1.46 – The Right Visual

Nathan wasn’t prepared for the story June was telling. After her recent encounter with Don Lothario, June felt like she had to tell Callum everything and it just happened to be in front of her father. The pair of them sat down on the stools by the mixology bar and June began to recap everything, detail by detail.

"And then, he even had the decency to wink at me!"

“And then, he even had the decency to wink at me!”

“That vicious beast!” Callum laughed and June hit him on the arm, hard. “Ow!”

“This isn’t funny! He’s a weirdo.” June warned him, and then began to laugh too. June had saw all the rumours of Don Lothario when she searched him up the previous night. She saw all of his marks that he left upon the world and honestly, she couldn’t stop laughing and each and every one.

Meanwhile, Callum’s phone had buzzed with a notification and Callum rose from his seat to check it privately. It could’ve been a text from Veronica, who he met just the day before. However, it wasn’t. It was a notification from Simstagram saying that someone had liked his photo, and there was another and another and another. When Callum eventually got onto Simstagram, he was surprised.

"200 likes on my latest photo on Simstagram? Awesome!"

“200 likes on my latest photo on Simstagram? Awesome!”

“Well done, bro!” June celebrated before she headed on inside. She had decided that she was going to go to the Spa today to see what she’d have to do to get started on becoming one with the Universe.

Callum was busy trying to think of what picture he should take next. He didn’t want to take a selfie, and he didn’t want to take a picture in Oasis Springs again so it had to be in Willow Creek. He tried to search for the right visual that he’d need for a photo.

"Where oh where is the view?"

“Where oh where is the view?”

After looking around for a while, Callum managed to find a perfect space for his photo. While he got his camera out, Callum breathed in the fresh air that surrounded him and welcomed the breeze that touched his hair. He gazed down at the water and smiled at all of the fish swimming about.

Ok, the view is beautiful.

Ok, the view is beautiful.

Callum held his camera up to the view before him, got the perfect angle and snapped the picture five times to make sure he got the right photo. Afterwards, he transferred it over to his phone where he then uploaded it to Simstagram, and all he then had to do was await for the likers. Callum thought that photography was very rewarding, and he liked it a lot.


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