Y1 – Nightclub Celebration

Since everyone agreed on the idea of heading out on Wednesday after my suggestion, it had felt like school flew by. I was so excited to hit the club and dance to all of the amazing songs that I didn’t even notice the time flowing. Unfortunately for Bobbi, Neil and Gabrielle, they had been kept behind after school because they forgot to clean up the fitness equipment after they used it.

Fortunately for Adelaide, Piper and I, we managed to get to the club faster than we had originally expected since we changed into our party clothes and headed right there. We even managed to sit at the bar and order a few drinks.

“You know, we’ve at least got the next hour to ourselves.” I told the girls as they ordered their drinks.

09-05-15_11-43 AM

“Obviously. I think this place might become fuller soon.” Piper smirked as she looked around at all the available eye-candy. Noah coughed, before turning to Adelaide.

“What about you, Ade? What do you plan on doing?”

“Well, I think I’m going to have one drink and probably talk with whoever wants to talk.” Adelaide smiled as she watched a glass fly in the air and saw the bartender catch it.

“Poor Noah, there’s hardly anything for you to do.” Piper remarked as she took a sip of her drink.

“There is! I saw a TV outside and I could go outside and watch some show.”

“Oh really? Don’t go then.” Piper smiled as she held out her hand towards me. I didn’t know what to do or what it meant so I kind of looked awkwardly behind me at Adelaide.

09-05-15_11-45 AM

Taking the friendly route, I took it and shook it before letting it go, and Piper then gulped down the rest of her drink all at once! I guess it was the wrong move.

“Woah, Piper! Don’t get drunk now.” Adelaide smiled over at Piper, and she nodded her head.

“It was only the one drink, I don’t want to order another now…” Piper looked like she felt pleased with herself, as I heard her whisper, “…I’m not like him.”

At least, that’s what I thought I heard. Shrugging my shoulders, I sat down and watched the bartender make all sorts of amazing drinks. From a Zebra Fitz to a Woohoo on the Beach, there was no drink this bartender couldn’t make! Although, I felt a bit awkward with the stares I was receiving from my right and my left, it was like I had done something wrong but I didn’t know what it was. I just smiled to brush the feeling off entirely.

09-05-15_11-46 AM

Yeah, it didn’t work.

“So, how did your exams go?” I asked the pair of them.

“My exams went alright I guess. I’m not sure how I did but, we’ll know on Friday, ey?” Piper answered as she scratched her arm. I think she was worried about what grade she got, she always scratches her arm when she’s worried.

“I think I did really well! I found the questions super easy to do.” Adelaide beamed with happiness and Piper laughed.

“Good for you.”

“Well, I have my physical evaluation on Friday for my Athletic Class, so I’ll be getting a grade on that day. My Herbalism and Handiness Exams were alright. Won’t know until Friday too.” I  smiled towards Adelaide as we continued to discuss the exams.

09-05-15_11-47 AM-2

“Oh! Could I borrow your camera for a sec?” I asked Adelaide as she nodded her head.

“Just… don’t break Cameron okay?” Adelaide smiled as she passed ‘Cameron’ over to me.

“Your camera has a name?”


“Nevermind.” I grabbed Piper as I took her a small distance away from the bar, and she immediately grabbed my arm and pulled it away from hers.

“What do you think you’re doing you plum?!” Piper screamed and I laughed as I held out the camera to her.

“Let’s take a picture! Quick, I set the timer!” And, Piper immediately agreed as we both got into position. “Freezer Bunnies!”

“What a ridiculous thing to sa- FREEZER BUNNIES!” As you can tell, I pinched Piper.

09-05-15_11-50 AM

We headed outside straight after and sat on the sofas since Adelaide decided that it would be a great spot to hold the third Greenwood Gathering. One thing that I did miss or have only just realised is how close Piper and Adelaide have become. I wonder if it happened while I was at Granite Falls or what but, it’s weird.

“Piper, give me some advice.” Adelaide asked Piper.

“Okay redhead, whatcha need?”

“How do I get confident really fast? I need to make myself powerful so I don’t get thrown to the side in the conversation.” Damn, Adelaide used to ask me for this kind of advice! What’s happening now?

“Well, you got to sit the right way. Look at me.” Piper then showed Adelaide the way to sit. I just sat there in awe as the two of them spoke without Piper shouting one sarcastic or mean comment.

09-05-15_11-59 AM

“Ahh, so this shows that I mean business?” Adelaide realised and Piper snapped her fingers.

“Exactly, you got it!” Piper smiled, “And then you just face them directly and say; ‘listen up you pl- people!’ and then just go from there!”

“Ooh, thanks for the neat tips!”

