1.49 – Waiting For Love

Following his romantic endeavours in Oasis Springs, Callum was invited out by Veronica once more to Rattlesnake Juice Bar. She mentioned in the text that she had something extremely important to tell him, and that he should come this instant! Having sensed the urgency of her message, Callum rushed right over and met Veronica inside the Rattlesnake Juice Bar.

“Come and sit down!” Veronica told him as the pair of them sat down on a table. All Callum could think about was if Veronica had suddenly gotten a lot taller.

"How are you?!"

“How are you?!”

“I’m feeling okay! How about you?” Veronica replied as Callum shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m feeling alright. It’s like that nothingness feeling… it’s weird.” Callum explained as Veronica looked around the bar, she seemed to be looking for someone in particular.

“Sandy! Can you come over here please?” Veronica called over as an adult woman with black hair made her way over and sat on the last remaining seat of the table.

“You called me, Veronica?” Sandy asked before taking a sip of her Granny Smash. She presumably thought this drink would stop making other people view her as a granny, even though she has four grandchildren.

“I need to tell Callum something, and I don’t think I can do it alone.” Veronica smiled to Sandy before turning to Callum.

"You see the thing is..."

“You see the thing is…”

“I already know what it is.” Callum sighed. How could he have been so stupid? To think that… the thoughts crossed Callum’s mind as he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry that I tried to get in the way of yours and Sandy’s relationship.”

Veronica and Sandy looked at each other and burst into a fit of laughter. To Callum, he didn’t even know what was going on, but to Sandy and Veronica, it was hysterical that Callum would think such a thing.

“That isn’t the case! Although, Sandy is a good looker, if I say so myself.” Veronica laughed before turning to Callum and smiling affectionately. “The thing is, I aged up.”

"You know what this means right?"

“You know what this means right?”

“Nope! Tell me!” Callum requested enthusiastically, wondering what point Veronica was trying to arrive at. For Veronica, she was contemplating how Callum was going to react to the news that she was about to bring him, she felt sorry for him.

“For the time being, until you’re an adult, we can only be friends.” Veronica sighed as Callum’s heart froze. He had thought about it for a second, being only friends with Veronica. He couldn’t dream of it but, there was only a few days left until his birthday and because of that, he was willing to be her friend for now.

“Okay, friend.” Callum tried the phrase out, it didn’t feel right. However, he had to get used to it. He began to ask Veronica a lot of friendly questions.

"What are you planning for tomorrow?"

“What are you planning for tomorrow?”

 “My family and I are going out of town for a week and a half, so we’ll be back right before… your little sister’s birthday!” Veronica answered and Callum nodded.

“Ah…” Callum sounded out, he tried to be more enthusiastic about it, but the thought of not seeing Veronica for so long, he didn’t like it at all.

“What about you? What are you doing tomorrow?” Veronica smiled as Callum racked his brain for something that he was going to do, but couldn’t think of anything. That was until, something that he’s been waiting to do for a while suddenly appeared in my mind.

“I’ll probably assemble my wall of photos! I’ve taken a lot lately and I think it’s time to place them to make one full wall.” Callum smiled thinking about how it was going to look on the wall. It wasn’t long before Sandy left and a man took her place.

"And... who are you?"

Veronica looks like she’s planning something evil…

“Oh! Don’t mind me… I’m just witnessing the glory of the youth.” The old man smiled as he seemed to be reminiscing his youthful days while seeing Veronica and Callum converse.

“Hey Veronica, since you’re leaving soon… how about we take a picture?” Callum asked and Veronica turned her head towards Callum.

“That seems like a great idea! You brought your camera right? Let’s take a photo then!” Veronica giggled as the pair of them stood up and adjusted themselves to the right position. After, they came in close as Callum took the photo.

"Freezer Bunnies!!!"

“Freezer Bunnies!!!”

“You’ll wait for me right?” Callum asked Veronica.

“I’ll wait for you.” She replied. “Will you wait for me?”




5 thoughts on “1.49 – Waiting For Love

  1. Jes2G says:

    Awww, how cute. That was hilarious with Sandy. Same thing happened to Julian! When the ungirlfriend (and Jeannette!) showed up at the house, they had already aged up days ago. I think they’re like 3 or 4 days older than him. But…when the nooboos start coming, she’ll be younger than him in no time, he he he.

    Liked by 1 person

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