1.56 – Personal Happiness

The Devine Teenagers are out once again!

Callum thought it would be a great idea if him, June and Maven took a trip to the club that had just opened next to the Spa that their parents went to. Obviously, the pair of them agreed to go and after school the next day, the three of them arrived at the club.

“You know, I think I just saw someone I know inside, I’ll go see!” June told Callum as she walked inside to find Christian sat on one of the chairs talking to another girl. She shrugged her shoulders as she walked over to Christian. “Hey you!”

"And then he was like, oh my plum you weird child!"

“And then he was like, oh my plum you weird child… June, hello!”

“How’ve you been?” June asked him since the last time she saw him was back at the Mt.Fuji Spa when she first picked up the Wellness Skill.

“I’ve been great, you? How’s you and your future husband doing?”

“Well, I haven’t found him yet, but I will!”

“I’m going to go get some juice, I’ll be back.” The other girl told Christian before she stood up and left Christian and June in each other’s company. June sat down on the chair that the other girl sat on before continuing on the conversation with Christian.

"Ahhh, so you haven't found him yet?!"

“Ahhh, so you haven’t found him yet?!”

“Like I said, I will soon!” June stated. “How about you, who’s she?”

“Well, she’s someone I’m currently seeing.”

“So, your girlfriend?”

“No, someone I’m seeing. We’re not in an actual relationship yet, we’re just hanging out together, alone, in a romantic way.”

“What’s the actual difference?!” June asked, she never knew that there was a difference seeing someone and dating someone. She thought they were one and the same.

“It’s unofficial dating, basically.” Christian explained, not that June understood it.

"I hope you and your girlfriend are happy, 'seeing' each other."

“I hope you and your girlfriend are happy, ‘seeing’ each other.”

“She’s not my girlfriend!” Christian shouted.

“Yeah yeah.” June laughed before she got up and walked upstairs. She was intrigued to see how her brothers were doing. While Callum was nowhere to be seen, Maven was swimming in a pool along with various other ladies around him. Shrugging her shoulders, she ventured downstairs to try and find Callum.

Meanwhile, Maven had walked inside and sat down at the bar, as he began to become surrounded by many other women, including this amazing rare gem! Maven sure is a lucky man.

Cross-Eyed Caroline

Cross-Eyed Caroline

“So, what do you do for a living?” One woman asked Maven as she shortened the distance between them at the bar.

“Well, I paint and I also like earning money. I also like Rainbow Sparkles and a bit of Goobleck on the side of my Ting and Zing.” Maven smiled to the woman as he finally noticed that he was surrounded by women. Although, he didn’t mind at all since he was becoming the centre of attention.

Maven gets all the attention!

Maven gets all the attention!

At the same time, June had finally located Callum and she made her way over to him in a flash, literally.




"Woah, that's awesome!"

“Woah, that’s awesome!”


"Phew! I can still teleport correctly!"

“Phew! I can still teleport correctly!”

June turned around to her brother, who was looking out into the distance before she had arrived and disrupted his deep thinking. June was wondering why he wasn’t inside and partying with Maven since he’s usually a social person, he likes socializing since he was an extrovert. Then. June finally realised what might be up.

“Veronica?” She asked sensitively, and Callum nodded his head.

“It’s just that, it’s hard. I miss her, and I can’t stop thinking about her. But, I can’t be with her now nor do I know where she is. I just don’t feel right being happy inside there.” Callum slowly explained and June opened up her arms and embraced Callum, in a cute hug.

"It's going to be okay."

“It’s going to be okay. You can be happy all on your own.”

“You’ve been happy on your own through all your childhood. Even though you’re a social person and you’re happy speaking, I always see you happy when you’re taking photos. You don’t need to feel like you need Veronica around you to have your happiness because you already have it, in your heart.” June smiled and Callum instantly knew what she was on about.

He can’t be lovesick over this, he knows that him and Veronica will eventually get together again, so why is he being mopey about it now? He should focus on his photography and his future, so that his life with Veronica will be sweet.

“When did you get so wise?”

“When I learnt that the Universe gives you problems to teach you a lesson so that you won’t repeat the same mistake again.” June’s meditation had come a long way since she started learning all that time ago. The Universe was teaching June many things and in return, June was using what she was taught to make everyone’s lives better.

"Do you know what Maven's doing right now?"

“Do you know what Maven’s doing right now?”

“What, Junebug?” Callum smiled, and June began to laugh.

“He’s pretending to be an adult so that he can try and pick up older women! HA!” Callum joined in on the laughter as well, he found it completely outrageous that;

1 – Maven was pretending to be something he was not and
2 – The women in the bar were actually believing him!

“What about you Junebug, did you manage to catch up with that familiar face?” And in that instant, June’s face scowled.

08-11-15_11-44 PM

“Don’t. Even.”

“What?” Callum asked, and June breathed in the fresh air around her and instantly felt better.

“I just don’t want to think of that person, his definition of dating just ugh!”

“What?” Callum scratched his head, he had no clue about what June was going on about.

“Okay, have you ever heard of seeing someone?”

“Yeah, obviously. But, I don’t see the difference between dating someone and seeing someone.” He shrugged his shoulders as June started to celebrate.

“THANK YOU.” June finally found someone with the same view point as her.

“Oh, by the way. I ate the last of your ice cream.” Callum admitted to June, and her face grew sadder and sadder.

"What? You ate the rest of my vanilla ice cream?"

“What? You ate the rest of my vanilla ice cream?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry.” Callum apologized as he placed his hand on June’s shoulder.

“I guess I forgive you.”

“Let’s go home!” June smiled to her brother as they walked home together. While June wondered if her brother was truly okay, Callum wondered when June was going to step up and put herself out there. She had been secluding herself from everyone new recently and only talking to family and close friends. He knew that in the future, he’d have to do something.

Meanwhile, as he arrived home, he realised that his mom had changed her disguise again. Same face, different clothes and hair.

"Mom, wow!"

“Mom, wow!”

“I know right, I look amazing!” Marisa giggled as she pulled her son into a hug.

“You don’t look a day over thirty!”

"I know Callum, I know."

“I know Callum, I know.”


4 thoughts on “1.56 – Personal Happiness

  1. theplumbob says:

    Aww poor Callum. Not too long to wait now, hang in there Callum! Also, his face when June teleported to him was priceless.

    Marisa’s new look is amazing. Still very her, but so fresh!

    I wonder how June and Christian’s relationship will develop. Of course, he’d say there is no relationship 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      Yes! She’ll be back soon for Callum, so he shouldn’t worry too much. Also, Christian is a poophead, he keeps being mean to June in their conversations so I don’t think he’s husband material, for now. XD

      Liked by 1 person

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