“No problem, redhead.”

“Okay, since when did this happen?” I asked them, since the curiosity got way over my head.

“What happen?” Piper asked, clueless about what I was asking about.

“Redhead? Friendship? Bleh?!”

“OH. You were gone and I got bored. Adelaide and I made an amazing art piece together for class. She made a flip book film and I provided the film music. It was a sweet film.”

09-05-15_11-59 AM-2

Soon enough, everyone else arrived after they cleaned up the gym equipment, got home, got changed and got here. They managed to find us by the sofas soon enough and they took the seats nearest the door.

“So glad you waited for us.” Bobbi commented as she sat down on the sofa.

“No problem, we wouldn’t start without you.” Piper smirked as she looked towards the large television.

“Anyways! Hello everyone, welcome to the Third Greenwood Gathering. As you can see, we’re here in this club to celebrate finishing our exams, and our results are on friday! Just have fun today, and let’s discuss!” Adelaide spoke out and I felt so proud of her, she’s come so far this year that she’s able to speak out loud! Next year, I’m planning to teach her sarcasm.

09-05-15_12-04 PM

09-05-15_12-04 PM-2

“So, how did your exams go?” Adelaide asked Neil, Gabrielle and Bobbi.

“Mine went alright! Noah helped me during the Herbalism Exam without getting spotted and so I helped him a little during the exam as well. He helped me with the brewing portion and I helped him identify the plants in the pictures. It was fun and mischievous!” Neil giggled as he looked at Gabrielle who had started to talk.

“I did good, I managed to beat everyone in the debate portion of my exam and I think I did okay in my written. What about you, Bobbi?”

“OBVIOUSLY, I did well! If I don’t receive the highest mark, I’ll know that I’ll have to try even harder next year to reach the top.”

“But you still won’t.” Piper sniggered to herself and I felt so lucky that Bobbi didn’t hear that. I didn’t want another argument or fight to take place.

09-05-15_12-05 PM

“OH YEAH! At Granite Falls, I heard Noah talking about someone in his sleep, at least I think it was someone.” Neil spoke out, thanks Neil. I looked awkwardly at everyone else as they began to think about who I would be talking about in my sleep.

09-05-15_12-06 PM

“Do you know Noah?” Bobbi asked me and I shook my head.

“Not at all, if I did, I would’ve said by now.”


“He was obviously dreaming about me. We practically spend everyday together so I doubt it would be about anyone else.” Piper laughed as she scratched her arm once again. Nervous. What about? I wasn’t sure.

“Neil, how was he sounding?” Gabrielle asked Neil.

“Angry… worried and a bit sad.” Neil said and it instantly clicked. Home, I was dreaming of home.

“I think Noah now knows. You’re welcome.” Gabrielle smiled over at me. At times like these, I appreciate having Gabrielle in my company.

09-05-15_12-07 PM

“Let’s go have some fun!” Piper suggested to everyone as we looked to each other.

“What do you suggest?” Adelaide asked Piper as she thought of a few ideas.

“Well, out of all the ideas I have… I’ll take away the illegal ones… I’ll take away the rude ones… I’ll take away the mean ones which leaves only one!”

“And…?” I looked over at Piper, interested in what she was going to come up with.

“Dancing!” And everyone got excited instantly.

09-05-15_12-07 PM-2

Everyone stood up from the sofas as walked inside as they located the nearest speaker. Neil had found a speaker after thirty seconds of searching and after he called everyone over, we waited for the next song to start before dancing to the song, and I have to admit, we were #SquadGoals.

09-05-15_12-09 PM

09-05-15_12-09 PM-2

09-05-15_12-11 PM

Things did get a little competitive between Piper and Bobbi, however. Everyone did enjoy watching their little dance quarrel though.

09-05-15_12-12 PM

I really enjoyed today, and I loved that we got to spend the last Greenwood Gathering of the year at a dance club. I think we’ll have to try and think of some more places to hold Greenwood Gatherings like these. Maybe next time, we can go to a cafe or even a nice park! Nevertheless, I wanted to live in the moment and I raised my arm into the air and waved it like I just didn’t care! Because, I literally didn’t!

09-05-15_12-13 PM


6 thoughts on “Y1 – Nightclub Celebration

  1. BBQPenguinWings Trish says:

    This was so funny I can’t believe she named her camera Cameron! I love the relationship between them and its really funny that her and piper have become friends but it makes sense because they’re so different and they can learn a lot I. I also really love that you included the things that we talked about this is really fun and I’m glad that everyone’s had a good year can’t wait for next year. And I can’t wait to for the break episodes of these two!

    Liked by 1 person

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