1.50 – The Nathan Special

Nathan was busy making drinks at his mixology bar while thinking about making his own signature drink. The flavours, taste and zingyness of it. How he could make it original and different from all the other drinks people have tasted before. Unique, was the word he was looking for. After conversing with his co-workers as well, they even said that making a unique drink is something hard to do.

After finishing his second drink, Nathan took one sip from both of them and wondered about what if he combined the two and added just a little bit of lemon to the drink followed by a bit more juice. He took out all his mixology equipment and began making the first drink.

08-11-15_2-30 AM

“Swirl this around and around!”

Nathan’s arms moved robotically, knowing how to make every drink they’ve learnt so far from memory. He didn’t even have to think about what would come next because his arms and hands would already be working on the next step.

His favourite part while mixing drinks was the shaking part because Nathan always felt like he could have a bit of a dance party while shaking the stirring thing around! After stiring the concoction for a few minutes, the shaking had begun and you could easily tell that Nathan was having a fun time.

08-11-15_2-31 AM

“Shake, Shake, Shake Senora”

Finally, after shaking the drink, it was ready to be served. Nathan began pouring it out into a glass while noting that the drink was a slightly purplish colour, which probably resulted from the lemon and the extra juice that was placed into the drink. Nathan was so excited when he saw the drink pour out, it looked unique and now he just needed to know if it tasted unique.

08-11-15_2-31 AM-2

Well Done Nathan!

Nathan went around the mixology bar and sat down while holding his drink. He wondered what he was going to call this drink because if it was going to go on a menu, he needed to know it. But first, he needed to take a taste test to see if it tasted original and luckily, the kids were at school so should he get drunk, he can just take himself to bed.

Nathan brought the cup to his mouth and drank a bit of it from the cup.

08-11-15_2-33 AM

The drink isn’t even spilling over his face. #simlogic

It was… passionate. That was one word Nathan used to describe it. It was like someone took love and threw it right into a bottle and made it amazing. He loved it and he chugged it down until the glass was empty. He couldn’t help but feel a bit flirty afterwards, and as a result, he stepped up from his chair and walked away.

08-11-15_2-33 AM-2

“Where’s that wife of mine?”

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