1.38 – Breakfast At Nathan’s

"Dad, these scrambled eggs taste really good!"

“Dad, these scrambled eggs smell really good!”

Nathan had been too busy staring at Callum, who didn’t even bother to pick up a plate of scrambled eggs. However, he shrugged his shoulders and continued on with his homework, because even though it’s their first day, they still had homework.

“I’m not hungry, alright?” Callum snapped at Nathan before he put his pencil to paper.

“What did you just say– One. Two. Three. Four. Breathe.” Nathan knew that with teenager came hormones and with hormones came mood swings, so he was trying to be understanding of his twin teenage sons as they went through this time. Meanwhile, him and Maven dug into the delicious breakfast.

"Hi everyone!"

“Hi everyone!”

June had been trying hard to get the boys’ attention for at least ten minutes, but everyone seemed to be ignoring her. She was obviously upset at the fact that they weren’t listening to her but she was more upset at the fact that they were talking to each other while doing it. It’s like they pretended she wasn’t there.

“Okay, I’ll leave you alone.” June sighed as she left the table and went upstairs to her bedroom. Meanwhile, Maven had taken his phone out to take a selfie while flexing his muscles to put on Simstagram. Nathan couldn’t have laughed louder.

"HA! There's no muscle there! Will anyone respond to that?"

“HA! There’s no muscle there! Will anyone respond to that?”

“DAD! Way to frazzle up my internal courage!” Nathan didn’t know the lingo of what Maven was speaking which sort of gave him the message that he was growing old once again. He cheated himself out of an earlier death by brewing a potion of youth, but the average sim body can only consume it once in their lifetime. Nathan knew that this time, he would not get this day again.

“Psh! Go to the gym! Your ol’ Dad can make you some healthy smoothies to help with your bulking up.” Nathan laughed and Maven turned to him and nodded.

“Thanks Dad!” Maven smiled.

Meanwhile, June had went to her special chair in her bedroom. She sat down upon it and did her homework there. June loved her special chair since it gave her enclosure and a place where she could be one with the universe.

From becoming Mentally Gifted, June knew that there was a higher power somewhere in the Universe and she knew that she had to reach a certain state of enlightenment to reach this higher power. But for now, she can just be enlightened off the ground.

I wonder if it can spin? Ooh, I should put some pillows there!

I wonder if it can spin? Ooh, I should put some pillows there!


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