1.51 – Ice Cream Dream

June walked into the kitchen after school to discover that the entire kitchen had changed! Nathan had requested a brand new kitchen after he heard that there were new selections of the kitchen in the store. However, her eyes were more focused on the machine that was sitting on top of the counter.

June walked over and turned it on.

“HELLO. I AM ICE CREAM MAKER. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE?” June jumped back in fright, she never knew that the ice cream maker spoke! She tapped it a few times before taking her hand back slowly.

"You can talk?!"

“You can talk?!”

“YES. I AM PROGRAMMED LIKE THIS. WHAT FLAVOUR DO YOU WANT?” The Ice Cream Maker asked and June contemplated what flavour she wanted. Dragon Breath, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate?

“I want all the flavours!” June requested, and the machine was quiet for a minute.

“NO. ONLY ONE FLAVOUR. ONE FLAVOUR.” It replied in it’s usual robotic voice. June shrugged and searched the cupboards, there was only enough to make plain vanilla.

“That’ll have to do.” June sighed before she turned to the ice cream maker. “Vanilla. I want Vanilla Ice Cream.”



“Okay…” June muttered as the purple light continued to stroll across the ice cream maker, until it flashed green once more.

“ADD MILK. ADD VANILLA EXTRACT. THEN CLOSE THE LID.” It ordered and June laughed at the way it spoke the order out.

“Okay!” June laughed as she gathered both the milk and the vanilla extract. She soon opened both of the bottles and put them in one by one.






After that, June closed the lid and the ice cream maker got to work. It let out a low hum of it whispering ‘STIRRING’, all the way through but fortunately for June, she was busy meditating while the ice cream maker got to work.

An hour later, June walked back into the kitchen to find that the ice cream maker had just finished stirring all of it’s ice cream, and was ready for June to taste it.

“PLEASE TASTE.” It ordered and June took a spoon from one of the drawers, opened the lid and took a spoonful of the ice cream and put it into her mouth.

"HOW. IS. IT?"

“HOW. IS. IT?”

“It’s awesome!” June shouted as she took another spoonful of the ice cream. The flavour, the deliciousness, it was like her Ice Cream Dream had finally come true.

“DISH OUT AND ENJOY.” The Ice Cream Maker said before it’s light faded. It turned off by itself, how convenient. As it said, June dished out the ice cream into a tub and added two garnishes, one peppermint sticks and one with sprinkles. June also managed to find some ice cream cones tucked away in the cupboard so she decided to give herself a cone with everything!

08-11-15_7-52 PM

It looks SO good!

June took it over to the dining table, which was also brand new and ordered by Nathan as he found out that there was also a brand new dining set as well. June took various licks out of her ice cream as she savoured the flavour and enjoyed the deliciousness.

However, a cold wave flew over her mind as her brain started to become frozen, it was a cold tingling feeling that June hated.

08-11-15_7-52 PM-2

Although, it didn’t stop her from eating more and it certainly didn’t stop her from enjoying it! Maven also made his way into the kitchen and decided to have some ice cream too since it might inspire him to try and create a brand new painting.



Even though Ice Cream was the most popular thing in the Devine Household today, it became ‘normal’ the next day.


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