Y1 – Here and There

The next day, Neil and I had continued to tend the garden that we had finally got to starting once we came back from Granite Falls. With Dean Cavanaugh’s Super Green Thumb, we were able to boost the vitality of some of the plants and also it made us able to harvest the plants more efficiently!

The only plant that is a problem is the fireleaf plant! That darned thing! If you’re not careful, you can contract serious itchiness from it and in most cases, it can be deadly due to the afflicted scratching themselves so much. Luckily, Neil and I were able to mix a recipe for a lotion that prevents the itchiness, and we sent it over to The Hermit (whose name is actually Sasha Rapp), and she said she’ll put it in her next book!

Anyways, me and Neil got to work in our garden, trying to harvest as much as we could.

“So, the fireleaf we leave until last?” Neil asked me as he walked down to the other plants.

01-08-29-15_4-03 PM

“Yeah, we’ll apply the itching prevention lotion before we harvest it and it won’t conflict with the other plants’ natural chemistry!” I answered him and the pair of us got to work. There was so many plants that needed tending to and also harvesting.

We both learnt that we also needed insects for some of the concoctions in the Hermit’s Handbook but unfortunately, we were only able to catch a few. I guess another trip to Granite Falls is in our future, possibly next year with everyone else joining us too!

An hour later, Neil and I finally assembled at the final plant before the fireleaf plant, and we were chuffed with ourselves, that we were able to accomplish such awesomeness.

“Hey Neil, Gardening is in your major right?” I asked Neil and he nodded.

“I wonder if there’s a year where I can do it for General Studies.” I noted to myself that I should probably check the General Studies course when I get a chance. Afterwards, Neil and I had applied our Fireleaf Itching Protection Lotion (FIPL) and we both looked towards each other.

02-08-29-15_4-06 PM

We harvested the fireleaf plant little by little since we had never actually experimented this lotion before and presumed it would work… and it did! We were astonished to find that there were no adverse effects from the actual fireleaf and we made sure to tell Sasha Rapp everything by Snail Mail! (Sasha doesn’t believe in technology, she lives in Nature.)

“Why don’t you make a batch for Sasha to take with her?” Neil asked me as he passed me the ingredients to make it.

“That sounds like a great idea, thanks bro!” I smiled with Neil as I took the ingredients in arm made basket and I ran upstairs with them into my bedroom. Grabbing the pot from under my bed, I opened my grill and set the pot on it with just enough water to make one jar of the Fireleaf Itching Protection Lotion.

I added the base to all the concoctions and I thought it was befitting if I took a casual selfie, it’s not like the house is going to burn down because I took this one selfie… right?

05-08-29-15_4-12 PM

After adding the ingredients to the hob, I gave it a few stirs with my wooden spoon before setting it to boil. From our (Neil’s and mine) experimentations, we’ve learnt that boiling it for exactly 6 minutes and 30 seconds lets the potency of the lotion be at it’s highest. It can be a few seconds more and a few seconds less if needed be, just not drastically different.

After 6 and a half minutes passed, I opened the grill once again and stirred it with my wooden spoon, making sure that the consistency this time was a more firm and lotion-y type texture.

06-08-29-15_4-15 PM

I know, I know. All I’ve done in the past two days is make concoctions and exercise and socialise but if you were pressured to finish all your school work before the end of the year which was only a couple of days away, I think everyone would be just like me in this situation.

Anyways, I bottled up the lotion and set it on the shelf! I’ll send it to Sasha when I get a chance and I think I’m going to try and build a massive collection of all of the amazing concoctions you can make with Herbalism because it’s truly amazing what these plants can do for you.

07-08-29-15_4-22 PM

 I remembered that I had planned to meet up with Bobbi outside to talk about her exercise routine! She wanted to finally get into exercising after a bit of procrastination due to her trying to hone her skills up so that the eventual musical battle between her and Piper will result in her winning. It’s funny but, I guess that’s motivation.

I quickly ran out and saw Bobbi sat down on one of the deck chairs, I made my way over to her and sat down.

“You’re late!” Bobbi exclaimed and I scratched my head.

“By how long?”

“Thirty Seconds.” Really?! Thirty Seconds?! I’d jus– Calm.

