1.57 – Interactive Yoga Class

Hello and welcome to June Devine’s Yoga Instructor Class! Today, we shall be covering some Beginner and some Advanced Yoga Poses and I hope you will join in too! You should be holding these Yoga Poses for roughly 2-5 minutes before moving onto the next one and afterwards, you should be feeling more flexible and energized for whatever is ahead of you! Now, follow June through the Yoga Poses, and when you get to the end, congratulations!

08-12-15_12-09 AM

08-12-15_12-09 AM-2

08-12-15_12-11 AM

08-12-15_12-11 AM-2

08-12-15_12-12 AM

08-12-15_12-12 AM-2

08-12-15_12-13 AM


13 thoughts on “1.57 – Interactive Yoga Class

  1. cathytea says:

    I did it! Nice routine! Instead of the back bend, I did bridge, and instead of the one in the third photo, I reached behind rather than above my head to grab my ankle. It was a nice routine and I followed up with a little vinyasa flow! Now I’m energized for my cello practice! Thanks, Joel and June Bug!

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