1.41 – One Last Time

Since June’s birthday was tomorrow, Callum thought that he should have the chance to tease June before she became a teenager and had the power to ruin him forever. He found her sitting on the sofas in the living room, where she was busy watching the Freezer Bunny Detective Agency solve crimes against sims!

“Junebug, what up?” Callum asked June as he sat down next to her, she cheered at the television screen as the detectives took out their magnifying glasses.

"Not much. OH! Look at that!"

“Not much. OH! Look at that!”

When Callum looked over, he was greeted with a Freezer Bunny being thrown at the screen which scared the inner sim out of him. In revenge for the scare, he picked up the television remote and turned off the television.

“HEY! I was WATCHING that! MOM!” June shouted but Callum put his hand over June’s mouth and muted her screaming until she stopped. When she did, he moved his hand and laughed.

“Psh, don’t tell Mom! I need to be on Mom and Dad’s good side for a while.” Callum thought back to the photo and art studio idea that Maven gave him and also the $60,000 investment he wanted from his Dad.

"Ah... then I want something from you."

“Ah… then I want something from you.”

June smiled cunningly as Callum nodded his head to listen to June’s request. Callum hoped that it wouldn’t be as bad as the ideas that he thought of in his head. Walk around town in his underwear, be June’s butler for a day, the possibilities were endless.

“Buy me a Yoga Mat or something OR even better, take me to the spa sometime.” June requested and Callum tilted his head to the side.

“S-Spa?! Why would you want to go to the Spa? Crazy girl…” Callum whispered to himself but unfortunately, June was next to him.

“CRAZY GIRL? MOM!” June shouted before her mouth was covered yet again.

"This girl honestly!"

“This girl honestly!”

“Hey! Ok, I won’t say anything.” June laughed at her brother who became slightly distressed by June’s threats of telling their mother.

“You know I’ll always love you right? We’ll always argue and we’ll always fight, but our sibling bond will never change.” Callum pulled June into a hug, unfortunately he forgot his camera so he couldn’t take a picture with her. But, he thought he could save it until she turns into a teenager since that might be better.

"Anyways, what are you most excited for tomorrow?"

“Anyways, what are you most excited for tomorrow?”

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