“Sorry.” I apologized and we got to the discussing of the actual exercising.

08-08-29-15_4-29 PM

From what I learnt and heard from Bobbi, she doesn’t like much muscular exercises and would prefer cardio to keep her figure. If needs be though, she’ll only do leg muscle exercises since she firmly stated that muscles might not look that nice on her.

“Well, I guess I can suggest you run on the treadmill for half an hour each day and then also do a bit of kickboxing when you can. It’ll also be to your advantage if you go out jogging some time as well. Hey, maybe we can go jogging together in the mornings!” I suggested and Bobbi was quick to agree on the idea.

09-08-29-15_4-29 PM-2

“Sure! When can we start?” She asked, and I scratched my head. My evenings are busy and I’ll probably be doing homework in the mornings, but I guess if I cram the homework in tonight then…

“I guess we can start tomorrow morning, but we’ll only be doing this for the rest of the year, which is only four days! And then we’ll pick up next year, if you want.” And then it hit us, that we had finally come to the end of our first year at Greenwood, that it only felt like yesterday that the weird man asked me about those missing kids on my first day, and it only felt like earlier on today when we had our first Greenwood Gathering.

“Wow, we actually did it.” Bobbi muttered and I agreed in sound before the pair of us burst out into laughter.

10-08-29-15_4-29 PM-3

“We really did have some funny times, didn’t we?” I asked Bobbi.

“Yeah, it’s been a blast! It’s exciting, thinking about what next year might bring for us.”

“More schoolwork.” I joked and we both ugh’d, we wasn’t looking forward to the massive workload that would be thrown upon us as soon as we returned.

“Although, we’ll all be adults when we come back from our Summer Vacation.” Bobbi pointed out and I agreed, and then realised that I would then be free to do whatever I wanted to.

“Wait, why don’t we all celebrate our birthdays on the last day? It’ll be fun!” I suggested to Bobbi and she instantly caught onto the idea.

“YES! AND, we can have a pink cake!” She exclaimed and I shook my head.

“No, it’s going to be blue, or a hamburger cake.” I replied as we glared at each other with evil eyes.

11-08-29-15_4-30 PM

“Two cakes?” Bobbi nodded.

“Two cakes.” And the argument ended there. It’s fun, talking with Bobbi. She’s someone who can keep the conversation flowing without it ever getting bored, and she’s also someone who knows what’s up before anyone else. It’s really awesome having her around, and I can’t wait to see the results of her fitness routine!

12-08-29-15_4-30 PM-2

“Well, I would stay and talk all night but I’ve got some boxing to do. I shall speak to you tomorrow at Greenwood Gathering the Third!” I stood up from my chair and walked towards the door while Bobbi waved over to me as I walked in.

However, before I could even dream of starting my boxing, I was quickly called into the living area by Piper, who had broken the stereo once again!

“I thought Dean Cavanaugh told you NOT to put the music on such a high volume. Ugh, screwdriver!” I complained as Piper passed me the screwdriver.

“She did but, the music just makes me feel ALIVE!” She explained and I laughed.

“Yes, and when the music stops, you’ll die?” I replied sarcastically, and she kept quiet after that. I was quick to fix the stereo though, which showed improvement in my handiness skill, not that I would need it since I’m trading it for Wellness next year.

13-08-29-15_4-32 PM

I made haste to change into my athletic gear and travel up to the third floor, where a new boxing bag stand was installed. It’s awesome having it here since I won’t have to spend money going to the gym all the time, but, it was nice seeing other things… if you know what I mean!

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from sending a punch right into the punching bag!

15-08-29-15_4-40 PM

16-08-29-15_4-40 PM-2

And if you were wondering, yes that is my boxing face. I’m not sure why or how this face came about, but whenever I use this face, I’m always motivated in my boxing so I guess it’s sort of a power up? ACTIVATE!

17-08-29-15_4-40 PM-3


8 thoughts on “Y1 – Here and There

  1. BBQPenguinWings Trish says:

    he has learned so much in his herbalism skill!
    Maybe piper should take up wellness to calm her down lol.
    I was thinking maybe with the break I can do an episode of Piper at home so we can set her life and maybe she can email or text Noah, since he is her only friend lol

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