1.39 – Artistic Opportunity

Callum’s quest of finding the perfect party attendees continued when the mailwoman came and delivered the post. When Callum saw her, he quickly ran out of the house and chased her down the path that was behind their house. The mailwoman heard him coming and stopped in her path as she allowed him to catch up to her.



“Hi there.” The mailwoman smiled at Callum.

“How are you? I’m feeling very joyful today!” Callum smiled back and the mailwoman nodded her head as she checked her nails for dirt.

“I’m not feeling too bad, or too good. I guess you call it, okay.” She replied and Callum thought about what he could say next before the mailwoman interrupted his thoughts. “So, why did you want to talk to me? Did I mail the wrong letter to your house because I can go fix that–“

“No, it’s fine! The mail is fine, I just wanted to get to know you.” Callum told the mailwoman and she stared at him a bit weirdly before looking down to her shoes.



“I want to see if you’re wild enough for a party!” Callum laughed as the mailwoman perked her head up.

“Excuse me?” She asked while Callum began to explain his grand scheme.

“Well, I feel like being a Party Animal and taking lots of pictures and I just had an awesome idea! But that’s for later, do you feel like partying?” Callum asked and the mailwoman seemed to have given it some thought, about all those letters that need posting and all of the houses she’s ever been to, if a party at his house really should matter.

“Okay, I’ll see if I can come.” The mailwoman smiled as Callum told her more about his dreams.

"I want to be a famous photographer!"

“I want to be a famous photographer!”

“That’s great but… I have to go deliver mail now. Catch you later!” And the mailwoman ran off and Callum had noticed that he hadn’t even received her name.

After Callum shut the door behind him, he walked into Maven who then led him into his bedroom.

"Woah, you can't just drag me like that!"

“Woah, you can’t just drag me like that!”

“Sorry Bro, I just wanted to chat because I had an awesome idea.” Maven told Callum as Callum scratched his head.

“What is it? Do you want to try and see if we can feed Mrs. Black to the Cowplant?” Callum asked. Maven rejected that idea because the both of them would probably then go to jail for killing their teacher.

“We’re Partners in Crime, right? So, why don’t we become Partners in Business? I mean think of it, we can run a Photo & Art Gallery! I’ll do the smarts and you be the dashing eye candy, how about it?” Maven proposed to Callum and Callum was bewildered. He definitely gave some thought about becoming a famous photographer but he never knew he could become one so soon. Although, he remembered a quote that he read on a Simlish Forum Site.

‘There’s no time like the present.’

"Okay, I'll be your partner. But, we're going to have to convince Dad, right?"

“Okay, I’ll be your partner. But, we’re going to have to convince Dad, right?”

“Yeah, and that’s what you’re for.” Maven laughed as Callum stared at him.

“Huh?” Callum replied.

“It’s simple really, you can just convince Dad to give us the money to open a business and we’ll pay him back over time!” Maven instructed Callum to do and he nodded. “This is going to be sweet!”

Like normal brothers, Maven and Callum then enjoyed a session of evil laughter together, commencing their business partnership.

Ooh. scary.

Ooh. scary.


So cute and innocent!

So cute and innocent!


I worry about you...

I worry about you…

“I’m so glad you decided to join me!” Maven smiled as he shook hands with Callum. Maven thought that if he owned a business, he’d be able to earn money all the time. It was a simple idea, but a difficult goal to reach. However, Maven knew that he was prepared for the next step.

“We should commemorate this somehow…” Callum gave it some thought before a lightbulb struck above his head. “I know!”

Callum momentarily left the room to return with his Camera that his Dad had bought him for his teenage birthday. Maven looked at it and smiled, while Callum positioned Maven for the photo.

"Ready? Just stand behind me and smile."

“Ready? Just stand behind me and smile.”

Snap! The photo was taken and with that, Callum began a photo hurricane. He rushed downstairs to the Greenhouse where Marisa was. Since the last Cowplant died, Nathan has made a rota to make sure that Fang gets fed at least once every 12 hours.

“Hey Mom!” Callum smiled at his mother, who turned around towards him.

“What’s up?” She asked and Callum showed the camera to her.

“Let’s take a selfie!” Callum suggested and Marisa shrugged.

“What’s a selfie? Is that a version of ourselves that always go EEEEEE?” Marisa asked and Callum couldn’t help but laugh.

"Just get in the picture, Mom!"

“Just get in the picture, Mom!”

Snap! Callum then rushed inside of the house to find his father sitting on the sofa. He gulped as he walked up to him. Callum knew that he wanted to ask his father for the money, but he didn’t know how. Nevertheless, Callum wasn’t afraid of asking his father for the money, but he was afraid of the reply he might receive.

“Hey Dad!” Callum smiled brightly to his father and then resumed to pick him up from the sofa.

“Hey Cal, what do you need?” Callum gulped after Nathan said those words.

"A Picture!"

“A Picture!”

“Okay, I’ll just get into place!” Nathan smiled as the camera shutter snapped.

“Great! Although, if they don’t turn out good, I’ll have to trash them!” Callum laughed with Nathan joining in soon after. “Oh, they might have turned out bad.”

“Don’t worry! We can just take more photos another time.” Nathan smiled at his son who then resumed to talk about Photography.

"I shall become a great photographer!"

“I shall become a great photographer!”

“I have a lot of faith that you will do it son!” Nathan encouraged Callum, which gave him that extra confidence to pop the question.

“DAD! Will you give me and Maven $60,000 to open a photography and art gallery for us to sell our artwork to prospective people? We’ll of course pay you back in double!” Callum asked and Nathan laughed before sporting a serious expression.

“I’m afraid that my answer is no. It’s just not in the budget at the moment, plus the pair of you need to improve your skills before I make such a big investment! Once you and your brother become adept artists, I’ll support you then.” Nathan answered and Callum nodded his head before returning to his room and sighing in failure. He was mad at his father for not giving him the investment, but he was mad at himself because he knew his dad refused for the right reasons. But, not all was lost since he hung up the pictures that came out good.



“I don’t feel great.” Callum said to himself as he felt his entire body ache. He wasn’t sure of the cause, but he knew it wasn’t that serious that he’d need a doctor.

Callum then thought about his conversation with his father and how he said that he must first become adept in Photography before he would consider the investment. And because of that, Callum thought about taking a trip to take a lot of photos, but it wouldn’t be this week since it’s his sister’s and parents’ birthdays, but maybe afterwards.

"I will become that adept photographer!"

“I will become that adept photographer!”

Although, every adept photographer needs a relaxation session. Callum ran a Milk, Honey and Oatmeal Soak bath followed by a seaweed facial mask. It was Heaven.

07-26-15_2-33 AM

I only thought the Loch Ness Monster was a myth… until today.


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