1.44 – Adult Party

The day after June’s Birthday came the birthday of her parents. Nathan and Marisa woke up like it was any other day, and behaved like it was any other day as to them, a birthday was just another signal to tell them that they were getting older. They already had escaped this fate once, but they knew that they wouldn’t be allowed to do it again as Death isn’t so kind and fair.

“Good morning, darling.” Nathan smiled to Marisa, who was busy waving her hand in the air because she was trying to swat a fly that was making her uncomfortable and Nathan caught sight of it because of the obvious red glow that emits from Marisa’s body.

08-09-15_11-42 PM

“Come here you stupid fly!”

As soon as Marisa swatted it, she turned back to her husband and smiled.

“Hi honey. I think I’m going to take a bath since the children insisted that we have a birthday party.” Marisa smiled before leaving the room and running a bath slowly. Nathan had decided that he was going to at least eat some breakfast before the party begins, and so after making himself some food, he sat down and enjoyed his last meal of Young Adulthood with a giant smile.

"I should probably put this on Simstagram!"

“I should probably put this on Simstagram!”

Marisa indulged herself in an Oats, Honey and Milk bath soak while she prepared herself for the party. She never had a party thrown for her before besides the various arranged marriage meetings that she was forced to go to while on JR-501. Marisa shook those thoughts out of her head and just focused on relaxing in the pool.

08-09-15_11-45 PM

A couple of hours later, everyone had gathered at the call of Callum and everyone came into the house one by one. Nathan, who wanted to be fully prepared for this party, came down the stairs wearing his formal wear just before his son stopped him in his path.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Callum asked him, concerned for his father’s taste in fashion and Nathan smiled.

“It’s my party clothes, why? Too showy?” Nathan replied and Callum nodded furiously.

“Oh well, it’s too late to change. How are you feeling?” Callum asked with a wide smile across his face and Nathan looked at him.

"Spectacular! Never Better!"

“Spectacular! Never Better!”

“That’s good to hear, and how about you becoming an adult. Are you okay with that?” Callum continued to ask but Nathan didn’t mind as he knew that kids were always full of questions and as a father, he should try his best to answer all of them.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if I’m okay with it or not because I will age no matter what. I will die no matter what, unless I somehow figure out the cure to eternal life. Hahaha!” Nathan laughed to himself as he saw some guests walk through the door.

“Oh hello!” Nathan smiled at Nawwaf, who had just walked through the door and Marisa came down the stairs just in time to join the three men.

"Oh wow, I guess the party has already started."

“Oh wow, I guess the party has already started.”

“Come on honey! Let’s go into the ktichen!” Marisa smiled as she pushed Nathan into the kitchen and everyone began to flood in there. There was massive amounts of socialization, drinking and eating amongst the attendees while the mixologist attempted to have people drink at her bar for the second time, and there was good results!

"WoO! LoOk at HoW ShE's HanDLinG tHOse DrInKS!"

“WoO! LoOk at HoW ShE’s HanDLinG tHOse DrInKS!”

Also, the chef really wanted to exorcise the evil plumbob out of this house due to the way they were holding their knives while they were cooking.

"Begone, Evil Plumbob!"

“Begone, Evil Plumbob!”

Meanwhile, June was dancing near some other people who attended the party she thought it would be best if she tried to talk with them.

“Hey!” June smiled at the pair of them and they smiled back.

“I’m Lyndsey and the other guy doesn’t remember is his name! Ha!” Lyndey laughed as the guy scratched his head. seeming as if he’s forgotten something dear to him.

“Ah… I should probably continue dancing now.” June said to both of them before returning to dancing, and she was very good at it.

June seems to be pulling all of the killer moves!

June seems to be pulling all of the killer moves!

Nathan prepared the birthday cake and set it on the counter. After lighting the birthday candles, Nathan quickly blew them out since we wanted to age up before anyone notices because he didn’t want to see his children see him age up. Meanwhile, Nathan tried to search for Marisa for her to blow out the candles.

“It’s time isn’t it?” Maven asked Nathan and he nodded his head.

“Yeah!” Nathan replied after he nodded.

“MARISA!! Come and blow out your candles!” Maven summoned as he went to go find Marisa within the large crowd that is the party.

So many people came!

So many people came!

Maven brought over Marisa a minute later and after finally getting her in front of the candles after MUCH resistance. Everyone began singing and Marisa bent down and blew out the candles with all her might.

When thinking about what she would wish for, Marisav laughed a little inside. She only had one wish that was already coming true, and she was so thankful to whoever was making all of this happen.

08-10-15_12-21 AM

“I wish for my children’s happiness.”

And then, the aging up struck Marisa like a big bang, and she was left with her mouth open after feeling her bones constrict and give pain, but not a lot of pain. It was a sign that she was getting old, and that she has this time to tie up any loose strings.

I can't help but laugh at this!

I can’t help but laugh at this!

Nathan grabbed hold of Marisa’s wrist and tugged her over a little by the window. Smiling at her, he gave her a tight hug and whispered into her ear.

“Happy Birthday to us, I guess. Do you want my birthday gift?” Nathan laughed and Marisa gulped loudly.

“I wonder what gift that is.” Marisa giggled as Nathan pulled Marisa close, and then kissed her.

*Insert Mumbled Snogging Sounds*

*Insert Mumbled Snogging Sounds*


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