1.43 – B.I.L.L

"No! You're not supposed to be doing that!"

“No! You’re not supposed to be doing that!”

Before June began her pursuit through the mysteries of the Universe, June had one job to finish. She had to complete her own personal challenge within the game, Sims Forever. June thought that if she completed a legacy within the game, she’d have some idea of how to behave when she inherits the title of the Head of the Family.

However, it wasn’t easy because one of the children were refusing to get together with someone who was obviously perfect for them. June was scratching her head while trying to come up with a solution to this problem.

08-09-15_10-11 PM-3

“Aha! I’ll just take them to a special place.” June cackled as she took control of the kid who refused to love and took him into the hot tub that was situated in the backyard. She also made him call over the girl that was perfect for him and they sat in the hot tub together.

08-09-15_10-13 PM

I’m not sure where this is going…

June loaded as many interactions into the game as possible. She wanted them to love and make love in the hot tub and through much stress and much trouble of the boy rejecting the girl, they finally got together! June started to scream as they started to woohoo in the hot tub before she turned away to give them their privacy.

Although, June felt unhappy that the boy didn’t realise he was in love for soo long, so June decided to make a little mod called B.I.L.L or Boys In Lovely Love. After opening up Sims Forever Studio, June took it to the programming to make this little mod.

08-09-15_10-17 PM

After a few hours of managing to figure out how the coding works, June managed to pick out the code that she needed and she began to edit it, although soon she found that the code was useless and so she scrapped everything and began to write her own code.

Later on, June took a bit of a relaxing break as she looked up some meditation music on her computer and listened to it as she coded, and it code came to her through the music as she began her journey to inner peace. A few minutes later, June moved onto a new page of code.

June really seems to be modding this really well!

June really seems to be modding this really well!

Code after code, song after song, June felt the energy of the song flow through her and turn into the inspiration that she needed to write the code necessary for the modding. June was so excited to see how the Universe was going to connect with her and it already was connecting with her, and she didn’t even know it.

"It's fully modded and it's time for play testing!"

“It’s fully modded and it’s time for play testing!”


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