TDFL – Achievements And Whims #3

Welcome to the third edition of Achievements and Whims for The Devine Family Legacy where I talk about all things on the gameplay side! I feel like I’m going to do things like this when I do my #BuildNewcrest challenge, but it’s obviously going to get another name. Anyways, I have made A LOT of progress since the last time I played and below is everything that’s happened.

The score for the legacy can be found here with all of the information of how those points came to be, but I’m basically now onĀ 10 points! And that’s 1/10th of the Legacy Points! This is an awesome feat and I can’t wait to see how many more points I can get in the next playthrough.

The family tree has been updated with a picture version of the family tree, which will be updated at the end of every generation (hopefully). You can find that picture here.

Also, I have built the photography and art studio for Callum and Maven, it’s just getting the money to buy it! I’ll hopefully be able to acquire it before the end of the next playthrough.

As for whims, I just want everyone to make some progress, so that’s it for now! If anyone has any ideas a to what they want to see the Devines should do, comment down below.


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