Y1 – Beautiful Nature

As soon as we walked into the cabin, I quickly searched for the nearest computer and tried to search up where to find most of the herbs and insects that we need to do Herbalism. It was a quick search on the internet as a guide about Herbalism came up quickly, and after loading the page, I quickly read it aloud.

08-16-15_6-29 PM

You must first collect some herbs and insects from the Forest in Granite Falls before you start to start the Herbalism Skill. It will be hard to identify plants first of all because each plant has a safe and a poisonous counterpart so you must be careful not to eat the poisonous ones.

Good Luck,
The Hermit.

 The Hermit? Who are they? Maybe I can find then if I go searching for some plants tomorrow! I quickly headed to bed and fell asleep pretty quickly. I had weird dreams that night, I imagined I was being chased by a giant A and also a giant F… I’m glad the semester is over.

In the morning, I found Neil in some new athletic gear and also he was prepared to go find some stuff in the forest! It was really exciting to see him so motivated for the day.

08-16-15_6-42 PM

“I like your hair better this way.” I laughed with him and he shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, I might keep it like this, I’m not sure yet! I was in a rush because of this morning.” He replied and I patted him on the back.

“Let’s go! Last one to get to the forest has to… cook dinner tonight!” I ran out the door straight away as we both ran towards the forest. Of course, I made it there first and Neil was feeling a little disheartened.

08-16-15_6-48 PM

“No fair! You’re more athletic than I am!” He complained and I laughed. I guess it was an unfair competition, and I felt apologetic towards him because of it. I do have to train him harder just so that one day he can beat me.

“Okay, okay! I’ll HELP you with dinner tonight.” I answered to Neil.

“Great! Now, let’s go exploring for these plants and insects. Anything particular to look for?” Neil asked and I shook my head.

“Just grab anything that can be harvested.” And with that, we both set off in separate directions as we went to go and collect plants. The scenery in Granite Falls is so beautiful, I couldn’t help but stare at all the trees and rivers and waterfalls as I ran past looking for plants and insects.

08-16-15_7-01 PM

And, after close inspection of everything, I managed to find a plant which was sparkling in the distance! When I saw it, I immediately ran over to it and inspected it for any produce or any insects that might be on it, and to my luck, there was!

I grabbed a plastic bag out of my pocket and carefully picked the berries off of the plant just incase they were poisonous, and then I tied up the bag in a double knot, just to be sure that nothing leaks out! Nothing has ever bested my double knot before! And then, the plant was bare.

08-16-15_7-01 PM-2

“NOAH!” I heard someone shout from the distance. It was Neil. What was wrong with Neil? Did he fall over again? Ugh! I told him to avoid all of the bad things or it will damage his health! “NOAH, QUICKLY!” 

I sensed urgency in his voice, and I honestly got a little bit scared. I hope Neil was alright and nothing bad happened. I quickly changed my direction and quickly set off in the direction that the voice was coming from, making my way over to Neil.

08-16-15_7-04 PM

Although, when I arrived, he was outside a cave entrance brambled with vines and hanging branches.

“Seriously? You make me worry… for this?!” I was a tiny bit angry, but Neil laughed it off.

“But look, isn’t it awesome?” He replied as he turned to face the entrance of the cave.

08-16-15_7-04 PM-2

And before I knew it, he decided to step inside.

08-16-15_7-05 PM

“Neil?! What are you? UGH!” I followed after him soon after and through a pond full of fish, mist and a weird man asking us for candy, we finally made it out to a scenic view of what appeared to be the Deep Woods.

“It’s so beautiful!” Neil exclaimed as we both took a deep breath as we appreciated the nature around us.

08-16-15_7-08 PM

“Let’s go explore for a bit!” Neil suggested and I followed him as we both looked around the Deep Woods. After close inspection, we both saw someone surrounded by rocks in what appeared to be a garden.

“Should we go see them? Ask them about stuff?” I suggested this time, and Neil agreed. The two of us walked over to the person watering their plants and as we grew closer, we learned that they were a female and had grey hair. She also looked slightly familiar, but I wasn’t sure where from.

“Hello! I’m Noah, and you are?” I asked her and she smiled.

“I’m the Hermit.” THE HERMIT?!

08-16-15_7-10 PM

“You’re the author of the guide to Herbalism I read yesterday night! What are you doing here?” I asked her and she picked up her watering can and watered her plants before coming back to us.

“Well, I’m doing some Herbalism, can’t you see that? Young people these days, sheesh.” She scowled before Neil giggled and smiled at the Hermit.

“Of course! I’ve never seen such a beautiful garden before, what fertilizer do you use?” Neil asked and my understanding went through the window along with the Hermit’s meanness.

08-16-15_7-11 PM

“Why thank you! I don’t use fertilizers at all, I use a special concoction that I make up using a special recipe!” The Hermit answered him and Neil desperately asked for the recipe. “Maybe when you become my friend, I’ll give it to you!”

I took the opportunity to take a quick cheeky selfie by the flowers. Now, you can’t judge me for flexing my muscles a bit, I needed to show… improvement to my professors at the University!

08-16-15_7-15 PM

After that, Neil and I decided to cloudgaze in the Hermit’s Garden and as we talked about Herbalism and Nature, I noticed something. What Neil said about Herbalism was right. Nature is one of the main ingredients that we need to live a healthy life, and without it, we’d all be doomed. If we continue to take care of Nature, Nature will continue to take care of us. I guess I owe knowing this to Neil, Mr.Saving the World.

08-16-15_7-18 PM-2

“Oh look, it’s a cloud in the shape of a flower!”


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