Y1 – Vacation Booked

Straight after the second Greenwood Gathering, Neil and I were summoned to go talk to our Dean. I haven’t spoken to her since the first day that I arrived, so this should be fun. We walked into the living area where she was busy on the computer filling out some kind of vacation form. Afterwards, she turned around to face me and Neil who were waiting for some kind of conversation.

07-30-15_11-01 PM

“Oh, hi boys! You must be wondering why I called you over here, right?” The Dean smiled as she continued to fill out the form.

“Yeah, since that’s the basis of our conversation.” Neil replied before The Dean turned around once more.

“That is a fact! Now, your vacation to Granite Falls is being booked as I speak, isn’t that right Luna? Aww!” The Dean started to stroke her hat and it made me wonder if the Dean is actually… okay to be a Dean or maybe she just really wants a cat.

“Hahaha. So, me and Neil are going right?” I asked the Dean and she nodded her head.

07-30-15_11-01 PM-2

“I’ve just got to put in the last few details and everything shall be complete.” The Dean began typing important confidential details that I was told three times not to look at. Oh well, there goes my chance at sneakily ordering more fitness equipment.

“I’m so excited to go, this’ll literally be so fun!” Neil said to himself and I thought about what we would do at Granite Falls. Obviously, we’re going to have to go herb collecting but maybe we can also have fun at the lodge too! Maybe there’s a chance that there’s a video game console there and OH MY PLUM.

“Okay, it’s all done! You’ll be leaving tomorrow night at 10PM.” Crap. I hope I have enough time to spend with Piper before I leave! Let’s pray to the Freezer Bunnies on the way to school, it’s the logical option.

“So Neil, when are you packing?” I asked him with a bright smile.

07-30-15_11-06 PM-2

“Oh. I already did all my packing yesterday, it was so refreshing!” Neil answered and my jaw dropped. I should’ve packed already, ugh.

“Oh, is that so?” I nodded before cursing myself in my head for not packing. Oh well, I can do it after school and before I go speak to Piper.

“Are you going to go to the Spa first? They’re the company that’s building a spa here starting next year!” Neil pointed out and I looked at him with eager eyes. If they’re at Granite Falls then I shall definitely be at the spa.

“Yeah! But, not first. First, I plan to collect all the wild plants with you since I can’t leave you to do that by yourself.” I smiled at Neil, who seemed to appreciate what I said.

07-30-15_11-06 PM-3

“Hey, we should get ready. It’s the last day in the first Semester today!” Neil cheered before he marched upstairs to go look for what to wear. Meanwhile, I sported a shocked expression at the revelation that today is actually the last day in the first Semester! I’m so excited!

07-30-15_11-08 PM

“I’ll go get ready now. Thanks Dean!” I forgot that the Dean was even in the room before I marched upstairs to get ready. Although, I feel that my wardrobe is outdated and I might change it next year, which makes me feel extremely refreshed!

Now, let’s have a great last day of the semester. (Okay, that’s a tad annoying to say.)

07-30-15_11-08 PM-2


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