1.36 – Getting an Upgrade

While the Devine Clan were out on their jobs and school, the contractors got to work on remaking the Devine House for them. Following the pricing and the guidelines Nathan suggested, the house that the contractors finished on were below.

However, they didn’t have enough money for decoration and although Nathan feels bad about it, he knows that when they remodel the house again, each bedroom will be decorated to the fullest.

Exterior – Front07-26-15_12-49 AM

Exterior – Back07-26-15_12-49 AM-2

07-26-15_12-50 AM

07-26-15_12-51 AM

Living Area
07-26-15_12-51 AM-2
07-26-15_12-51 AM-3

Greenhouse (Note – it looks slightly different due to planters being placed inside)
07-26-15_12-52 AM

07-26-15_12-52 AM-3

07-26-15_12-52 AM-2

07-26-15_12-53 AM

Dining Area
07-26-15_12-53 AM-2

Upstairs Outdoor Area
07-26-15_12-54 AM
07-26-15_12-54 AM-2

Nathan & Marisa’s Bedroom
07-26-15_12-55 AM

07-26-15_12-55 AM-2

Callum’s Bedroom
07-26-15_12-55 AM-3

07-26-15_12-56 AM

Maven’s Bedroom
07-26-15_12-56 AM-2

07-26-15_12-56 AM-3

June’s Bedroom
07-26-15_12-57 AM

07-26-15_12-57 AM-2

Upstairs Bathroom
07-26-15_12-57 AM-3

07-26-15_12-57 AM-4


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