1.37 – The New Normal

Locked out?

Locked out?

“It seems that Mother and Father dearest needs some talking to.” Callum smirked evilly as he clenched his fist together. June immediately turned her head to Callum and shook it a few times.

“No! You can’t do that to Mom or Dad! Mom might hit you with her alien powers as revenge!” June warned and the pair of them began to laugh. They knew that Mom’s alien powers only tickled. June quickly changed the subject when something sprang into her mind.

"My birthday is soon! What are you giving me?"

“My birthday is soon! What are you giving me?”

“Hm… I might go take a photograph of something for your bedroom. Did you notice they’re all really empty?” Callum told June and she gasped.

“Really? They must not have had enough for decoration, but at least we have a larger house now. I think that’s all that matters!” June replied and Callum nodded his head.

“WHERE IS MOM? I’m so hungry!” Callum moaned as he looked around for his mother, who had been late coming home from work.

“Oh be quiet, she’ll be here soon!” June snapped back and Callum looked down at June and glared at her.

"Don't make me keep you quiet."

“Don’t make me keep you quiet.”

“Mom’s home!!” June shouted as she ran over to Marisa, who had just come back from work and was heading up the stairs to go inside of the house.

07-26-15_1-07 AM

“Work was so stressful…” Marisa sighed to herself as she opened the door and gazed upon the brand new house. At first, she thought she was at the wrong house until June ran up to her and through the door.

“Mom, isn’t the house awesome?!” June shouted as she wanted to hear her echo around the house. Callum ran past Marisa afterwards to search for the kitchen as he wanted to eat right away and Marisa walked into the living room where she found her piano. She sat down on the seat and started to play, where she was joined by June a minute later.

07-26-15_1-13 AM

“Hey Mom, what’s that you’re playing? The song, not the Piano!” June asked, wondering what the sweet sound was coming from the piano.

“It’s an old song from ages ago, I remember playing it at the boys’ birthday party. I can’t believe I still remember how the tune goes.” Marisa answered as her hands moved by themselves. She contemplated how she remembered this song, she never knew exactly how to play it from memory, but she let her hands do the work.

“Mom, do you think I’ll meet a man as awesome as Dad?” June clapped her hands together and Marisa smiled.

"When you meet him or her, you'll know."

“When you meet him, you’ll know.”

“But Mom, are all relationships happy? Do people who get together stay together?” Marisa wasn’t sure where all this talk of relationships was coming from, but she knew that she wanted to reassure her daughter.

“There will always be ups and downs in all relationships, but it all depends on if the couple can handle it. If they break up because of the downs, then they might not be meant to be.” Marisa smiled as June nodded her head, understanding what Marisa was trying to tell her.

Meanwhile, Maven had decided to paint something on his brand new easel.

07-26-15_1-14 AM

I’m… not exactly sure what this is supposed to be.


It's... a house?

It’s… a house?

But to Maven, it meant even more than that. The house represented protection and warmth from the rain, it represented his family while the rain represented all of the negativity and problems around. He felt like his family were truly happy and were a home and shelter from the rain.

Even though it meant that much to him, Maven decided to sell it because he wants to help earn a lot of money for the household. And poof, it was gone. A couple of minutes later, Nathan arrived home from work.

Those clothes are new! He got a promotion!

Those clothes are new! He got a promotion!

“WOO! The house renovation was done and oh my, it looks very fantastic!” Nathan said to himself as he walked up the stairs. He felt the foliage and thought about what once was just a toilet, shower, bed and fridge is now this. He was almost brought to tears, but he didn’t want his children to see him cry because he thought it was embarrassing. Before he went into the house though, he took a few steps back and looked at the exterior again.

Yeah, it looks fantastic!

Yeah, it looks fantastic!

Also, Callum was upstairs talking to a mirror. He was practicing how he was going to introduce himself to people when he goes to High School tomorrow. He wondered what High School was going to be like, but continued working on his greetings after not much thought on the subject.

"Hey there, the name's Callum."

“Hey there, the name’s Callum.”


"I'm Callum! What do you like to be called?"

“I’m Callum! What do you like to be called?”


"Oh! Hi there, I'm Callum! You seem very friendly."

“Oh! Hi there, I’m Callum! You seem very friendly.”


"The heavens have spoken to me! You shall be my new friend! My name is Callum, what's yours?"

“The heavens have spoken to me! You shall be my new friend! My name is Callum, what’s yours?”

He decided to go with the third one since it was the one that made him sound more cool and less creepy and less like a jerk. Callum was looking forward to meeting new people and inviting them to the awesome parties he was going to have and have them be inn the photos he was going to take!

Later on, Nathan had decided to take a step into his brand new Greenhouse and check on his plant when he discovered something peculiar with his cowplant.

"Fang seems awfully full..."

“Fang looks like he’s full…”

Nathan named the cowplant Fang but the interesting part was the Cowplant was full of milk and that only could mean one thing. The Cowplant tried to devour someone, but who? Nathan thought about losing someone to a cowplant and thought that it would be the worst thing possible, although as long as he kept his family fed, there shouldn’t b any problems.

Nathan took advantage of this opportunity and milked the cowplant, and sincerely hoped that this would be the only time he would have to.

"Just enough to fill a cup!"

“Just enough to fill a cup!”


"Don't look at me like that, Fang!"

“Don’t look at me like that, Fang!”

17 thoughts on “1.37 – The New Normal

  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    Oh geez!!! It’s never a good sign when you have to milk a cowplant. Unless you’re going for that story line…

    Anywho! Lovely to see the new home and the family making their ways through it.

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