeped up on you in your sleep and drag you by your legs out and down the stairs, hitting your head on the way down.

They take you down to the secret room where you’re then set on fire and slowly burn to death. But don’t worry, you’re put out the moment just before you die and then, they make you turn around to see the rest of your dorm mates in their graves. And then, BANG!

07-30-15_10-53 PM

You’re dead. And the Pyrokinetic Ghost that is you, can finally be at peace.

“That was so weird. But, I strangely felt that it was really good.” Bobbi applauded and everyone joined in. I took a little bow in the hot tub before Piper called me over and we both jumped out of the hot tub and over the fence. Meanwhile, everyone was shocked to find out that morning had arrived.

07-30-15_10-57 PM

“So, what is it?” I asked Piper and she began to explain.

“Come by my room after school, I got a new piece I want you to hear. If you want to.” Piper invited me and I nodded my head.

“If I want to? I want to!” I replied eagerly.

07-30-15_10-58 PM

“Great! You know where my room is and… oh! In return, you have to take me to the gym.” Piper asked and I tilted my head to the side.

“I thought Fitness wasn’t your General Studies this year…?” I replied and she laughed.

“Sh! Even so, what’s wrong with having a nice body? Plus, I hear there’s a lot of fit men who exercise there. There’s nothing wrong with a little window shopping.” Really? She’s going to the gym to pick up a guy? Fine, I’ll take her.

07-30-15_10-58 PM-2

“Noah! Emilia looks like she wants to speak to me and you. Get your butt over here!” Neil shouted over to me and I nodded.

“It looks like I’ve got to go in! I’ll see you later.” I smiled. “I can’t wait to see what you came up with!”

07-30-15_10-58 PM-3


13 thoughts on “Y1 – A Pyrokinetic Ghost Story

  1. BBQPenguinWings Trish says:

    Love the cupcake reference for Bobbi 🙂 Can’t wait to meet the new student and if their are going to be cooking delicious food it is good Piper will be getting in the habit of working out lol. And hitting on men lol for shame. Love the ghost story and I am happy that our Ade is getting better with speaking! And I am also glad we got to see more of Gabrielle!!

    Liked by 3 people

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