Y1 – To Granite Falls

08-15-15_3-07 PM

When I came in after school, I found my suitcases by my sofa. After inspecting the drawers in my room, it seemed as if someone had already packed my suitcases for me, and also gave me everything I needed. When I walked over to the suitcases and found a small note attached, where I then opened it and read it.

I packed your suitcases. Don’t think I want you gone ASAP, I just wanted to help… a little. But, don’t think this is anything! Also, nice Llamaman boxers.

No way, she found those?! Ugh, this is so embarrassing. And, I have to go face her now since she wanted me to come to her room after school! Damn. I stared out the window and I cleared my mind with the beautiful view. (I also changed my clothes, classy right?)

08-15-15_3-17 PM

 I walked out of my door, taking my suitcases with me and I parked them outside Piper’s bedroom as I stepped inside. She turned her head as she was sitting on the Piano stool, and she began to laugh.

“Oh, so now we’re colour co-ordinated? That’s great.” She laughed sarcastically and looked at her then at me and began to laugh as well. It wasn’t my intention! Promise!

08-15-15_3-21 PM

“Haha… right.  So, what is it that you wanted to talk about?” I asked Piper and she turned her head towards me.

“Well, I wanted you to listen to this brand new song and tell me what you think. I’ve been composing it for a little while, and I really really want to rub it in Bobbi’s face that I’m clearly better than her when it comes to music.” Piper replied and I nodded my head.

“So, there’s a rivalry between the two of you, ey?” I laughed and Piper shh’d me.

“IT IS NOT A RIVALRY.” She slammed her hand down on the piano, which shocked me. “It’s a bit of ‘healthy’ competition.”

Healthy Competition my ass.

08-15-15_3-22 PM

“Girls are so complicated.” I remarked.

“Well, I don’t like to be read like a book, thank you very much.” Piper murmured before turning her head towards the piano.

“I didn’t mean it like that, and you know I didn’t.” I apologized and Piper considered it before shrugging her shoulders.

“I don’t know. MAYBE you didn’t.” Piper giggled slightly before shutting herself up. I guess she doesn’t want me to see her acting like a girly girl.

08-15-15_3-22 PM-2

“You should probably play the song now. The clock is ticking.” I giggled before Piper fixated herself in front of the piano, putting her hands on the keys and beginning to play.

I saw the music come out of the piano again, just like last time and I saw the notes dance around the air as they appeared from the piano. The waves slowly changed colour as the song went on, at the beginning, it was a very dark blue because of the sadness of the song, but it’s gradually becoming lighter and lighter.

08-15-15_3-26 PM

I closed my eyes to feel the music, and to listen to it as Piper played the song. The song was very sad because I felt it reflected something in Piper that she feels that she can’t say. She can’t say it, but she can play it. (That rhymed!)

The song looked like it was slowly drifting to it’s end when it became slower and the colour of the notes darkened once more back to a darker blue. I closed my eyes again, as I tried to not let manly tears escape from my eyes due to the powerful emotion of this song. I am a MAN! I cannot cry.

08-15-15_3-27 PM

Piper stopped playing and I couldn’t open my eyes until I was sure the tears were gone.

“Hello? Noah? Did you fall asleep? If you have I’ll!” And then I opened my eyes quickly, and a little tear dropped down. PLUM! “Ah…”

Piper quickly stood up looked at me and turned on the jukebox before smearing her thumb across my face. Taken aback, I sort of lowered a little and stood back which almost caused me to fall down onto the ground.

“Sorry, I wasn’t expecting that.” I laughed it off and Piper seemed to smile.

08-15-15_3-57 PM

She quickly looked at my watch and her eyes widened. “It’s 8pm. Aren’t you supposed to leave, like now?”

I quickly looked at my watch as well and I gasped. I’d have to leave now or I’d miss the last coach to Granite Falls and I’d probably lose an entire day of vacation over there.

“I have to go but, I’ll be back soon!” I gave Piper a quick hug before I left with my suitcases. And, I managed to meet Neil outside, who was patiently waiting for me.

“Where have you been, bro?” He asked while he zipped up his jumper.

08-15-15_5-01 PM-2

“Sorry, I was busy with Piper and we lost track of time.” I laughed and Neil’s eyebrow raised.

“What were you doing?” He questioned and I laughed.

“Nothing lovey dovey! We’re just friends, bro.” I replied and he gave a convinced nod. Although, I did question what happened back then, when Piper touched my face. But, I shook it off as I saw the coach coming out the front.

“Oh hey, the coach is here!” I spotted before turning to Neil.

08-15-15_5-01 PM-3

“You know, let’s just hope it isn’t one of those film clichés where the girls decide to follow us on vacation because they ‘want to go too’.” I laughed before we stepped on the coach. It was a solid four hour drive and it was literally the most painful one ever.

There was a man next to me who had two cages of chickens, and the one chicken who I called Sir Peck-A-Lot wouldn’t stop trying to… well, the name explains it! I think that chicken was a vampire chicken and, ugh! But, it did feel great to be outside and once we stepped off the coach outside the resort, I couldn’t have felt more with nature than ever.

08-15-15_5-08 PM

“They took the suitcases in for us? Awesome!” Neil laughed as we both looked around. The next two days were going to be a big adventure.


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