1.47 – Self-Discovery

08-10-15_10-57 PM

June had decided since she had completed everything she wanted to do as a Computer Whiz at her current age, she wanted to try something brand new. From her parents’ recommendation, they told her to go to the spa and see if there’s anything that intrigues her and luckily, they were bringing in new Wellness Sessions to the Spa!

However, June was followed to the Mt.Fuji and Wellness Spa by the boy she met back in the Oasis Springs Park, who hated children.

“Juney Balloony! Wait up for me!” The boy said as he ran up to catch up with June. June sighed deeply as she turned around to face the guy.



“Christian! My name is Christian.” He answered and June nodded her head.

“Christian, what are you doing here?” June asked him and Christian giggled loudly.

“I came here to see you silly! Are you going to the spa? Oh my, I love the spa! The massages, yoga and the meditation and OH MY GAWD! We could get matching Mt. Fujiwear and walk around the spa toge–“ June at this point, was over trying to be kind to Christian because he was assuming something non-existant.



“I am NOT going to wear the same Mt. Fujiwear as you. I’m sorry but, I’m not interested in a relationship with you. You’re a great guy but, I’m looking for someone who wants to have children with me and… you hate children. I can’t have someone who hates children raising my children, so… you can go now.” June smiled at Christian, who at this point was slightly angry with what June just said.

“Well, I hope you, your future husband and your plum children are happy together.” He remarked and it wasn’t long before a fist was directed right into his face.

*POW!* "I'm sorry... not!"

*POW!* “I’m sorry… not!”

June turned around and walked right into the spa a minute later, she felt apologetic towards Christian, but she hoped that he would only recognise her as a friend now. June checked herself into the spa, and decided on the colour blue for her Mt.Fujiwear and afterwards, she walked into the women’s locker room where she began to change.

She can spin to get changed, so lucky!

She can spin to get changed, so lucky!

June quickly searched for what was available in the Mt.Fuji Spa and quickly saw the map. She found that the meditation place was available on the second floor, and as a result, June travelled up the stairs and quickly found a spa assistant.

“How do I meditate, exactly?” June asked and the Spa assistant smiled as he showed her a poster full of meditation advice.

“Get yourself into a comfortable spot on the meditation table, then inhale and exhale and your breathing shall become one with your mind as you focus on banishing out your inner problems and anxieties and find inner peace.” The spa assistant advised as he opened the door for June as she stepped inside the Meditation Garden. It was simple, and perfect for meditating.

08-10-15_11-03 PM

June sat down on the meditation table, crossed her legs and placed her wrists on her knees as she began to focus. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Those were the only words that were going through June’s mind as she tried to block out all the negativity. She felt her heart beating, and the noises and music around her quieting down and almost becoming silent.

Inhale, Exhale.

Inhale, Exhale.

However, June felt something was not right. She felt herself being unbalanced and when she searched in her mind for what the source of the problem was, she only saw the colour blue. She made the link to her Mt.Fujiwear, it was the wrong colour.

“What colour should I wear then?” June asked before the Spa assistant came into the meditation garden and lightly tapped June’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry but the spa messed up your Mt.Fujiwear order, you ordered the red one right?” The Spa assistant asked and before June answered no, she thought about if it was a sign from the Universe to take this and wear it.

“Yeah! It’s mine, I’ll return the blue ones once I get changed.” And June did exactly that, and when she walked back into the meditation garden, she suddenly felt better about herself. She sat down on the meditation table and began to inhale and exhale once more.

So. Much. Better.

So. Much. Better.

June felt herself open up to the Universe and all of her inner anxieties banished themselves from her mind as she focused on discovering herself. She saw herself, and saw how she could easily lose herself is she goes crazy with the power as an heir, she could easily destroy the legacy and she could also make the legacy into something legendary.

08-10-15_11-30 PM-2

June focused her mind once more, trying to find something that would help her along the way and, she managed to find the recipe for a sugar free carob coconut cake and also how to make it extra yummy!

*ding, dong, ding* A Brain Boosting yoga class will be held in 30 minutes, to join, please find the yoga instructor on the third floor. *ding, dong, ding*

June shot up from the meditation table and decided that she was definitely going to go and join this meditation session, and so she quickly ran upstairs and found the yoga instructor and luckily, the grabbed the last spot on the yoga class.

She's fully prepared!

She’s fully prepared!

“Welcome everyone to the Brain Boosting Yoga Class, today we shall start with the wavering pencil. So, everyone with me.” The Yoga Instructor began before he began to lead the class with all of the yoga poses.

08-10-15_11-35 PM-2

08-10-15_11-37 PM

08-10-15_11-36 PM-2

08-10-15_11-36 PM

“Thank you everyone for your efforts, and I elect Miss Devine as this class’ best student. Everyone give her a round of applause.” And everyone did. June felt a little bit embarrassed, but she took the applause really well and she did get to celebrate a little in the bathroom.



June felt proud of herself, she felt like she was becoming more powerful physically and spiritually by the day and she also felt like she could become even more powerful in the skill of Wellness. According to her instructor, she was on the third step out of ten, and only the best meditators can get to the tenth step, but June was determined to reach that tenth step. She believed she could reach it before her Young Adult Birthday, where she’d be able to continue being a computer whiz.

She made it a mission, and she’d take the lessons that she would learn from her meditating and incorporate it into the things that she creates.

June Devine - A Woman on a Mission

June Devine – A Woman on a Mission





13 thoughts on “1.47 – Self-Discovery

  1. BBQPenguinWings Trish says:

    Wavering pencil!
    June is so pretty.

    And dressing gown lady reminds me.
    lil penguin, my child simself is always in a dressing gown! I had to make her out clothes on at friends fan party and if you look at my yoga post with Rory, she was sleep on a bench in her robe.

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