1.52 – Defying Gravity

"Ugh, I WISH Maven would stop activating the childlock on this thing!"

“Ugh, I WISH Callum would stop activating the child lock on this thing!”

For the past couple of days, June had been back and forth between meditating and repairing things in the house that Callum kept breaking. She hoped that he would soon stop being so clumsy and actually get himself together since he had been upset over his latest conversation with Veronica.

Callum was growing impatient by the day, crossing off the days on the calendar until his birthday and also hoping that time would fly by. He spent most of his days taking photographs and putting them on his desk as he waited for the right amount of photos to make a wall of them.

June placed the control panel back onto the television as she gave herself a pat on the back for fixing it once more.

"You can fix anything!"

“You can fix anything!”

However, what was more interesting to June was her recent discovery. While meditating one evening, she slowly found herself rising into the air and floating like she had no weight at all. Obviously, it scared June at first as she fell down to the ground but she slowly got used to it and tried to adapt herself to levitation.

After changing into her athletic gear, she was prepared to try it once more. She sat down on the Meditation Stool and controlled her breathing very deeply. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. And gradually, June felt herself being lifted up off the ground and into the air, levitating and defying the natural laws of gravity.

08-11-15_8-18 PM

Focused and Determined.

June felt herself gradually slipping away from the shackles of the ground as she rose higher, feeling the weightlessness of her surroundings as she opened her eyes slowly and took in the fact that she was in fact floating was hard and extraordinary. If she had indeed defied Gravity, then what force was she now being attracted to? What was keeping her afloat in the air and keeping her focused?

As the thoughts rushed into June’s mind, she began to waver in her levitation.

"Oh no! I can't fall, it hurts when I fall!"

“Oh no! I can’t fall, it hurts when I fall!”

June quickly made up her mind as she was falling. She was keeping herself afloat, and she was keeping herself focused. Her mind had opened and allowed itself to be open to the wonders of the universe, and this was the first gift of the many she would receive.

June still had a lot to learn about the Wellness Skill and truly understand it, but she still managed to grasp little things as they came along. It made June calm, and it made her appreciate everything she had in life.

"I get it now. Live and Love."

“I get it now. Live and Love.”

And, as soon as June knew that, she naturally returned to her meditative state while in levitation. June knew that she still wasn’t ready for any big responsibilities yet, but she thought in her mind that if she could at least prepare herself mentally, then maybe the weight to bear will be lighter.

"The one who wants to wear the crown must first bear it's weight."

She looks really pretty! I can say that, right? Right!

June laughed. She had become so serious over meditation and wellness that she had forgotten fun. She slowly lowered herself down to the meditation stool and stood up. She decided that she didn’t care if she wasn’t ready because it was going to be fun, the unexpected and being unprepared. She laughed even more. She was still going to meditate because she still wondered what else she could unlock with the Wellness Skill.

Meanwhile, Maven was upstairs in his bedroom and he had just finished a beautiful painting, and he spent twenty minutes staring at it.

"Isn't this perfect?"

“Isn’t this perfect?”


"Yeah, I can paint really well!"

“Yeah, I can paint really well!”

Maven wondered why he had used such simple colours though. There was no explosion of colour nor the element of his usual goofballness in the painting. It was just a bicycle tied up to a fence by a tree in the evening as the sunset.

“Evolution in Painting.” Maven deduced, he was simply maturing as an artist and growing up to a more sophisticated nature. Although he was now producing these types of paintings, he hoped he still had the chance to produce his favourite paintings full of glitter, rainbows and unicorn poop because they were the most fun to create.

*grumble, grumble, grumble*

*grumble, grumble, grumble*

But first, Maven had to eat because he can’t be creative on an empty stomach!


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