Y1 – A Weird Concoction

08-22-15_12-28 PM

If you were wondering, I’m not brewing anything bad. I decided that I was going to experiment a bit with Herbalism and see what concoctions I could make with a few ingredients. I decided that from what the Hermit suggested, I should try and make an Insect Repellent Li– something.

I gathered the ingredients needed and added them to a pot and brought it to a boil using a grill. I didn’t want to use the stove at the resort just incase it caught on fire and I’d have to pay some kind of repair charge. I stirred the contents of the pot using a wooden spoon, since it helps give a naturey smell. (Hermit’s words, not mine!)

08-22-15_12-33 PM

Although, there was a lot of smoke coming off of this which blocked my vision a lot! I didn’t know whether I was stirring the pot or the pot was moving around my spoon. I had to fan the smoke in front of me just to be sure I was doing this right.

Once I saw the purple blobs appear on the top of the liquid, I left the pot alone to simmer for three minutes. The Hermit advised that this time is crucial to let go of any worries that this will go wrong because it will affect the aura around me and it will influence the brew to go wrong.

08-22-15_12-33 PM-2

Apparently, it’s all due to Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong; or something like that. Honestly, I hoped that this wouldn’t go wrong because if I want to go insect catching before I leave, I don’t want to be bitten by some bugs! It’ll hurt me quite a bit!

Once the yellow shapes began to appear, I knew it was time to add the Elderberry to the brew. I dropped a few berries in and watched them fall into the brew, one by one.

08-22-15_12-34 PM

Stirring it again using my wooden spoon, I watched the berries bleed their colour into the brew as the green colour started to turn slightly yellow-ish which, according to the Hermit, meant that the brew was ready to be bottled. However, when it came to bottling it, I never knew that such a big pot would only fill such a small bottle of brew!

But, I stared at the insect repellent, and I was proud of myself because I managed to brew something awesome for the first time! I also felt myself become more experienced with making brews and concoctions and I wondered what other recipes might be out there, so I can try them out!

08-22-15_12-36 PM

A few hours later, Neil and I had realised that it was time to leave and honestly, we were going to miss this place. It was fun and it was great but we both knew that we had to return back to Greenwood; we had to study. Although, we both knew that we were going to come back in the future and we were going to have an awesome time.

While walking down to the station where we were going to get picked up and taken home, we came across a peculiar woman… who was waving to a tree… and talking to it.

“Why, Mr. Oak! You are looking rather oak-ay today! Hahahaha!” She joked. Ha. Ha. Ha.

08-22-15_12-40 PM

We made sure to steer clear of her on our way and as soon as we arrived to the station, we placed our suitcases on the path and we had the longest conversation about our experiences, and what we’ve learnt from being here. Neil said that he learnt about how to grow the plants that we collected in Granite Falls while I replied saying that I correctly identified all of the plants so I will be able to help him with labelling the right plants.

We both couldn’t wait to get back to Greenwood, there was only one week left until the end of the year, and we both had decided to take it slowly, with one step at a time. I also became good friends with Neil during this trip, but I knew that I wanted to become his best friend, he’s like a brother to me. One that I never had.

08-22-15_12-49 PM

08-22-15_12-50 PM


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