1.42 – A Crowded Party

June’s birthday rolled around the next day and Callum decided that he was going to call everyone on his contacts over for an amazing party. When everyone arrived, Marisa hopped onto the piano and started to play while Nathan decided to crack on with the food and he felt in the mood for some Garden Salad.

Salad doesn't only contain tomatoes...

Salad doesn’t only contain tomatoes…

“Oh right! Lettuce, I should probably get that too.” Nathan reminded himself as he walked to the fridge and got the lettuce out. He later managed to finish the garden salad as he placed it on the dining table and ventured into the living room where he listened to his wife playing the piano.

 The kids were upstairs socializing, but Nathan was glad that he could spend this little moment with Marisa even though there was no words, and just music. Nathan found the music so beautiful and visualizing that he could remember all of his memories of bringing up June and thinking about how much he missed by earning money and tending his plants. Nathan vowed to spend more time with his children, before it was too late.

June sat on the bed with Callum and one of his friends, and they were busy socializing about  stuff that June didn’t have a clue about what it was.

07-26-15_3-27 AM

June sprawled across the bed and kicked Callum off where he was sitting, because June sat next to his friend soon enough. She stared up at him and he smiled down at her, and they soon engaged in a little conversation together.

Meanwhile, another one of Callum’s friends had come up and sat on Nathan’s bed just before the mailwoman that Callum invited came into the bedroom and smiled at Callum.

“Hello!” She smiled at him and Callum looked surprised to see her here.

"Oh my plumbob! Hello!"

“Oh my plumbob! Hello!”

They enjoyed a few minutes of conversation together before walking downstairs into the dining area where they sat and conversed some more.

“So, why did you come?” Callum asked the mailwoman and she shrugged her shoulders.

“I guess I was desperate for a good party, and I heard that your family throw awesome parties.” The mailwoman replied and Callum nodded his head. Nathan was working on the cake for June and he thought to go with the blue icing once again because he wanted to exemplify the blue in June’s eyes.

"It's mixing time!"

“It’s mixing time!”

"Bake as fast as you can!"

“Bake as fast as you can!”

“So, how are you with your boyfriend?” Callum asked and the mailwoman looked at him curiously.

“How did you know I had a boyfriend? It doesn’t matter but, we’re doing great!” The mailwoman replied which shattered Callum’s hopes of getting with the mailwoman, but the mailwoman laughed. He could’ve at least tried to know her name first of all.  The mailwoman pretended to check her phone before being ‘shocked’. “He just broke up with me…”

Letting out fake tears, Callum gave her encouraging words of comfort. “Hey, he’s a plum for dumping you and you’re just fine by yourself!”

I swear, if she's playing a joke on Calllum. UGH.

I swear, if she’s playing a joke on Calllum. UGH.

Everyone soon gathered near June as she walked up to the finished and lighted cake. The wax dripped down the candles as the song began, but due to copyright reasons, they had to change the lyrics slightly.

Happy Ageup Day to you!
Happy Ageup Day to you!

Happy Ageup Day, dear June!
Happy Ageup Day to you!

Everyone cheered loudly as June began to blow out the candles while looking back at everyone celebrating. She truly felt like she was popular for the first time in her life.

07-26-15_3-39 AM

The celebrations were truly something to be jealous of. There was confetti everywhere with loud horns and the sound of cheering filled the room with a lot of happy faces. This was such a joyous party for everyone to be a part of.

Best Party Screenshot Ever.

Best Party Screenshot Ever.

June soon span around and magically aged up into a teen. She felt great about herself now being a teenager until someone came up to her and pointed something out about the way she looked.

“Hey, did you cut your bobs off? They’re not there anymore.” The man laughed and June looked at him scornfully. Although on the inside, she was having a screaming fit because of her hair disappearing.

"What the plum you looking at?"

“What the plum you looking at?”

After a quick trip to her wardrobe, she applied some miracle grow to her hair, even though it’s only supposed to be for plants. But, it did work as her hair flowed down like a waterfall and she also managed to change the colour of her dress too, which excited her greatly because she could finally wear big people’s clothes.

“Yay! This is very in with the Universe right now.” June smiled, and looked over at her mother June had inherited her mother’s trait of Genius and she aspired to be a Computer Whiz because she felt that using computers could help her with her meditation skills.

"I'll only let you wear that dress for today. Tomorrow, it comes off!"

“I’ll only let you wear that dress for today. Tomorrow, it comes off!”

Nathan finally realised that he would also have to play the part of the overprotective father who protects his daughter from all the bad boys. However, he laughed when he also realised that if he didn’t like them, he could just feed them to Fang.

“Daddy, let’s go dance! I want to get my groove on!” June laughed as she grabbed her father’s hand and dragged him to the dance floor. The two of them danced together as the music filled the air with happiness and love. Maven also couldn’t resist joining in with the dancing as well, since he was feeling in a groovy mood too.

07-26-15_4-48 AM

However, apologies to the Mixologist who had no reason to come to the party because no one, not even once, took a drink from the Mixology table.

Look at her grumbling. "Grrrr...."

Look at her grumbling. “Grrrr….”

After the party ended, June changed into her new everyday clothes and basked upon everything that happened. June was now a teenager and with that came more responsibilities, but June knew that within herself, she had the courage to take up these responsibilities and make her family proud.


“UGH. HOMEWORK ON THE TABLE. I’ll go do it!”

June was still June and she loved it.

07-26-15_6-47 PM


15 thoughts on “1.42 – A Crowded Party

  1. Jes2G says:

    He he, another overprotective dad. Love it. She’s pretty! I used to have problems with hiring a mixologist and no one getting a drink. Then, on a whim, I thought that if I moved the bar inside maybe it would encourage more people to drink. It worked! Lazy Sims…

    Liked by 1 person

    • SummerFalls says:

      I definitely get what you mean and I think that’s because June has so much more life in her as a teenager from what I’ve seen, it’s really beautiful :3


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