1.53 – A Collection of Callum’s Memories

Callum gazed upon all of the photos he had taken, remembering when and where he took each one, the emotions he felt and the care he gave each and every photograph. He felt that his photographs where a part of him and a part of his memories, ones that he would want to remember forever.

Callum collected all of his photographs and assembled them onto a wall, where he could gaze upon them everyday he woke up and every night when he went to sleep. He also knew that he would collect many more memories as the years went on and he couldn’t wait to look back at every single one, and remember the beautiful life he had.

But for now, he settled for the wall.

08-11-15_2-19 AM


7 thoughts on “1.53 – A Collection of Callum’s Memories

    • SummerFalls says:

      I do too! I think when I do my next house rebuild (middle of Gen 2 probably), I’m going to give Callum a wall somewhere so he can fill it up with memories!

      Liked by 1 person

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