1.55 – Teleportation Scare

“Hey Dad! Come look at this!” June called for her father from the backyard porch, and he came running out a couple of minutes later.

“What’s up, my amazing daughter?”

“Watch this! I think you’ll be VERY surprised!” June giggled as she sat down on her meditation table, crossed her legs and placed her arms across her thighs. She began inhaling and exhaling as she usually does and gradually, she began to gradually fly in the air.

Nathan of course, was very surprised, seeing his daughter flying or rather, levitating in the air. It was different from her saying it, to seeing it right before his eyes.

“That’s very great June! I’m so proud of you. Now, I should probably go back and–“

“I haven’t finished yet!” June said with urgency as she continued to meditate.

"Okay I'm watching..."

“Okay I’m watching…”

As Nathan kept watching, a bright light enveloped around June which he couldn’t explain how or why it was happening. He took off, rubbed and put back on his glasses several times to make sure he wasn’t seeing some kind of hallucination.

“June! What’s going on?!” Nathan asked his daughter and she laughed.

“Don’t worry Dad!”

"How can I not worry?!"

“How can I not worry?!”

“This isn’t anything seriously bad!”

“Just tell me what’s going on then.” Nathan sighed as he looked over at June, who was slowly becoming more and more transparent. “Are you… disappearing?!”



“Mwhahaha!” June laughed and with that, she disappeared into thin air, and Nathan stood there. He didn’t know where his daughter went, he doesn’t even understand what had just happened and he couldn’t contemplate what he should be feeling right at that second.

"Where did my lovely daughter go?!"

“Where did my lovely daughter go?!”

June was sneaky and she decided that she was going to play a little practical joke on her father, since she had learned another secret art of the Universe. One that would make any couch potato or lazy sim jealous.



She tapped her father’s back which made him turn around, and she crept around the other side of him, and then tapped him on the shoulder once more.

“Who keeps doing that–“




“Did I scare you?” June laughed and Nathan looked at June angrily.

“I WAS WORRIED!” And then his face lightened up and began to laugh, “But, it was very funny.”

"Should I do this more often then?"

“Should I do this more often then?”

“Uh… nope. I might die from a heart attack next time!” Nathan giggled as he walked back inside the house, and June went back to meditate on her stool.


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