1.54 – The First Dinner Party

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Nathan had just made the call to everyone about the Dinner Party he was about to host. He had been wanting to do one for some time due to his recent skill in cooking improving and he was really excited to see everyone come around and taste his food.

Unfortunately, only Taylor was available and even though it was going to be a dinner party, it was only going to feel like a family dinner with a guest over. Nevertheless, Nathan was still excited. He ran into the kitchen and searched his brain for something special that he could cook and he thought Chicken Saltimbocca would be the best recipe for the dinner party tonight and so he got right to work.

"This smells SO GOOD!"

“This smells SO GOOD!”

 Nathan added a few spices and also a secret sauce to the chicken before frying it on a low heat for 5 minutes. He found that the flavour would be perfect around this time and thus when 5 minutes had passed, he took it off the heat and placed it down onto a plate.

“Everyone! Come and get it!” Nathan bellowed at the top of his voice as one by one, the members of the Devine Family and Taylor came down to grab their food and sit at the dinner table to eat. It soon turned into all six of them eating roughly at the same time.

I spy with my little eye, something saying "Six Sims Eating Dinner Screenshot Point!"

I spy with my little eye, something saying “Six Sims Eating Dinner Screenshot Point!”

“So, what do you think?” Nathan asked but he received no reply as everyone was too busy eating the food or licking the sauce off of their plates. Nathan laughed as he dug into his own dinner and immediately fell in love with the infusion of all the different flavours within the meal.

“Junebug, I bet Dad will make this for us again if we beg him!” Maven suggested to June.

“Do you think he would? Tonight?”

“DAD!” Maven looked towards Nathan.

“No! I’m a bit tired for now, maybe tomorrow.” Nathan smiled to his son as he looked over at Marisa.

“I’ll go collect the plates, you stay here and enjoy the company.” Nathan kissed Marisa on the cheek before beginning to collect everyone’s plates up.

"So, my darling children. What's the latest news?"

“So, my darling children. What’s the latest news?”

“Callum got dumped!” Maven pointed towards Callum and laughed while Callum turned away from everyone in sheer embarrassment.

“How? What? Who?” Marisa looked at Callum in surprise as Taylor nudged Callum and mouthed a few words which were unclear to everyone but Callum.

“Well, she was a teenager and then she became an adult and now we can’t date until I become an adult but she said she’d wait for me which is a great thing AND” Callum took a deep breath since he was talking so fast, “WE’LL BE TOGETHER FOREVER.”

“Aw! How sweet. When’re you going to introduce her to us?”

“At June’s Birthday Party. She’ll be back from her holiday before then.” Callum smiled and blushed at thinking about all the things he was going to do with Veronica when she comes back from her holiday.

"OH MOM! Guess what?! I can fly!"

“OH MOM! Guess what?! I can fly!”

“Did you build a rocketship without my permission?!” Marisa asked sternly and June shook her head.

“No! Through meditation and focus on unlocking the secrets of the universe, I have gained the skill of levitation and I can now do it whenever I meditate. It’s very awesome.” June felt accomplished with herself as both of her brothers’ mouths were wide open with Taylor feeling very surprised at June’s amazing skill.

“I knew you could do it! Maybe you can teach me your ways and… I’ll teach you Piano!” Marisa offered since she had recently mastered Piano and felt the need to pass her skills onto someone and she felt June was the prime candidate.

“Okay Mom! I can’t wait.”

“What about you Maven? Anything interesting in your life?”

“Nope, not really. Unless you count painting my first masterpiece, at least that’s what the Art Gallery calls it.” Maven shrugged his shoulders.

"That's amazing darling! You should paint a few paintings to go inside of this house once we rebuild!"

“That’s amazing darling! You should paint a few paintings to go inside of this house once we rebuild!”

“Again? We only just got this house.” Nathan sulked but Marisa laughed.

“Well, it probably won’t be as big as this house next time, because we over estimated our funds. I found the perfect house plan the other day on the Ali- It’s to die for!”

“That’s nice mom. But, what have you done this week?” Maven asked.

“Well, I’ve cleaned the house, fed Fang, paid the bills, practiced Piano, wrote a few songs, tidied up my clothes and found something special while on my walk abouts!” Marisa huffed and puffed, finishing her list of things that she did.

“What’s this secret place then?”

“Can’t tell you that! I’m heading there with your father soon.” Marisa winked over to Nathan, and Nathan instantly wondered what Marisa had found.

“What do you want to do this week, June?”

“Well, I’m hoping to unlock the next secret art of the Universe, which I feel so close to doing! It’s going to be so exciting to discover what it is.” June squealed in excitement as Callum, Maven and Taylor began their own private discussion.

“You know, you’ll do a great job of leading this family. You’re already focused enough for the job and you’re already taking big steps towards your goals.”

“You really think so? I’m thinking I want to go visit your home soon, I want to go meet your people.” June smiled at her mother and Marisa felt so happy that her daughter wanted to do to JR-501.

“I guess, once my parents see you, they’ll forgive me.” Marisa smiled as she hugged her daughter. “I love you.”

“Love you too, Mom.”

"But you know, where's your rocketship?"

“But you know, where’s your rocketship?”

“Oh right, I didn’t tell anyone! I actually crashed here.” Marisa laughed and everyone joined in and soon the party came to a close, and as Nathan reflected upon the Golden evening, he felt that he had truly done brilliantly at this dinner party and he couldn’t wait to host another one!

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    • SummerFalls says:

      She has! I love how all of the family are so loving to each other, even if Maven acts a bit crazy sometimes, that’s just him being a goofball!


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