Y1 – The Massage of Anger

I had the most terrifying massage of my life today. It was the second day on my trip to Granite Falls and like Neil and I planned, we were going to check out the spa since the same company will be opening one near our dormitory soon! It was right next to our lodge, so we got up from bed and went straight there.

As soon as we arrived, I had decided to get a hand massage since the chair was right by the front door. Neil laughed as I ran towards the seat and sat down before the lady who was making her way there could.

“I’m going to get a massage inside.” Neil waved as he walked into the spa. I looked up to find a masseur already at work with my hands, and I had only felt it kick in just then.

08-22-15_11-47 AM

The massage lasted for about twenty minutes; ten minutes on each hand before he finally stopped and requested payment. It was pretty cheap for a hand massage, and it did leave my hands feeling more powerful. I walked into the spa and scanned around for a list of massages while people from left and right walked passed me.

“Honey, let’s go get a sports massage!” Sports Massage? They do sports massages?! I quickly ran around frantically trying to find the massage room until I walked into one accidentally and almost left until I realised what it was. My body acts faster than my mind, it’s a natural habit that I’m trying to fight. Anyways, I walked up to the available masseur who was reading a book.

08-22-15_11-50 AM

At first, I was completely calm about this. I was prepared and when she put the book down and turned to me, she smiled.

“So, are you here for a massage? What one would you like?” She asked directly to me.

“Sports Massage, please.” I smiled as she directed me to the changing room. I admit, it’s a bit weird being asked to strip naked and then place a towel around places that need to be covered; I didn’t want to strip fully naked so I just left my boxers on then covered myself.

Walking back into the massage room, I laid myself down onto the massage table with my stomach on the table. The masseur then seemed to rub some massage oil and lotion on her hands before she dug them into my skin.

08-22-15_11-51 AM

The massage felt nice at first, it felt like soft hands were touching my muscles and making them feel more energetic and alive and ready to work. I felt relaxed but also energized at the same time which brought about a new sensation.

“We’re going to move onto the next part of your massage now, it’s only light pulling so don’t be alarmed.” Her voice was soothing but it couldn’t have possibly prepared me for what happened next. She began to angrily dig into my muscles and used her knuckles to get right into them.

08-22-15_11-52 AM

“Harold! This is what you get for leaving me!” She angrily shouted as she continued to dig her knuckles in. I turned my head around quickly, the pain was immediate and from a scale of 1 to 10, it was about 6 but it still hurt.

“My name isn’t Harold! Could you return to what you were doing before please?” I requested to her and she continued digging her knuckles in, and it wasn’t long before she began to take my arms one at a time and pull them really hard. She even made one arm click! My face captured my reactions really well.

08-22-15_11-53 AM

The masseur let go of me soon enough and there was a three minute silence with no interaction whatsoever, she had her arms ready to dive into the massage again but she didn’t. Instead, she sighed as she looked at me, probably in realisation that I wasn’t her Harold.

“Oh! Uh… the massage is finished! You can get up now.” She instructed, her arms still at the ready for the massage. I’m honestly still scared of what she could do to me while I’m still in the spa. Note to self, be careful of Harold woman, she’s a danger to yourself and future spa clients.

08-22-15_11-55 AM

I rose up from the massage table straight away and looked at her. She lowered her hands to her sides as she brought me the bill and even requested a little tip!

“Here’s a tip, get yourself and Harold sorted out!” I remarked as I left to go put on my swimming trunks. I saw Neil in the swimming pool outside the window and I thought it would be awesome if I went over and joined him on his expedition into the underwater world.

I dropped into the pool, tapped Neil’s back and when he turned around, I splashed water all over him! However, he smiled evilly as he began to splash the water back into my face, and I was a bit scared.

08-22-15_11-59 AM

“Hey! Revenge isn’t sweet!” I told him and he laughed.

“That’s what the victim always says! Now, get here!” He replied before he continued splashing my face with more water. I liked this, the moments in between all of the studying and all of the stress of trying to become someone… something; these moments reminded me that I am myself, and that’s why people like me.

08-22-15_11-59 AM-2

“I want to get out, but I’m too cold! Shall we go to the Sauna?” Neil asked me as he began to swim to the edge of the pool and climb out.

“Yeah! That sounds awesome!” I had never been to a Sauna before, but from what I’ve seen in all of the programmes I’ve watched online, they’re pretty awesome and they leave you feeling relaxed.

Using a towel that was provided near the sauna, me and Neil wrapped them around our waists, hoping that the water would soon dry on our swimming trunks while we relaxed in the Sauna. We threw some logs into the fire as the steam began to fill the area.

08-22-15_12-07 PM

There was a dead silence while we were in the Sauna. We both sat back and let the steam enter and leave our bodies as we relaxed. It felt as if all my inner anxieties were slowly melting away and I began to feel almost peaceful with everything and everyone.

I thought back to my parents and their eagerness to get rid of me; maybe it wasn’t how I thought it was. Maybe they just wanted what was best for me and hoped that I would find what I wanted in life? I banished the thoughts of my parents before I explored them further, and focused on my friends that I’ve made here. That made a bright smile appear on my face as a looked down at the bottom of the sauna floor and breathed in the steam.

08-22-15_12-09 PM

Half an hour later, Neil decided that he was finished with the spa and left to go home while I decided to make the most of my massages and sauna treatment by doing a quick workout in one of the spa rooms. Fortunately for me, there was exercise equipment in one of the rooms and I decided to use one that I had never used before!

08-22-15_12-12 PM

This was all about determination and the strength to push the bar up with your legs and also pushing the panels next to you to your face. And, I was determined. I felt empowered and I felt I had the strength to battle anything, and I even felt that I could even ace my exams this year, even though it might be a little hard for me.

Report Cards are being mailed out soon, approximately at the end of this weekend. So, I should try and do as much work as I can before they evaluate my performance.

08-22-15_12-13 PM

I got this in the bag.


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